• Not goodbye to me, just long-form writing and original reporting. So I will still be steaming on social media.

  • Had a great time, and thanks for the hospitality, Monica!

  • My comments are observations, not complaints — much of the coverage about the rulings unintentionally overstates the extension of civil rights on these matters. I’ve seen too many reports of “DOMA repealed” and “DOMA is gone”, when in fact only Sec. 3 was repealed. The issue of the violation of “full faith and credit” is alive and well and won’t be addressed any time soon. It will require additional court battles unless Congress does something — btw, Congressman Jerry Nadler is submitting a bill in that vein, something I’ve not seen reported widely so far: Dems vow to scrap DOMA in its entirety.

    “We should celebrate today — it’s a great day — but our work is not yet over,” Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) told reporters in the Capitol. “We still need to wipe DOMA in its entirety off the books.” ..[T]he court did not consider Section 2, which stipulates that states don’t have to recognize the same-sex marriages allowed by other state… The bill would also clarify that same-sex couples living in states that do not recognize gay marriage are nonetheless eligible for any federal benefits for which they might qualify — benefits that might not be guaranteed even in the wake of the high court’s decision, Nadler said.”

  • Fortune would have it that Chris Kromm of Facing South will be on today as well, to discuss Moral Mondays and Art Pope!

  • Well, Jake, I don’t have the spotlight live to discuss these issues; I’m in no shape to do live TV given Saturdays and Sunday AMs are when I’m in pretty bad shape re: methotrexate treatment these days, sorry to say. But you’re right — if one has the podium, it is the time to talk about ENDA; it continually gets lost in the shuffle because all eyes are on marriage.

  • Thank you all, I really didn’t expect so many comments, given I posted at a really dead time of the week. Guess I was trying to slip under the radar.

    I will miss blogging, or rather the capacity I had to do it. Accepting where I am now took some time, but it will be better. It was a good ride.

  • What I feel kind of sad about this is that there still is a dearth of high-traffic blogs run by women of color (and in terms of NC I’m still the only out lesbian blogger with a national profile) even after 9 years. Thank goodness for Michael Rogers, who was a big booster of PHB and has at Netroots cultivated scholarships to bring in new voices of all colors from around the country and not just in the gay metropolis areas.

  • So far these fears about pols not getting re-elected for their pro-LGBT views have not borne out to be true (I’d have to find the polling on this, but it’s out there several time).

    In NC the problem for Hagan will be did she do anything to bring jobs to the state — to help the economy here. More people care about that than federal/SCOTUS goings-on related to marriage.

  • Ryan, I (and Matt Comer of QNotes) have first-hand experience getting the brush-off from Hagan’s staff for polite questions about LGBT issues during her first campaign — she _was_ behind the curve compared to the later slew of Democrats who ran after her. I didn’t say she didn’t support the issues you mention, just that she (along with our last governor, Bev Perdue), had to be dragged kicking and screaming to make declarative statements about that support until late in the game after other dipped their toes into the water. I also didn’t say she doesn’t care about NC or that didn’t oppose Amendment One. None of that changes her history — she studiously dismissed polite questions from LGBT media about her prospective votes on ENDA or DADT at that time — a time when the mainstream media wasn’t asking her about those issues.

  • John IS and has been a notable voice is the movement, and he made contributions during the DADT fight and others that advanced the LGBT movement. My choice of words there is quite specific.

    He is also controversial for the reasons Teddy stated — his willingness to throw transfolk under the bus during the ENDA debacle, and more recently, a pretty display of bi-ignorance in referring to Chris Christie’s position on an ex-gay therapy bill as “going bi on the issue.

    This post isn’t about John Aravosis (to do so would inevitably take this thread off of the subject) — it’s about giving credit to those activists willing to go to prison to repeal DADT and other LGBT issues during a time in the Obama admin where the vast majority of the progressive movement was telling the LGBTs to “be patient” and were seen as ungrateful. That story is much more revealing because of how internally, the professional LGBT movement was also spellbound by this President and also told bloggers and other activists to “be patient.” Our voices were quite alone out there.

  • LOL. It is Nail. On. Head.

  • Excuse me, my post on THIS TOPIC has nothing to do with prioritizing one topic over another (nor will my opinion here ultimately change/affect Obama’s drone policy). My blog, my reaction to this news event. End of story. Feel free to blog about drones 24/7 if that makes you feel better.

  • I agree on Arinze. The conventional wisdom the last time around is that they talked up African cardinals and ones from Latin America (giving the impression that non-white candidates were top prospects), when in fact, Benedict was always the “next in succession” from the get-go. The question is whether they would even consider a pope from the continents where it is fastest growing or cling to European selections?

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    I only took the Tylenol during the fever spells (8-10 hours), two 500 mg at a pop, so I wasn’t maxing out. I am not on hydrocodone or any mix. Since I thankfully have a high pain tolerance it doesn’t take much to quell the acute pain, and I’ve already backed off what they’ve said I can take by more than half and I’m only a few days out from surgery. I can’t tolerate large doses of narcotics, so I get off of high-test pain meds after a week or so.

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    No direct cause. I wasn’t lifting anything at the time; just walking from my car to a building and the pain seized my whole leg, like an electric jolt. I ended up in the ER later that day back in Aug.

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    I hope I heal quickly, but I’m realistic that it will take months if even if it all goes as expected. I won’t be pain-free since I had other conditions that vexed me pre-surgery, but the level of pain I have lived with since August was just getting intolerable.

    Today I went out to the store to get some walking in (too cold outside this AM), and now I’m back and completely exhausted. I just want to pass out from the pain. But it’s good to get out even for a short while as opposed to being bedridden.

  • Hunter, it’s my post, not Alvin’s. And I specifically said I wasn’t giving the WH a pass. I said I personally think this wasn’t a battle worth taking on. The White House needs to act on more important actions, IMHO that will specifically benefit LGBTs — like the ENDA executive order.

  • He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center.


  • You know, Matthew, no one forced you to read this if you consider it beneath you. I write about a lot of issues (there’s a long back catalog to show for it), some with analysis, some without, some about personal matters. It’s called “The Blend” for a reason. You’re free to find more suitable news analysis elsewhere — I won’t be offended at all. Peace out.

  • It doesn’t all die — we have to wait in NC for SCOTUS, but not in the Windsor case. It is only about section 3 of DOMA, the portion about federal recognition. It doesn’t consider the full faith and credit clause regarding cross-state recognition of marriages.

    I have a Canadian marriage (same as Windsor), but she lives in NY where there is marriage equality.

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