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  • FDL Book Salon should put Willman on the schedule.

    That would be a fun chat, wouldn’t it?

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    All of the people in the famous Situation Room photo knew this narrative was a lie, and not one of them stepped forward to correct the record.

  • But Isham’s done such stellar work with Brian Ross…

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    I’m looking forward to that stateside ‘investigation.’

    Just last week, the ex-CIA station chief in Algeria, Andrew Warren, got 5 1/2 years in the pokey for sexual assault plus various drugs and weapons charges. The assault happened on US Embassy ground so the investigation and legal proceedings all took place in the US.

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    Interesting report that links Davis and DeHaven (‘Calls from “Raymond Davis’” Cell phone led the intelligence services to DeHaven.’) Also, Davis is referred to as “Davis”, in quotes, as if Davis is not his real name.

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    As usual, the humanity of the situation gets lost in the talk of agency affiliations and body counts. Fortunately, Asia One News comes through with pathos and poignancy:

    US national Raymond Davis contacted his family members back in American and talked with them for 12 minutes, reported a private TV channel Sunday.

    Davis told them the situation and asked them to pray for his release. He said to his family members not to worry about him but only pray for him. He said, “I have committed a mistake, and I have realized it.”

    After talking to his family members on the phone, Davis became sad and didn’t even eat chocolates and drinks the US Consulate sent for him.

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    one does wonder how it was he ever got hospitalized in the first place. I’d put high priority on getting that initial police incident report, if it can be obtained.

    Exactly. The Carmichael CA police blotter is sort of available at this Zirana page but the records end shortly before Lamo’s alleged detention. Often the local freebie paper has the police log with some details but 911 and police calls are public records.

    I’m surprised but not really surprised that no journalist has checked up on this yet. Seems basic enough — and I’ve been raising these same questions since Glenn Greenwald’s first column on the subject.

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    I have no idea what’s true or what’s real in this story.

    What’s very clear is that not all of these stories can be true — either because they have conflicting details or because things just don’t happen as described.

    I’d start by confirming whatever details exist with LE and EMS. If the very basics (calls, locations, transport) don’t fit with the Lamo/Poulsen story, then there’s not a whole lot of credibility left for either party.

    Also, it’s a little odd that someone would post a photo on Flickr of their hospital ID bracelet with confidential info on it at all, let alone toas proof of their admission to a psych ward. What would be the point of that?

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    Thanks but it’s not really work — I’m an EMT and for years was licensed in CA.

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    There’s nothing here that makes sense. Lamo is an adult. He’s not in (court-ordered) custodial care. His meds are his property. He can take them how he likes.

    (In the real world of EMS, you’d discourage the patient from eating meds like candy, you’d try to get him to surrender the meds but because you can’t take them away from him, if you really want to transport him, you have to wait until he passes out or becomes unable to consent. Then you can transport him because it’s now become a case of implied consent.)

    I don’t know that any 911-affiliated FD/EMS/PD would act on a call like this. Lamo would not a missing person, he’s not a minor, there is no crime in progress and the caller isn’t even at the scene. If you don’t believe me, pick up the phone and call 911. Tell the operator that you think your friend/family member is at the Safeway and might not be taking his medication properly. Tell them you’d like paramedics, fire and police to go out there ASAP. Good luck!

    I don’t get the rambling about passing out and the clinic. If Lamo passed out and was unresponsive or not able to give consent, then an ambulance would transport him to the ER. But this is a very different situation than what Lamo reported to Poulsen for the Wired piece.

    As for people making fun of him at the clinic, this is just not how legitimate medical facilities work. It sounds like Fantasy Land is getting close to capacity with Lamo and his buddies.

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    The 5150 incident is either (1) substantially different from what Lamo describes or (2) a total fiction.

    It should also be verifiable, to some extent, by public records. If the police were called, there would be a record of this. Lamo was allegedly detained in Carmichael, CA which is served by the Sacramento County Sheriffs. Even if the sheriffs did not arrest anyone, there is a record of the call and some details of how the call was handled.

    In the Wired account, Lamo says the ‘police’ called an ambulance. Also a matter of record: was an ambulance called to the Safeway parking lot and by whom? LE would call whichever service has 911 contracts in the area and let me make this clear: if LE called 911/FD about a person with no more serious symptoms than monotone speech, the fur would fly between PD and FD. You do not waste the FD’s time with this nonsense.

    (Police/LE do not call ambulances for people under these circumstances. Ever. EMS doesn’t transport patients who are cognizant and refuse treatment. Ever — unless the techs want to lose their licenses and face huge lawsuits.)

    CA is a patient’s rights state. If you are oriented to person (you know your name), place (where you are) and time (what day it is), you have the right to refuse any and all medical treatment. Any and all. If LE or an ambo transports you against your will, it’s false imprisonment and kidnapping. But again, if this incident actually happened, an ambulance company would have a record of the call (and you can release details about the location of a call) and there would be a run ticket at the ER as well.

    Also, please understand that if LE detains you (against your will) and calls an ambo for you, they are responsible for you. If the patient has been arrested, the police are bound by law to take the patient in for medical treatment. They have to accompany you to the ER and stay with you. LE doesn’t like to do this. It’s a big friggin’ waste of their time, standing on the wall at the ER for hours and hours. In Lamo’s case, there was no arrest so it is completely unbelievable that LE would fritter away the day acting as mental health advocates for an unwilling, alert-and-oriented patient with no acute health issues.

    Getting a 5150 is no easy feat, even under the gravest of conditions, even with a compliant patient. Psych beds are scarce and hospitals are loathe to fill them except in emergencies (Currently, it’s about 30 pages of paperwork to admit any patient to a hospital in CA. Admissions take hours and hours and the waiting patients clog up the ERs.) I’ve seen psychotic adults with serious medical histories turned down for 5150s, no matter how much their distraught family begs. Same for seriously impaired individuals (drugs, whatever). As long as they are cognizant and can say ‘no’, it’s their right to refuse treatment.

    The 5250 is equally unlikely. Lamo had family in the area, Asberger’s doesn’t require any acute treatment interventions, Lamo claims he didn’t want to stay in the hospital. Simply put, there is no reason why anyone with legal or medical standing would want to extend his hold. It’s next to impossible to get a 5250 for a non-compliant psychotic who has been back on meds for 72 hours. The psychotic is now able to consent, so no means no. The idea that a high-functioning Asperger’s patient with family in the area would be held for nine extra days is something out of a James Frey memoir. It didn’t happen, at least not the way Lamo claims.

    The details of these legal/medical incidents could be verified to some extent. Who called ‘the police’ to the Safeway (if this is a 911 call, there’s a record and ‘police’ responded, according to Lamo, as if it was 911 — otherwise they’d ask you to come in and fill out a report)? Who called an ambulance? Was a ‘white male 30s’ transported and to where?

    And why was all of the above a necessary prelude to the Manning story?