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    Whatever our Erik(s) may be, breath easy. Let him curl up in
    a yellow fog wrapped once around the house, and let him softly

    And above all, as in the end of the movie Time Bandits- ‘Don’t touch it!’

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    “…Republicans hold a small advantage over Democrats.”

    Would that be the Republican Republicans over the Democratic Republicans or the Democratic Republicans over the Republican Republicans?

  • “He Grinds Exceeding Small”

    A winter time story that will not be told around the Republican yule log.

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    A small piece of irony here is that the director, Frank Capra, late in life let it out that films of his like Its a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Meet John Doe, were crafted as fairy tails with happy endings because he considered the American public incapable of coping with an [...]

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    Things have changed since the strange confused era of Carnegie. The existential threat to the order of things presented by even the idea of an educated, thinking, and informed public, vs. the benefit of any short term utility thereof, has long since ceased to be a real debate within the circles that count. The frontier [...]

  • p654321 commented on the blog post Rush Limbaugh Calls Pope Francis ‘Marxist’

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    I can sympathize with poor Rush’s crazy.

    Given what I’ve heard and seen up until now
    from Christians of all stripes,
    this Pope guy confuses the hell out of me here.

    -he’s definitely off message.

    Under such circumstances, I think I have to stick with Occam’s razor,

    And go with demonic possession.

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    Ha! In Russia, giant vampire squid cams you!

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    Feinstein is merely one of a never ending parade of poster children for the venerable ‘Lesser of Two Elves’s’ dumb f**k philosophy that has worked out so well for the mature, the measured, the wise, and the way too busy to pay attention to the well they piss in.

    I will say that the competition among our pro level grifters for her spot must be cutthroat, and as in the case with our hopey changey president, the mere fact that she’s the last one standing has got to count for some kind of something of some sort.

    Don’t ask me what though.

    A lottery would have returned better results
    for all concerned- even for the bosses.

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    I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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    I remember hearing about Reactor 4 sinking, with the likely result of energy from the inaccessible spent fuel rods creating a spontaneous fission event that would without question guarantee the murder of the entire northern hemisphere. That was at least a year or more ago. The news regarding the sinking reactor and the fission hazard [...]

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    I’m long past the point where I can bear to listen to a single soundbite, let alone full blown speech, from this enemy of America.

    I literally have to turn him off.

    What is just as distressing, is to witness the continued support for
    him and the policies of the plutocracy that he tenaciously promotes,
    regardless of whether that support is grounded in careerism, tribalism,
    or ignorance- lazy or willful.

    Upside down nightmare without end.

  • Well, that’s a load off our shoulders.

    Now at least no one will hate us for our freedumbs anymore.

    Wonderful party, isn’t it?!

  • Wait- I’m always getting confused with all this stuff-

    Which party is the lesser of two evils again?

    Just so I know how not to waist my vote!!!

  • p654321 commented on the blog post Napolitano Will Resign as Homeland Security Secretary

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    “…it would make it significantly easier for President Obama to choose the replacement he thinks would best serve in the role…”

    That would somehow be a positive development?

    What am I missing here?

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    “Word on the street is that he’s a “somewhat popular blogger” who attracts enough traffic to help pay the bills allowing the MyFDL crowd to have a safe harbor for their conspiracy talk and LOLing each other and Jill Stein fanfic.

    But you didn’t hear it from me.”

    No, I think confession suits you.


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    “I’ll just say that someone who had no idea that bolting to Hong Kong and Russia after stealing four laptops worth of secret government data would likely result in the that government coming after him might not be the best judge of the long term international implications of releasing that data or allowing his temporary host countries access to said data, to say nothing of anything else he could be compelled to tell them should they decide to take him into custody.”

    What is this Tbogg character on about in the above quote?

    Let’s for argument’s sake say that up is down and false is true, war is peace, and all the rest. And that this Tbogg guy’s premise holds water in a rational world.

    Out of polite and friendly courtesy.

    If the premise above is, true, or even if it is not, that Snowden is a naive Pepsi-drinking idealist dumb fuck, (and not man enough to swill down the hard stuff- Mountain Dew?), the obvious question arises- how could that possibly matter one way or the other?

    Did I miss some part of the post that links this petty Tbogg character assassination to some kind of 1 A.M. drunken stoned grown-up-kitchen-table bull shit pragmatist conclusion that absolves Obama and the ass clown oligarchy from skull fucking the universe at their pleasure?

    I understand that the noises Tbogg makes here fit into his larger crazy that ‘all mature adults (and true Scotsmen) know when to bend over and spread their cheeks with world-wise smiles plastered all over their dopey faces. Just because. That’s the real world. Hide everybody!’.

    And I understand that Tbogg promotes that bedtime story without any qualification for his own reasons, whatever they may be. Its a free country after all, right? Right? Hello?

    My only real confusion, is not why, but how this guy has secured himself a platform to pedal this shite from? (Given the internet, there’s always someone to buy anything of course, that’s the genius of it- But still!)

    The larger yet infinitely less important mystery- how he rationalizes this never ending performance in front of his mirror every morning, is of course his own question to answer in his own good time, and his alone.

    That’s as it should be, in our free and open society under the Constitution, (barring state intrusion for his own good,
    and the security of the nation, wmd’s, treason, burble, slop, empire, etc.)

    But still, you gotta wonder, who is this yapping Tbogg guy and why is he here?

    Just a question.

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    I confess, the courts in the U.S. have not impressed me much over the last 30 years with any love for the Constitution, civil rights, or the rule of law in general.

    And EU politicians though they will surely use this to whatever local political advantage they may, will ultimately make whatever broader accommodations with the Empire that the times and circumstances require, despite the ruffled feathers of both local private industry and angry constituents.

    Hence my worry that without even the bare minimum requirement of clear and emphatic domestic popular support for the 1st and 4rth Amendments, which doesn’t seem to obtain, it will all ultimately be business as usual here after some months of inconvenience and perhaps even a few career-damaging embarrassments.

    I certainly hope I’m wrong. Speaking of hope- Despite everything I’ve said, this is actually the first time in seven years that I’ve had anything close to hope for change.

    It sure would be funny to see Obama finally deliver on his original campaign theme-lie, albeit completely against his mightiest efforts. And well into the lame duck phase of his tenure as circus ring master at that.
    That would be rich.

  • p654321 commented on the blog post ACLU Files Lawsuit Against NSA Phone Spying Program

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    “Other than small operations like Firedoglake, who else is even challenging this?”

    The fact that, what- 51% of Americans are just fine with our Supreme Soviet’s nullification of the Bill of Rights is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    And the support for nullification seems to cut across party and age demographics- members of both wings of The Party, young and old, seem to look on the 4rth Amendment, so far as they’ve even heard of it in the first place, as obsolete.

    Which means that defacto, it may well be.

    The gorge rises.

  • Interesting times. Except they’re not.

    Same ole same ole.

    Amerik ha!


    Wake me up when we get there.

  • p654321 commented on the blog post Late Night: First They Came for the Bootstraps

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    I saw this coming long ago while half listening to Reagan debating in the background on a T.V. while I was studying for a high school biology test.

    In those days I was even dumber, even more foolish, and in so
    far as politics showed up on my radar at all, conservative.

    Nevertheless, in an instant, I understood what he was after, and it struck me.

    Two classes? Really? An elite that gets to go to college,
    and a serf underclass that gets to clean toilets or/and join the
    military as cannon fodder? Wow.

    It was probably the first of my many wake up calls.

    That we let it happen, an evil that an inexperienced high school kid saw coming from miles and years away, is just one more proof that stupid rules the world, and that we have precisely the country that we richly deserve.

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