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    Surely the debates belong on the Comedy Channel. It was not a bad series last time. Hilarity ensued every episode with a new foil showing off his comedic chops each time.

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    If he makes Jennifer Rubin wear flair and takes Cohen’s Swingline and puts him in the basement, I might start to look upon this sale more favorably.

  • Oh, and I’m a woman, a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother and I have seen some real shit in my life. I’m a lefty who can rage along with the best Occupier and their grievances, but expecting or encouraging people to not take advantage of anything that might improve or save their very lives is about as stupid a propositition I have ever heard. If you don’t have insurance and don’t want to get insurance through the ACA because you feel the need to protest the policy, Obama, the insurance companies or whatever moves you that day, then more power to you. Go for it. Talk about cutting off your noise to spite your face, but hey, your choice. And don’t pay the fine to the IRS. It’s unenforceable anyway. You will fell self-satisfied and righteous…until you see your first hospital bill for the emergency you truly believed you’d never have. Good luck!

  • Forced to buy?? My diabetic friend couldn’t beat feet fast enough to get insurance. She couldn’t get insurance before and had declared bancrupcy at 28 years old! Her credit was shot, and she STILL couldn’t get insurance until the ACA. And, because of her condition, she qualified to get insurance more than a year ago, at $250 a month. And then, because of her low income and CA getting on board, her premium went down to $123 a month. That wouldn’t have paid for her insulin before(she wears a pump).

    Now, is this a perfect solution? No. It’s insurance, and if there’s anything preople hate, including me, is insurance companies. But my God, are you seriously suggesting that people are supposed to sacrifice their very lives in order to satisfy your need for political purity? If so, you are jot only naive, you’re cruel. And if you believe we will never get socialized medicine or the model you would prefer, then what you are asking is for people to sacrifice their very lives, and those of their children in order to protest in futility. Grow the hell up!!

  • I love Brian Schweitzer. Too bad he won’t run for the Senate. Let’s hope this experiment is so successful that it spreads like SARS. The ACA has many flaws, but it introduces the idea that we all have a right to health care. Once that sinks into the common psyche, then the idea of socialized medicine will be accepted. Of course that’s exactly what terrifies the Republicans. Frightened people can be very dangerous and I want them cut off at the knees during this recess.
    Thanks for the info!

  • “It is strange that you use the ACA to rally for since you no longer have a stake in that flawed program….”‘

    Wow. There you have it in a nutshell. I don’t have to benefit personally in order to be for program that benefits others, especially since i have been in the shoes of those without medical insurance and know how it feels. It’s called empathy. Apparently you are unfamiliar with that emotion.

    I’m sorry you cannot take advantage of the benefits of the ACA. I pray that in the future we have civilized single payer and no American will ever be in the position that I or my friend have been in. It’s cruel and unnecessary, considering the civilized world has figured out how to do this. We look like idiots to the rest of the world.

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    Okay, my mantra, whether used in a political context, a family gathering, an assinine work project or just a day-to-day crappola-endurance test, has always been: This too, will pass.

  • Oh puleeeeze. I worked for the State (CA) and every year we had to go through this online sexual harassment course. I’m sure it was the same one referred to here. I used to call it the “Don’t be an asshole” training. I cannot fathom that anyone could possibly “flunk” this course. Although, I did have a boss that was written up three times and had to go to ‘training’ 3 times over sexual harassment. He was a bit thick. I think he couldn’t figure out what the problem was when he was just kidding…playing around..

  • Agreed. As I said, I can walk and chew gum at the same time, but people who are healthy or have always had health insurance might not appreciate how all-consuming the lack thereof can be. For instance, my hairdresser who is also the granddaughter of a friend, has type 1 diabetes. Nobody would insure her, so her two trips to the emergency room and subsequent care were on her. To survive, she declared bankruptcy at the ripe old age of 28. When she was eligible, and got Obamacare Insurance, it was like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. And when California insurers started kicking in for these “preexisters”, her premium went down again. When she got the notice of what her new premium would be, she said she started shaking and crying for joy and actually got down on her knees in thanks. It sounds so dramatic, but like she says, “People don’t understand, but this is my life!”. I want a laser focus on insuring the ACA is not sabotaged by the Republican bastards. Dead people can’t vote nor protest NSA overreach.

  • You know what, I can walk and chew gum at the same time. I can get really pissed and indignant at this whole NSA business, and I am. BUT, and maybe you don’t see it this way, with the Republican August playbook to sabotage Obamacare…not even helping out constituents who really need health insurance to sign up…and talking people (suckers) into backing a government shutdown to stop the ACA, I put this as a number one concern for Dems and me. Maybe you don’t have a preexisting condition, maybe you already have insurance through your employer or are on Medicare, but the fact of the matter is, this is life or death for many people. I have a big-time preexisting condition and I have lived without health insurance for me and my family in the past. It is one of the most frightening situations I have ever been in. The stress can actually break up families and marriages. It can do irreparable harm to people’s health and finances. I am now on Medicare and it’s probably the most medically secure I have ever been. I’ve had medical through employers and I wasn’t going to lose my job, but I see Medicare as a sacred trust and if the Republicans try and destroy that, they will have sealed their doom.

    My rant, but I think I speak for many, many people. Only healthy and secure people have the luxury of getting worked up about the NSA. That’s the way it is.

  • The horror! Now, can we get this secret Black Panther to please deck Rand “Microscopic” Paul, Mitch “Galapagos” McConnell and Ted “HUAC” Cruz? If these Dem whiney babies get their feelings hurt this easily, then take them out, too. This is when I pine for LBJ (without the war). First, The Turtle would have been taken care of in the first week of his his first term. The ACA would have been single-payer and One L would have shut her mouth if she knew what was good for her. If there is anything the Ugga-Bugga Kenyan Usurper isn’t, it’s scary or intimidating.

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    Let’s just let it all hang out, as it were. NO!! And Hell No!! Jesus K. Keyrist. The grab-ass unhappy camper gets nada. And I hope he gets poison oak in the holes made by the falll into the prickly pear cactus while ‘therapyizing’ in a back country retreat.

  • A Zonie, eh? My Mom just moved back to our little patch of paradise after spending a year in Tucson. It was a mission of mercy for her sister who’s husband was dying. At any rate, she was never so happy to get out of a state as she was to get out of Arizona. I got daily emails along the line of, “Good God this state is crazy!!”. When I went over to help her move, my cousin’s wife couldn’t wait to show me her gun in her purse. And my cousin couldn’t talk about anything but Mexicans. They were evrrywhere, taking away every job in the state. You’d have thought ‘they’ were camped out on his doorstep to personnaly see to it that his life was ruined. Sorry to rag on your turf, but that is one insane state. Mom’s car insurance was $400.00 more per year than in California. The State Farm guy here said it was because there are no regulations there and they can charge whatever they want. The free market in action.

    Okay, I’ll stop now. We have a crazy mayor…but we have a lot of green. Yeah!!

  • So, who has the most chutzpah, Filner or Wiener? ‘Tis a puzzlement. Filner will be spending so much time in court he’ll have to quit. Maybe? I’m not exactly the best prognosticator when it comes to local politicians.

    Spitzer is looking downright grounded. I hope he wins and drives investment banks on Wall Street nuts.

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    So, Filner’s going to rehab and continue as mayor. He’s going into the closet!! I was right. Ha!! Christ.

    Well Mr. Bogg, looks like the.blog is going to keep you very busy. Look on the bright side, the opportunities for laugh-out-loud puns and quips shall be numerous.

    Oh. Elect progressive WOMEN.

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    Here’s a thought…elect progressive women everywhere.

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    You know, this guy is amazingly awful, and yet, potholes around my neighborhood are getting filled. So it’s really a difficult quandary for a San Diegan. Potholes filled vs skeevey major. Not sure. Could we just put him in a closet and shove papers and proposals under the door? He’d probably find a way to harass through the keyhole.

    It’s so frustrating in my little corner of the world. I endured Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham as my Congresscritter, one of your all time kings of corruption. Then I got Brian ‘I see brown people everywhere’ Bibray. Darrell Issa is just up the road. Scott Peters is a D who has an obsession with ‘compromise’ and ‘bipartisanship’…you: know, ‘no labels’. Ugh!!!! So, I was looking forward to a real Dem running things, and we get this??? Holy shit!!! Damnit, I really, really want the potholes fixed.

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    “Come, come Anthony” says Nancy Palosi to the little squirt.

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    And we were just getting our potholes fixed!! Damn. What a moron/dick.

  • Sorry about the Cheney non-sequitur. I had been thinking about the bastard and his evil spawn earlier in the day. Nothing to do with GZ/TM. I had so many things running around in my head because of my experiences, I just sort of spewed it all out. GZ is a murderer and I’m sick to my stomach over it.

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