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    That was very thoughtful of you, since, like you, I get a visceral reaction of nausea each time his snarling face is viewed! Such a beautiful dog! This was a terrific piece, we all need to keep our eyes and ears open and keep speaking out about torture and all the other disgraceful actions that [...]

  • Of course the real reason is an economic one! The old man and myself have been living together for over 30 years, not because we aren’t committed to each other, but because of economics! We both worked at union jobs and had pensions coming when we retired and of course, Social Security as well. When he wanted to get married, I sat him down and explained what would happen with the pensions and Social Security if we married…took that idea right out of his head! As with most laws, those concerning marriage and property…pretty much everything have been enacted with the purpose to keep money and wealth in the hands of those who think they are entitled and out of the hands of the working class and the poor. Now that’s what I call porn!

  • Yes!!! I have been preaching that since the very first inauguration! You don’t build a house on a garbage dump…as soon as he said things in the past were to be left there, it has gone downhill from there! Great comment!

  • Excellent article and well written! Stephanopoulos, like most media pundits today has a vested interest in parroting the government line. Honesty and integrity never enter their mind, only mindless fealty to being well paid for a job poorly done! These guys would know the truth if it bit them in the ass, all they care about is the opportunity of being in the public eye and screwing the viewers! Long live Assange, Snowden, Manning and Greenwald!

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    Awesome analysis, Jane, thank you for this factual psychological profile of President Obama’s negotiating technique, or lack thereof! Goes to show you all Leo’s aren’t alike! You are a lioness, Obama is a lap cat.

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    Happy, happy birthday day, Jane! I must also thank you for the super great webinar last night on Social Security! It makes an old women like me grateful that there are young women like yourself to help in this battle. May the moon and the sun and all the myriad stars shine on you on [...]

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    I have a question…I checked out the roll call vote at the nytimes link and Speaker of the House, John A.Boehner, R, OH-8, didn’t even vote on this one! The only person on the list, there are 9 dems and 5 repubs, who had an excuse for not voting was Gabrielle Giffords, understandably so, but [...]

  • Most people who have ever used marijuana most likely would say that they are in favor of legalizing, taxing et cetera. Also, because of the stigma involved in its use, I have an idea that more than a few of them would not answer a polling question honestly for fear of the consequences. That being said, if the numbers stated are accurate, it is my fervent wish that it be legalized pronto, my aging brain could use a little stimulation and relaxation! Now that’s something I would wait in line to buy!

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    Thank you for your well thought out reply! I value my friends highly and support them in all ways and while we do have some very lively conversations, we actually don’t discuss politics at all. That’s mostly because I am a political junkie so I make it a point of not trying to inflict my [...]

  • owwfno wrote a new diary post: Can Intellectual Curiosity Overcome Teabag Propaganda?

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    With the mainstream media parroting every bit of teabag propaganda on a daily basis and elevating it to the issue of the day, you can see why I ask this question.  There are quite a few places like Firedoglake, where discussions go on 24/7, but how many people actually go out of their way to [...]

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    Thanks for this Blue Texan! The link was interesting, I didn’t know that Papa Koch was one of the founders of John Birch Society. People like the Kochs, with their philosophy on wealth and control are experts at projecting their insanities upon others. In the link, the list of their contributions to foundations and the like look benign, because they have such patriotic sounding names. Anytime they sound patriotic, it usually means that they are anything but! Remember the Moral Majority? They are experts at subterfuge.

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    Thanks for this Gregg, and also for your comments on Party Line! The working people will not take much more of the BS the right is handing out, believe me, the People’s Revolution of America is right around the corner!

  • Rich, no, actually filthy rich people, have a form of greed that becomes an illness. I feel rich because I have enough to live comfortably, although not richly, because my satisfaction in life comes from the richness of community. People like myself, who have never been rich in money, find much more happiness and security in sharing what we have. People born into wealth lose a sense of compassion for those less fortunate than they are. Greed and overconsumption are not only moral failings, but also pathological failings. I don’t feel sorry for the greedy ones, nor do I envy them.

  • Shades of tyranny! One wonders why the military would be afraid of a little music and truth, must be a guilty conscience! Yes, I do miss the 60′s. Our civilians need to speak up and practice all the tactics of non-violence and peaceful demonstrations, something needs to turn this tide of insanity.

  • Thank for for this! Whoever wrote this must know Angry Al Simpson personally, finally, someone who dislikes Simpson as much as I do! You made my day infinitely brighter.

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    Way to go Michigan! Plus a special kudos to Michael Moore, now you know why the Republicans hate him so much, he speaks the truth. It has never been more evident that “we, the people” can push our government to do what’s right if enough of us band together and show them the way. Proud of all of you!

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    I finally managed to join on Monday a.m. after trying unsuccessfully (the computer was going through some old-age thing)over the weekend! I live in Wyoming, where liberals are an endangered species, and we tend to spend a lot of time trying to explain away our citizens like Angry Al Simpson. I really enjoy Firedoglake and am proud to be a member. Looking forward to what the next period of time will bring! One thing for sure, it’s never boring here at Firedoglake…thanks for the community! I am slowly working up the courage to write a diary.

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    I say good for the firemen who drew all their money out of the bank! The only way to stop Wall Street and the banksters is the old pocketbook route. We need to quit using their banks and quite spending money on unnecessary stuff. Form cooperatives with friends to purchase food and conserve on everything else, grow a garden, freeze whatever is in excesss, buy locally and save every penny you can. The old can buried in the backyard pays as much interest as the banks are paying anyway! Business can only make a profit if people use it. We CAN make them pay attention!

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    It a sad commentary on what our country has become. Thank you for speaking out, Mr. Ellsberg. The current situation with poor Bradley Manning doesn’t bode well for the future of our republic. When we torture even one of our own, the end must be near!

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    AlJazeera English has become my first choice for real and raw news, meaning that I don’t need CNN or any of the others predigesting it and reporting what they think it might mean. I first started using the site during the Iraq debacle when I started reading anything I could get my mind on by Dahr Jamail. The piece on the Gulf oil gusher was last of a series of eight articles by Jamail concerning the Gulf, very interesting body of work! Even today, with the coverage of the Japan earthquake and tidal wave, AlJazeera has the best coverage. By the way, birthday boy Adam, did you know that on this date in 1818, the book FRANKENSTEIN was published? Thought that might take the sting out of it a little!

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