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  • hermit commented on the diary post Tomgram: Engelhardt, Is Climate Change a Crime Against Humanity? by Tom Engelhardt.

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    I wonder where the elite think they’ll go to escape their climatic cataclysm? That island paradise plan probably needs rethinking.

  • hermit commented on the diary post Zapatista Uprising Against NAFTA Twenty Years Later by wendydavis.

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    Wendy, lovya, I haven’t even read this yet, but apparently you’ve gone to deep for even the FDL crowd! Which is pretty damned deep for the standard deviation deviants of God lovin’ (but constipated with the fear mongered portion of our collective psyche) Amerika as your so wont to suggest in your subliminal attempts to [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Over Easy: Should Snowden Come Home? by msmolly.

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    Why hasn’t Wendy weighed in here, into the Snowden muck? Just curious.

  • hermit commented on the diary post Arianna Announces News Site for the Power Elite to Launch Soon at Davos by wendydavis.

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    I nominate you for the MY FDL representative to this internet revolution. Occupy going digital, its about time. The site needs a better mission statement, a direct declaration of its intent to retrain the minds of the world, other than to make money, screw that Arianna, make History. (and to be candid and up front [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Happy New Year from the Night Sky by wendydavis.

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    Gotta love anyone that feels the ancestral wonderment of the heavens. Even the cave men knew something important was happening up there. Yeah, Heavens out there! Gotta pray toward Sagittarius for best reception though. Mecca will do as a general directional target in a pinch I suppose, since your spirit gets amped by the pyramid [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Friday Funnies: Have you been naughty, or have you been nice? by wendydavis.

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    That’s it, just had a 70′s backflash time warped wanna do that somemore psychic episode. There is something green glowing in the sunset this evening, it might be an organic reflection ofa something might be a smoke signal from long ago. I’m gonna hafta consider retiring from my Thoreau retirement in Freaking Florida, and move [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Art Under Oppression Is Vital: Creative Truth Can Go Viral! by wendydavis.

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    Stellar stuff. Kinda makes that History of Art class, of so many moons ago, superfluous. Thanks Prof WD! As time flows on, gravity affects the body not the soul. Spiritual synaptic interface is elevated. Luvya; gone.

  • hermit commented on the diary post A Refreshing Concession Letter to President Obama by Ohio Barbarian.

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    I’m with you TD, but you know the Tea Party is saying the same thing. So I’m having difficulty resolving the definitions of capitulation with that of compromise; and suppose its a question of degree and how far the center flag moves in the political tug-of-war. The next six weeks should have plenty of discussion [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Armistice Day in the M.I.C. by David Swanson.

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    Hellofa post Dave. If we could get your essay inscribed in titanium and placed on, say the Washington Monument; maybe in 10K years, if there are any left to read, someone in an insulated space suit might therefore find evidence that some of the planet’s population had broken free of this higher form of addiction. [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Once Upon a Time…. by wendydavis.

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    Absent no, but distracted. Nothing but letting my Poly-Sci run wild in trying to get rid of Allen West,… success. Been more or less lurking, not commenting during my check-ins, still leashed to FDL but watching the BS of other blogs. “Time in your head” Aaah the nuanced thoughts of WD,.. that would be interesting, [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Will Pennsylvania Take Full Advantage of Health Reform? by ThirdandState.

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    The national average is 4% for next year.


    Something is disconnected.

  • hermit commented on the diary post Once Upon a Time…. by wendydavis.

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    Wonderful allegorical layering of our deepest dysfunctional state of affairs. If only there were an easy way, to a simple grasp of the shadows of the cognitive cave that the Vultures keep us trapped within. Alas, as Econo.@27 demonstrates, and Plato lamented, intellectual discernment is granted to too few, the shadow will always be real [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Congratulations unqualifying Obama supporters! by cassiodorus.

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    Good post Cass. Another bread and election circus on shit that doesn’t matter in the long run. When, if ever, we can afford to educate humans beyond the domain of the political psychology of ‘Sheeple,’ there might be a chance to save some of the habitable land of our spaceship for the last vestiges of [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Hey, Walmart! We Got the Guillotine! by wendydavis.

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    If sufficient public support builds for a consumer boycott, even 10% of sales, it would change everything. Walmart’s 36 hour weeks steals the deserved benefits from labor. They should have earned 90% of their unemployment at least. 80 hr months should be the threshold to stop this theft of labor. The requirement of a 40 [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post The thicket of excuses by cassiodorus.

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    If Jesus has any intent to save this planet, he’d better start planning on his return visit bc it looks like we’ve fucked this one up beyond our ability to redeem ourselves. Its a bitch when making a capitalistic wage-slave living today, kills your chances of having great grand-children. Or if we do, they won’t [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Obama – What does he know and when did he know it ? by cmaukonen.

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    Great post and thread going cmaukonen. Your assessment is probably dead on scary accurate. When Paulson showed up with a one page robbery note that America must save the world’s financial malfeasance and that we had no choice but to cash his unlimited blank check, we were screwed. This ongoing extortion racket, to just keep [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Do We Really Understand High Frequency Trading? by Watt4Bob.

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    Excellent post Watt4Bob. The exchanges need to incrementalize the post times into these bids, which are indeed bets on market movement. Not unlike wagering on a horserace. Common folk’s wagers are locked in at the start of a race. These HFT’s get to wait until the last 100 yards to make their bet on which [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post The Russell Tribunal on Palestine by wendydavis.

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    Thanks AitchD. I didn’t know that LBJ was quite such an exceptionalist; Tonkin Gulf’s continuation of Manifest Destiny aside.

  • hermit commented on the diary post The Russell Tribunal on Palestine by wendydavis.

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    Top shelf Wendy, as usual. We’ve generally forgiven the Jews for a long ago crucifixion. Perhaps the Holocaust was so horrible that we can’t bring ourselves to transcend its horror in order to question the immunity of political prosecution or even criticism that we have subsequently bestowed on Israel. AIPAC influence not withstanding, Israel has [...]

  • hermit commented on the diary post Where the Left and the Right get it wrong on Obama….mostly by cmaukonen.

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    I think at least 90% of Americans who vote do so out of fear.

    Agree, your probably even low on your assessment, as fear (subset of pain avoidance) is a key evolutionary drive mechanism. Heck, we’re probably even genetically prone to phobia. Its a shame we now vote to avoid evil, rather than to elect [...]

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