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    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Thanks Obama.

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    Here Comes A Regular- The Replacements
    Across 110th Street-Bobby Womack
    She Sells Sanctuary-The Cult
    The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)-The Jam
    Making Plans For Nigel-XTC
    Theologians- Wilco
    Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder
    Rough Boys- Pete Townshend
    Chance- Big Country
    Chaos Of The Galaxy/Happy Man- Sparklehorse

    And because “These go to eleven”

    Can’t Hardly Wait- The Replacements ( Who I will be flying to Chicago to see play after twenty years of not playing)

  • I have enjoyed reading you these many years. Your unique ability to expose douchebaggery, nepotism, grifting and general stupidity will be missed.


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    Goddamn it you fuckers, stay on topic.

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    At Roskilde, rocking out with Putin and Kris Kristofferson. Snowden is going to Lichtenstein I’ve been told

    No Obama drones yet.

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    Riding roller coasters with my kids at Farup Sommerland. All the Danes think Obama is pretty cool. They are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why we reelected Bush.

    haven’t seen a single drone.

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    Half a band is better than no band,

    The Replacements are playing Chicago this September.

    Here Comes a Regular
    Can’t Hardly Wait
    Color Me Impressed
    Alex Chilton
    Left of the Dial
    Little Mascara
    Another Girl Another Planet
    Kids Don’t Follow

    I am happy.

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    I hope he picked up the trash after he was done crying.

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    Jesus fucking Christ my eyes are bleeding after wading through all that.

    The main point of Tboggs entire post was not about the gays or Bradley Manning.

    Some of you people need to go to one of those Sylvan reading programs and double take the comprehension part.

    …as for Bradley Manning, let a mannequin of him ride in the SF Gay day parade only if it is dressed in a nuns habit with a decorative purple hat of many dildos.

    That’s how they roll at Seattle’s Pride parade.

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    I remember seeing the Hoodoo Gurus in Australia when I was in the Marines on a Westpac. Good times.

    Then I got jiggy with a Sheila.

    True story.

    Saw Crowded House as well. They were fantastic.

    I miss my youth.

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    Tbogg once a month is still better than no Tbogg at all.

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    I confess that after reading this post this morning I laughed. I confess that after reading the Corner, Breitfart and Huff Po regarding Naziberger retiring I laughed some more.

    Then I realized how sad K-lo and Donohue must be and I nearly shit my pants laughing.

    If I were a g-dly man I would probably feel guilty for gleefully enjoying the sadness of others, but I am not a catholic so screw that.

  • I was trying to be funny.

    I love this blog.

  • I had to look up chifferobe.

    This site is funny and educational.

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    Lawrence O’Donnell just ripped her to shreds tonight on his show.

    She was on the verge of tears.

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    School of Seven Bells sounds like the Cocteau Twins 2013.

    Me likey.

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    I have a family member who works for this particular cruise line. He/She works in a position where they are afforded all access and he/she would let me know in advance when these charters were taking place. I would go down and on the embark day and marvel at wack a doodles and then go on board for the pre-debark lunch. I would sit at a table (usually 8 to 10 people)and listen to the “conservative star” pontificate to the rest of my drooling table mates. The NRO douche bags had special name tags and one time it was VD and one time it was Nordlinger. Very boring. I would then hit the ice cream bar a few times and once I followed a particularly obnoxious couple to their stateroom, took notice of their stateroom number, then went down to the lido where I then ordered two Heineken’s on their room number.

    Good times.

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    Maybe she can duet with Westerberg on a new hip version of “Unsatisfied”

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    Just doing my bit to brighten your day a little more.

    I am amazed that half of those clowns can even figure out how to turn on a computer and then actually navigate to the Brietfarts.

    Clownhall and Redstate are on fire as well.

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    I am currently trolling the Brietfarts and they have a Black Panther post that is very amusing to read and post in.

    They are filled with dramatic calls to arms, revolution and general stupidity.

    They are sad little people.

    Entertaining mind you, but ultimately sad and pathetic.

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