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  • Thumbnail The U.S.S. American Credibility has foundered. As I watched the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations pass the Menendez-Corker Syria Resolution (in which Senator Ed Markey had the courage to vote “present”), I was overtaken with a terrible sense of foreboding. By any standard of international law, this act is illegal. We are not under attack [...]

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    “He who is not with us, absolutely and without reserve of any kind, is against us, and should be treated as an enemy alien.” – Theodore Roosevelt

    “Russia can neither be grasped by the mind, nor measured by any common yardstick. Russia’s status is special: no attitude to her other than one of blind faith is admissible.” [...]

  • Thanks. Just goes to show how my-way-or-the-highway the US is in its foreign relations.

  • Trust me. The laughter quickly wore off. When it comes to multilateral treaties on international law, human rights and the conduct of war, the US has a miserable record. We are a states party to practically none of them. The Rome Statute, the convention against the use of weapons like napalm against urban targets, the mines treaty . . . the list is long.

  • I had to laugh at this:

    Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro and Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega have offered National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum. The immediate reaction will be that they are left-wing anti-American countries. This offer disrespects an extradition treaty that the United States has with Venezuela or Nicaragua.

    For the simple reason that the United States itself chooses to retain exactly this type of flexibility. We are NOT, and never have been a states party to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, done in 1969.

    See for yourself:

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    I can’t think of anything else driving the terror theme. News outlets get to hype & profit, politicians get to posture & profit, and the revolving door of national security “professionals” really get to profit. The only ones who aren’t profiting are the anti-Muslims who get the warm-fuzzies from feeling righteous. Sometimes, I feel like [...]

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    ThumbnailAmericans are hysterical. This was evident in the reaction to Chris Hayes’ thoughtful question whether we should be calling American service-people “heroes” in knee-jerk fashion . We neither think straight on many issues nor are we prone to thinking slow and relying on what we know . This hysteria is just now beginning to be questioned. In The Terror Con , Robert Scheer [...]

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    The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is the widely known statement of principles which incorporates the notion that it is the duty of states to protect the lives, dignity and rights of its citizens, and includes the idea the failure to do so may be recognized as the forfeiture of sovereign protections under international norms and [...]

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    Fair enough. I’ll change the link to this:

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    ThumbnailSomeone on twitter was clueless enough to say that the secret video of Mitt Romney addressing fundraisers probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Well, that cat is out of the bag : This, at about 7 PM Eastern today after it was one of three trending topics (the others being #MuslimRage and #s17, the anniversary of Occupy Wall [...]

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    After seeing enough laudatory comments stemming from Michael Lewis’ Obama’s Way , I am minded to look back at what we won, and lost, when we undertook to intervene in the Libyan civil war, as well as come to a better balance on the outcomes. One may consider that the bottom line may be that we wound [...]

  • I was beginning to wonder if the whole deal was dead. Thanks for staying on top of this.

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    Everyone must have some skin in the game . . . except for business, who must be enticed. 60% of these businesses who made billions and paid no corporate income taxes in the US – during the “boom” years of 1998 to 2005, so that’s not because of a falling economy. (GAO report commissioned by [...]

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    Except compromise is his core value. We’ve all witnessed it. It is why he doesn’t specify what issues he’s willing to compromise on. He even opens his book Audacity to Hope with this theme, that he wants to make Washington work, which all agree means compromise.

    But you have to put stuff on the table in order to compromise on things, and his failure to do so time and time again marks him as a pretty poor choice for progressives. The willingness to compromise is a virtue, central to the idea of collective government, but it is not the same as another central virtue of the office he holds: leadership.

    For a nation in trouble, we could have used some real leadership. The moment called for it (still does) and frankly, we aren’t getting any from this administration.

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    Actually, I don’t believe everyone’s needs will be met, based on the world’s current trajectory, nor do I believe that a 30-35 hour workweek will provide a living wage. This is even given a world in which investor looting is completely eliminated. I should have made that clearer. The way things are now, prices will [...]

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    I’ve already lost one shift, so my hours worked are just under 80% of what they were last year. I could pick up some shifts, but as I say in my other reply, there are many I work with still not scheduled any shifts at all, and as far as i’m concerned, those hours belong [...]

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    My understanding is that something like one in six jobs in the US is a government job. That’s a soft number, which doesn’t include private sector employees working on government contracts, nor the 1.5 million serving in uniform, but which I assume includes the 750,000 direct civilian employed by the Pentagon.

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    Mind you, that number is based on a rough estimate of real unemployed, including those who’ve given up searching, plus a measure for those ostensibly employed, but who aren’t called into work. A dozen or so at the store I work at are kept on the books this way but aren’t actually scheduled any hours. [...]

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    For the record, I fully recognize that Obama has swallowed the globalization myth of convergence, and that this is the agenda he’s running on us, so I won’t support him, and lacking any decent candidate, I plan to sit 2012 out.

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    They can’t do a damned thing about unemployment as long as they rely on the private sector, and that’s something NOBODY in Washington has the guts to manage. The plain fact is, the economy isn’t big enough to provide a decent job for more than about 70% of everyone who wants a job. Job creation [...]

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