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    Yeah…I have met cool people at OLA, but the noisiest ones on the listserv are full of fail. Nothing makes them happy and anyone that wants to help out is a potential co-opter rather than a fellow 99%er.

    They also are mad that members were recently kicked out of the SEIU property the union had allowed some campers to stay at, because some campers were not obeying basic rules (drug use including meth, and a potential knife fight were what caused them to be kicked out) Most of the campers were fine, but they are against calling the police for ANYTHING and are not good at self police-ing , so stuff like this will happen. People like Anthony were blaming SEIU, like it was their fault they even require civil behavior from people they are lending a space a sleep to. Even though the SEIU would be liable for what people do on their property, the SEIU were being capitalist oppressors but requiring even minimal demands from OLA campers. But to people like Anthony, they don’t see a double standard where they want to be treated a certain way, but won’t extend the courtesy to others. Just comes off as selfish and doctrinaire as Ayn Rand followers.

    In conclusion, I have met great people at OLA, but any great people that try to express their POV on the listserv are beaten down by the drama llamas to the point where they either leave the OLA movement or participate in a reduced capacity.

  • In addition to his statement being a complete lie, imagine if he said this in a video while running for office:

    You don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when blacks can serve openly in the military but our own children can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.

    But he sees nothing wrong with what he said.

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    Occupy L.A.: Nearly 300 protesters still in jail face $5,000 bail

    The National Lawyers Guild is calling for nearly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters arrested early Wednesday to be released from jail.

    Attorney Carol Sobel of the lawyers guild said protesters should be released with notices to appear before court and not be punished “for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

    She said she several attorneys said they had not been able to visit their clients behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center because the jail was closed because of staffing problems and the large influx of inmates.
    Sobel rebuked city officials for being too focused on its plan of moving in on protesters and — neglecting to plan for what came next.

    “They had this elaborate plan”, she said. “But they didn’t have a plan for arresting them.”

    I think she is using judicious words. They (the police) are using this as an excuse to add extra punishment to people who would not leave the park when told to do so. They knew they were going to arrest a lot of people, yet still did not plan how to deal with influx? Right.

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    I have spoken to a few people who have only heard about what happened the other night at City Hall by watching the news…so all they have heard was how peaceful it was…with no violence from the police.

    And I don’t know how to let all the people I DON’T know become aware that they did not get the complete picture of the events and why.

    Posting links on twitter and facebook will only reach so many people.
    Makes me so frustrated. The people in power continue to control what the people see and thus control what they know, and keep people from reacting to events as they might if they had a more complete picture.

    Nothing to see here, citizen.

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    Lisa, your favorite anarchist, Che’ Shirt, just posted this in the listserv:
    “Man people are trying to “negotiate” even tonight. “they say stay off the street so we can have another night or two”. Huh? Have them attack when our numbers are diminishes instead of at our highest moment?! Who thinks of this shit?! So glad the anarchists were out in force tonight and refused to listen to the school prefects trying to shove everyone back on the sidewalk.
    Whose streets??”

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    I am not holding my breath on Obama getting involved in the entire issue of the GOP governors working to take away union rights, voting rights for traditional Democratic voters, etc… It is one thing to not provide leadership…but so many politicians are not even following the will of the Democratic voters.

    And while I raged when the issues going on in so many states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, etc were mostly ignored by our supposed free press and replaced with fluff pieces or Charlie Sheen news…I cannot rage that the horrendous tragedy that took place in Japan will be filling up most of the news. The Republicans will use this for their advantage, but I hope recalls do happen and this does not get forgotten for too long.

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    Yeah…I tweeted him about FDL and Greenwald just before he finally included them.
    But he was correct…there should be an outcry from the Dems…and it is only the groups referred to as the FAR left by the MSM talking about Manning.

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    I am not sure what upsets me more. The people calling themselves Democrats or Liberals who would be up in arms if Manning received this treatment under President Bush remaining quiet, or the fact that this hypocrisy is going to be used by the right wing..and rightfully so.
    Because it is hypocritical.

    Ratigan mentioned this on his show tonight TRANSCRIPT and if you go on twitter #ratigan, you will see the wingers gleefully remarking on this.

    And it pisses me off. But it would not be happening if people held ALL politicians to the same level, and didn’t give members of “their team” a pass.

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    While I agree with Jamie or someone similar working on the food offerings at LAUSD, I have no problem with any school saying no to being a backdrop on a reality show. I certainly would not want my kids on it. If Jamie would do this but not film it, then I would write to [...]

  • I would like to think we have at least until the new UI benefits ends in about a year…then when the Administration tries to extend further, he will “forced” to give up something in return, like retirement age at 70, or reduction in benefits. Or maybe even both!

  • Oh Tony, nothing fails like prayer.

    You just didn’t send enough money to enough congress critters.
    Better luck next time.

  • OK…I don’t understand. Was there a filibuster or merely the threat of one?

    If the bigots who want to filibuster to make this need 60 votes..I want to see them reading phone books, sleeping on cots, getting take out food delivered..etc.

    Make then work for it.
    Make them do something.

    Never requiring filibusters to work for their position is something I cannot understand.

  • Won’t it just be hilarious if when this comes up for a vote in Congress…that is is not good enough for the Republicans and even more of the farm has to be given away?

    I know I will be laughing….

  • The issue is the farmer’s Market itself, because streets are blocked for vehicles due to pedestrians and food carts being on the streets instead.

    The film school just wants to not have a parking entrance unavailable because the street is shut down. I can see this, but not at the expense of losing the market.

    I like the idea that they be given a waiver during the market (which ends in the early afternoon) to have students park next door at the ArcLight. Even if the city paid for it, they would get more money back in revenue from the market and people visiting and spending money in general.

    Without the market, money will be lost and another special aspect of Hollywood will be lost as well.

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    I just came across this accidentaly. I think I might have heard something similar ealier…but don’t remember.

    Must be nice to have a connected mother to keep you out of trouble.
    I mean, you can still get INTO trouble, you just never have to pay the consequences.

  • I am more upset Willow can’t distinguish “your” and “you’re”.

  • Did I mention Palin can choke on a bag of dicks?
    If I have forgotten to mention that recently, I apologize.

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    Don, while I do not support Obama in this, this started several presidents ago, then Bush started the TSA and the Patriot Act (Which many Democrats had to vote for as well) and Obama has failed to remove the Patriot Act or warrantless wiretapping.

    I have always been against those. Some on the right only care now because Obama is president but were saying we shouldn’t be worried about the Patriot Act if we had nothing to hide…

    But I do not think Hillary (The only other viable Dem candidate) or especially McCain would do any differently than Obama in this. They are following the natural progression of the American people ceding their rights until they say “no more”. This might be that point as it reaches across the aisle.
    I hope the anger lasts and then extends to the other less visible transgressions of the government into our rights.

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    Well good for you. But some people do care if a porn-o-scan is used on them. And they will stay home as long as the only options to plane travel are invasive for people not suspected of a crime.

    Some people who may not want to be scanned or groped:

    People that care about their 4th amendment rights against unreasonable searches

    Rape survivors


    People with conditions like austism or PTSD who will react negatvely to being roughly touched

    Transgendered people who should not have to reveal their personal condition in order to fly.

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