• Pam Spaulding commented on the blog post Will the Chick-fil-A ‘kiss-ins’ help or hurt?

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    Please. I said I support direct action, but I personally disagree with this particular framing. We can agree to disagree on what will be most effective. The fact is that even ALLIES are under-informed about CFA’s support of virulent anti-gay hate groups and its discriminatory practices against non-Christians and women. A kiss-in does not address any of this and plays into their political frame.

    Also, I hardly equate this with the work of ACT-UP — if you want to make a comparison of commitment, then these protesters should block access to CFAs and get press for being arrested for civil disobedience. I just happen to think this isn’t going to be effective. I’ll be happy to say I was wrong about it if it turns out to effect positive change.