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    You are Right and if these malcontents get their way we WILL get 8 more years of complete incompetence with the likes of a Perry or Bachman. All the arguments against Obama are correct but we don’t have a viable alternative and not voting or voting for anyone who as no chance of winning simply [...]

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    You know Jon I haven’t ever heard you say one good thing about President Obama ever. You were dogging him when he was running for President. I know Jane likes you, Why I’m not exactly sure. Did you want Nader ? Did you want Hillary ? You even said Republicans would win in 2008 and that Democrats would blow it. Who do you want in 2012 since it’s clear you don’t want Obama. You might get your wish if these people dogging the President get their way. What you won’t get is PROGRESSIVE POLICIES or even moderate policies if the Republicans win. Maybe that’s what you want but not me and not most Democrats. It makes me wonder if the Koch Brothers are paying you under the table. Are you being financed by the Walton Family. Curious minds want to know.

  • When Bush left office We were losing 750,000 jobs a month. In less than 6 months Obama had us gaining over 250,000 jobs a month. That’s a total net gain of a Million jobs a month over what Obama inherited. I dare you to name another President that took us from a MINUS 750,000 a month to a POSITIVE 250,000 a month in less than 6 months. Take your time because NO President has ever been able to do that before. If you’re not smart enough to understand why that’s important and why that reason alone is enough to give Obama another term then I question whether you’re smart enough to be voting in the first place.
    And some of you people are going to vote for The Green Party. Go ahead , waste your vote, let another Republican win and finish the job of wrecking the economy Bush started. If that’s the best you can do then you deserve what you get. Then their are those that say “I won’t vote for Obama” as if they ever had. They can lie but it but 99.9% out of 100% that voted for him in 2008 WILL vote for him in 2012 and that’s 10,000,000 more than voted Democratic in 2010. Get ready Republicans we are coming for you and no gerrymandering or voter suppression is going to stop us. Go ahead ,bitch and moan but it won’t do you any good, You’ll just die out of breath.

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    The Republican Party WILL split between Romney Huckabee and Palin if she runs. The supporters who lose in the primaries will not back the winner in large numbers. It was the same problem Democrats had in 2008. Hillary’s supporters voted for Obama but only grudgingly and have been quick to criticize Obama afterwords. Can a Republican be worse than Obama is a stupid question. You can’t legitimately compare Obama to ANY Republican in what has been done in the last 2 years and what hasn’t been done. Would Hillary have done better is a fair question and one we will never know.
    In the end I think Huckabee stands the best chance because he will carry the South and a good part of the Mid West. If Palin runs she can win the Republican Primary but WILL definitely lose the general election. I live in a Very Red State and Obama beats Palin in the latest Vanderbilt Polls.
    Huckabee would give Republicans their best chance and that why I hope Palin runs.