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  • Gary Stix, the senior editor and web blog writer for Scientific American who usually does work in neuroscience, has a blog at that reveals why folks should be scared about the GOP idea of killing regulation of business and the outsourcing of more military and federal worker work and supervision of corporation’s work – [...]

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    Joe Campbell is unfortunatly with feet of clay as to facts and interpretation in many areas – too many to discuss here but there have be actual classes on this post that Moyer’s interview. There are better books on Myths and Their meanings and Interpretations – indeed as part of religious training one reads quite [...]

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    Some times one can get upset with “free will”, indeed with good folks losing while bad folks win

    but as I see it ones’s only possible response is faith – you don’t tell God what to do – but YMMV.

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    The only sense that Nafta helped Mexico was in stopping the Greek situation from developing – As you recall, in the early and mid-90′s Mexico’s economy flirted with total collapse – Clinton effectively saved it from that collapse. Not a growth story, but an acknowledged “good”. But that is missing from the WP as their [...]

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    Sadly the “increase deficit” is not that important. n 1997, Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 which was a reconciliation bill that reduced taxes and hence increased the deficit, but was paired with the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (H.R. 2014 and H.R. 2015 respectively), each signed by President Clinton. In 1999, the [...]

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    Indeed in 1993 a Democrat – Senator Bryd – stopped Hillary care because it was not primarily a budget bill.

  • The mandate is now a tax per the Supreme Court and can be repealed by the GOP via a 50 vote Senate reconciliation plus GOP VP vote, but can reconciliation repeal the whole bill? Reconciliation (a 1974 law) is interpreted under Senate Rules as reserved strictly for budget-related measures that involve spending or revenue and [...]

  • David,

    Thank you for your excellent analysis. Off-topic but also timely is the GOP threat to take the Senate and kill HCA via a budget reconciliation bill. Given that much in HCA does not deal with the budget, how real is this threat?

    Indeed given how many Dems are now running on “changing HCA” it would appear that the GOP need not make many election gains, if any, to get “change HCA” thing going – which brings us back to reconciliation.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    The student loan fix was not “leave things as they are” – the students were screwed – just not via the interest rate. Other changes raise the cost by quite a bit.

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    Well said. While the conservative claims of 911 terrorists are running things is nonsense, there does appear that at least one of the 5 folks in Syria that we have moving guns into the country is using a fellow with ties to those 911 folks. But no one ever said our CIA had a brain. [...]

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    Original intent from blog writing of the 1780′s, now “‘dicta’” to guide our courts to the justification for the political decision their corporate sponsors want – there is no law in this country today, at least not at the top. I was once upset with the Congressional Reports on a bill being quote as reason [...]

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    Germany has a problem -

    it needs the undervalued Euro for its export growth(last 10 years growth is just about all due to exports) -

    And it needs overspending growing economies in the EU to buy those exports

    So countries in pain help Germany – giving a lower Euro – but countries in pain don’t buy as much from Germany.

    Germany is not into cross-border, or cross street, money transfers unless the transfer helps the giver so much that they make a profit on the transaction.

    I don’t see Germany doing anything generous as long as they adhere to the Austria schools confidence fairy – take more pain and call me later – approach.

    So the Euro id doomed as long as Merkel in in power – and the Germans want a “give nothing to others” person in charge.

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    Thanks – as yet those facts (“Because of the Court’s blizzard of different opinions, only Parts I, II and III-C constitute the majority opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States on the merits of the mandate and the Medicaid expansion” – meaning Medicaid expansion is not really affected except for the Feds being precluded from imposing a sanction on states that decline to accept an expansion of Medicaid under the law’s provisions – and here I do not follow/understand the reasoning) have not made it to national media – or to the commentary on FDL.

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    Don’t pay tax to corporations – get your state to follow the Vermont lead and install single payer while requesting your share of the tax that would otherwise go to insurance companies as subsidized premiums (the Exchange money) be used to fund the state single payer.

    Oh yeah – by the way – Obama has to approve the Vermont request for a waiver – and he has not promised to do so.

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    “Pat Harrison (D-MI) was chair of the Senate Finance Committee during the New Deal.”

    The White House fellow designing the plan – Myers – always said – and in his book said – that Harrison simply excluded from Social Security all those the planters/the south wanted excluded. Hence the expansion of who was covered had to wait 20 years.

  • “the importance of continuing to counter Austrian propaganda like The Fiscal Summit of 2012″ – but if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there – does it make a sound? If we publish/hold conferences and our media ignore us, have we countered Austrian propaganda like The Fiscal Summit of 2012 Occupy [...]

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    pathetic tossers ??? Have not heard that phrase since my last visit to London – good to see a Brit so interested in American political discussions. Not that I disagree all that much with anything that was on this post/comments – but the phrase worked well to get me to reread your post – which [...]

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    They were “hedges” but they were “portfolio” hedges meaning the derivative(s) as a group could be expected to offset moves in the items in the portfolio being hedged.

    When the correlation is not close in dollars (but this was) or in time required to get the change in value, or in liquidity (and there was not a strong correlation on the last two points) it becomes more of a gamble than a hedge. The risk manager (these are no longer actuaries on Wall Street as the street has gone to accounting rules based hedging with calculations done by new PHD’s) needed to show some business sense and say no to management – but the way he got his job, beyond family friends and his mentor, was the last person saying no and that person now no longer being there.

    As to the Financial Times and Yves – well I understand she is a hedge funds consultant and listens to hedge fund folks – getting some fine analysis this way – but like many of her items this is an attempt to push the market by the hedge folks. Likewise the Financial Times seems to have chosen to not interview or analyze well.

    The bottom lie is that the US Banks are not going to be hurt by the end of the eurozone – or by the eurozone continuing. The only real take away from this post is how screwed up our corporation controlled accounting – the FASB – is with todays example being how derivatives risk is netted in the US being weaker than the method used overseas – despite the ongoing project to make the two accountings very similar.

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    Bush moved many hundreds of billions of real expense out of his upcoming 2002 budget and into Clinton’s 2001 budget’s last quarter of the 2001 budget, and delayed the quarterly payment of corporate income taxes one time only from 9/25 into the first week of next years (the 2002) budget so as to deny Clinton [...]

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    I hope you are right – not to help Obama – but to help the economy.

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