• The new nazis. Israel is a terrorist state. Israelis have been stealing Arab land and Arab water for more than sixty years now. End US military aid for this terrorist state now.

  • Thank you tjbs. If Mitt Romney and the Republicans insist on repeating their criminal electronic election theft of 2004 in which 7,000,000 Kerry votes were flipped into Bush votes, then President Obama should simply declare a national emergency, outlaw all electronic voting machines and electronic optical scanners and then re-schedule a re-vote on the first Tuesday of December with hand-counted paper ballots. We have endured 16 years of Republican criminal crap of electronic election theft.

  • Every four years O pretends to be a Democrat. He is a lying war criminal. He is a terrorist with his robotic drone attacks on Pakistanis. He shreds out Constitution and he assassinates American citizens without any trial or any due process. His Cabinet is filled with Wall Street bankers and their supporters. And he will accept his renomination in the Bank of America Stadium…

  • thanks for the info on MERS, above. MERS is a stupid invention of banks that should not have any legal standing in this country. Inteed, how can an electronic database hold title to real property?

    Off topic:

    “A fertilized egg is a person.” – Wyan.
    “A corporation is a person, my friend.” – Womney.

    So, W & W, can a fertilized egg also be a corporation?

  • Everso slightly off topic…

    Mitt Romney has stolen money from every American who paid federal income taxes when Romney and Bain Capital were raping and pillaging corporations they took over in the past twenty years or so. They stole the pension funds, putting it in their pockets and called it “profit.” Later the federal government made these depleted pension funds whole against.So the money that Mitt stole was replaced by US taxpayers… This would make a great TV ad…

  • `Obama is a goddamned wall street republican. Soon after becoming President, he filled his cabinet with wall street bankers; this was a big clue: no hope and change, just the same old corporate, imperial totalitarian right-wing crap that we have had since 1981. Every four years Obama pretends to be a democrat…

  • Do President Obama’s daughters know that their father is blowing off the legs of Pakistani children?

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    Welcome to Obama’s Droneistan, where CIA drones patrol the skies 24/7 looking for anyone who fits a “terrorist profile.” Now in effect in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq and Yemen. Coming soon to USA…

  • 114 years of us imperial corporation aggression in the third world. Over nine million people murdered by the USofA military. Obama is a wall street republican; every four years he pretends to be a democrat for a few months. Notice how he turned his back on organized labor when he became President in Jan 2009 and packed his cabinet with wall street bankers?
    Obama is the best representative that the 1& ever had…

  • White racist Republicans go down one of two roads RE: President Obama: they claim that he is a muslim or they claim that he was not “born in the USA.” They can’t just come out and say that they hate blacks… The GOP is trying its best to go extinct in November, 2012. Good luck on that plan, guys… Whigs disappeared in an earlier time.

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    Thank you commenter 83, C Hope, for that cute new description of O, President 1%… He is the first black Republican President to execute three white American citizens without any trial… Why aren’t the teabaggers screaming bloody murder?

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    Subconsiouly, many republicans have been deeply shamed by the eight years of the bush-cheney gangster regime, with torture, treason, tyranny, stolen elections, endless wars, tax cuts and deregulation. Now these same republicans are trying to make amends by destroying the g-o-p and sending into extinction, as the Whigs did so many years ago…

  • Back in 1966, I helped found the Stanford (University) Chapter of the California League to Legalize Abortion. A few years later, the California Supreme Court struck down the state abortion laws as a violation of privacy. It took a few years, but the right-wing sexual tyrants and general woman haters geared up…

    As usual, republicans have over-stepped their 2010 “mandate” and have gone bezerk with anti-woman and anti-union laws being passed. It is too bad that Obama is so gutless and was such a wall street republican in his actions in his first two years as President which led directly to the gop taking power in 2010. Thanks for nothing, Barack.

    Even Reagan, then Governor of California, saw the wisdom of legalizing abortion…

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    Late last night I caught a radio show called coasttocoastam, which had a man who founded Oathkeepers, a group that is trying to stop the police and members of the armed forces from following illegal orders from Obama and the Dept. of Homeland Security to detain American citizens without any warrant or court order.

    By signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Obama has crowned himself King, by Suspending the Privilege of the Writ of Habeus Corpus, which is the underpinning of our rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

    Rep. Ron Paul (R – TX) has introduced legislation to repeal the NDAA. Rep. Ron Paul is the only major party candidate who is anti-imperialist and pro-constitution.


  • In 2008, Senator Obama campaigned as a Democrat, but once he became President he has ruled as a wall street republican. His cabinet is packed with wall street bankers. Now he is terrorizing, wounding, inciderating and killing whole Pakistani families on a weekly basis. This fascist imperialism is “change?” No, it is the same old corporate crap that we have had foisted on us for the last thirty years…

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    Gee, what a surprise… Republican Obama not supporting a small tax on wall street trades, gee, what could it be? Republican Obama’s cabinet is filled with wall street bankers, his best buds… In 2007 and 2008 Senator Obama campaigned as a Democrat; once he become President, he has ruled as wall street Republican. Elect Occupy in 2012.

  • The American Psychological Association (APA) sounds like it has been totally corrupted by either the CIA or our bloated Department of Imperial Office. Totally vile and totally un-American. But Obama seems to be continuing the Bush-Cheney war on the Third World… Obama is currently having our CIA kidnap black Kenyans who are taken to Somalia where they are put in the new CIA underground prison. No windows, no contacts with the outside world, no charges, no defense attorneys, no habeaus corpus. Obama has turned the human rights clock back one thousand years. Sounds like torture to me… Obama has no respect for the country that his father grew up in… What is Obama trying to do? Prove how “white” he is?

  • According to recent national public opinion polls, from one-half to two-thirds of voters are not being represented by either the white racist Republican fascists or by the Obama Republican Administration. There is a tremendous opening for a progressive peace candidate to run in 2012 and sweep out both the racist Repubicans and the Obama Republicans…

  • Republican Obama filled his very own Catfood Commission with rigth-wing fascist REpubicans. Heck of a job, Barack… Obama is the biggest fraud in AMerican history.

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