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  • parsec commented on the blog post Outro…

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    Here’s hoping that like Batman you’ll come swooping in to pummel the bad guys from time to time. And with a really cool Batmobile. Boggmobile? That would be heaven!

    Adios, amigo, adios my friend.

  • parsec commented on the blog post How Can I Live Without You

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    I feel like Sir Bedivere watching King Arthur floating away on his funeral boat. Remember, like Arthur, the deal is you get to come back when you’re really needed. Or just really welcome.

  • And with that video you will forever be known as the popularizer of the “Maglalang Fandango,” with the emphasis on the “dang.”

  • OhNOOOOOOOO!!! I will miss the dogs, the bootylicious family members, the one basic view of Shakira, and the finely tuned snark. Best of luck in your future ventures and don’t forget to comment.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Nader Redux

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    Geez, I go away for the weekend and the place just explodes. Next time, if you can work in Ron Paul with your Nader and Greenwald your comments will go over a thousand.

    And did you really catch a troll named “fascist shat me?”

  • parsec commented on the blog post Loading Up The Clown Car, Gonna Go For A Ride

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    Romney did get Paulsen’s “President Johnston” denseness down pretty well.

  • parsec commented on the blog post L’enfant Auteurrible – The Suckening

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    The other thing about “Signs” that got me was this race of beings that could cross interstellar space on a hunting expedition and forgot to bring so much as a blunderbuss with them. That and being vulnerable enough to kill with a baseball bat. Tom Cruise has been mostly forgettable. He did a good job in “Collateral,” not bad in “Vanilla Sky” and “Minority Report,” and stayed out of the way of the script in the “Mission Impossible” movies. Such script as there was.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Baby Please Don’t Go

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    The only thing missing is a “Ring Bell for Vice” sign.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Juicebox Jesus: The Forsakening

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    Hey. I didn’t come here to get aroused.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Moron Labe

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    Yes, the first rule of vigilante justice is that you must hang the wrong man.

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    Reminds me of the scene in “Viva Max” when Kenneth Mars’s character calls up the “Sentries” in response to the Mexican incursion.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Andrew Breitbart Died And That Is Why We Have a Black President

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    Who is that doofus next to the Virgin Ben? The caption for that photo ought to be “Would you buy a used anecdote from these men?”

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    That Law & Order episode, is that the one where they find the body and immediately discover about five people with motive who came in from three states to loiter at the scene of the crime at the same time? Actually, I think that describes the weekly plot of about half a dozen cop shows.

    Anyway, glad we dodged a bullet. You are the wind beneath my leathery wings.

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    Got the flu shot but still got a 4-week lung gunk thing that’s just finished. Hope you get over yours quicker than that.

  • parsec commented on the blog post The End Of Sarah Palin As We Never Wanted To Know Her

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    The Clutch Cargo concept was sheer low-budget genius. Paint up some stills, cut the mouths out, shove your lips through, and film the proceedings. The plots weren’t bad from what I remember of my viewing tastes at the age of nine or ten.

    And I remember Greta’s original face, before she had the work done. I think they modeled Carol Kane’s makeup on it for “The Princess Bride.”

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    Yes. Reagan killed satire. Dubya fucked the corpse.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Climb Aboard Little Wog, Sail Away With Me

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    How is it that conservative wives all sound like Ann Romney?

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    Thank you for your service, Joe. Now gather up your thirty pieces of silver and head for the yew tree.

  • parsec commented on the blog post Steven Crowder’s Face Is The New Kenneth Gladney

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    When your model of political activism is the Reichstag Fire this is the result.

  • parsec commented on the blog post A Dearth Of Drama, A Paucity Of Posts

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    Yeah, I know. Those days, with the morning throat-warble of the Tufted Jonah, the obstinate snarl of the brindled Sullivan, the hyena laugh of the mottled Brooks, the brain-dead voting of the populace who let it get close enough for Dubya to steal — twice — those days seem to be going if not quite gone. The public has largely caught on to the lies which seem to be getting clumsier all the time.

    Oh, for the times when the voters would ride the frog of the republic out to the middle of the lake, whoop “C’est le Inhofe!” and plunge the stinger in.

    Eh, no.

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