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  • Pat9 commented on the diary post Behind the Morsi Coup; Get Out the Word on Sabahi by eCAHNomics.

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    Wonderful diary, eCahn, and very informative comments. I was off the Internet for a few days and am now catching up on the news.

    What is happening in Egypt is not over yet. My hope is that the wishes of the people will determine the government that will be formed.

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    I love to make soups. This broccoli soup is from a wonderful cook, the mother of a friend. The key ingredient is curry powder.

    1 head broccoli or 4-5 broccoli crowns
    1 large onion roughly chopped
    2-3 cloves garlic chopped
    Canola oil
    3 cups chicken stock and water – approx.

    Remove broccoli crowns and set aside. Trim stalks. Cut lengthwise and then cut into dice. Saute onion in heated oil. Add garlic. Add diced broccoli and stock and water. Bring JUST to a boil and reduce to simmer.
    Add 1-2 bay leaves, pepper and a little salt. Then add until fragrant

    Curry powder

    Taste and adjust with additional curry powder, salt, pepper, thyme.
    When broccoli is almost tender add broccoli florets. Simmer until broccoli is cooked. Remove bay leaves. Use a stick blender and puree in pot, or
    allow to cool a little and puree in a blender in small batches.

    Serve garnished with a little cream, sour cream, yogurt. Can also be served cold garnished as above and with a thin slice of lime. Some people add grated cheddar when it’s served hot.

    Serve with a crusty bread or with grilled cheese/tomato sandwiches.

    It’s important that this soup does not boil because broccoli breaks down very quickly at high temp.

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    It’s late evening but it’s still Jane’s birthday.

    Soooo, A Happy Birthday evening to you, Jane. (Heck, celebrate for the
    rest of the month.)

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    The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur’s show) covered some of the west coast the first half hour (LA mostly), then did the BHO speech.

    One of my fave lines above is the march down Broadway to Wall Street is so large, it extends all the way to the horizon. That’s what I’d call A Special Event. Thank you Kevin and Dustin for your great work!!!

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    That’s exactly my thought too. Maybe Cenk Uygur or Spitzer will cover OWS activities. (The 7:30 pm address to the American People will no doubt take precedence over any coverage of what we’re really angry about.)

    Maybe the wars situation will wake up the people to the costs and all the resources that we waste on Empire, instead of helping our own people.

    Nah, you’re not too cynical. IMO it’s good to look for alternative motives from the PTB.

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    Thank you for the good wishes, Yes, it’ll be fun being with my girls
    again. It’s never quiet when we’re together.

    The best part though is I get to bring up recent news items they’ve missed.
    It’s not easy for those who work and have other responsibilities to stay
    current on what’s going on. Plus they’re exposed to opinions and mis-
    information from coworkers and MSM. As always, they’re eager to learn facts.

    Wishing all a great Friday.

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    Howdy Pups. Great reading this morning.

    Good healing thoughts to RC.

    YSD, the Blue Dragon order came a few days ago. Thank you for the quick
    delivery. Just finishing the last of this morning’s brew. Oh, so good!!

    SD, where do you find those adorable pix? No. 61 above is a smile-maker.

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    Wendy, Thank you for doing this, and ThD I’m happy to help a little with your trip. I hope it’ll be memorable and you’ll be safe in all your doings.

    Best healing wishes to RC and all other who could use good vibes.
    (We may not have much but we truly are Rich in Spirit.)

  • Pat9 commented on the diary post Why Are You Here? by Peterr.

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    Thank you for writing this, PeterR. I used to frequent another blog that had news from The Nation, Mother Jones, and a few others that dealt in the Truth. Someone responded to a comment of mine asking whether I was the Pat (or one of those) who was often commenting on FDL. I wasn’t but [...]

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    Thank you for writing this beautiful piece. What a remarkable woman LM was. I’m truly sorry for your loss (BG), though I believe your being with LM at the end is a blessing for you both. As a further tribute to LM, you’ve shown such loving and caring in tending to her. What could be [...]

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    Oh, that IS good news about your progress. All the lovin’ thru the tubes helps, I’m sure.

    As a teen I broke my arm and had a heavy cast on from early May to mid-
    August. That summer was brutally hot.

    When the cast finally came off, I thought my arm was in “fly-away” mode.
    Does that happen with leg casts too? (Not that I ever want to find out
    for real.)

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    Suze, I’m just reading your comment – a few before mine posted.

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    Hi Suze. Thanks for the ‘toon. Haven’t checked LLN for a while so was
    wondering how you’re doing. What’s the latest on your recovery?

    My St. Patrick’s Day was nice and dinner turned out fine. Too much food as usual. Reubens and hash in the near future.

    How was your day? Who’s doing the cooking and chores?

  • Pat9 commented on the diary post Pull Up a Chair: St. Patrick’s Day Version by eCAHNomics.

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    Great work you do, eCAHN. Thank you and to all who comment. In Ireland this day is a national holiday as well as a religious holiday. I think that’s still the case. As a kid I remember being hauled off to the House of the Lord and hearing again the story of St. Patrick. We [...]

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    Thank you for the update on Suzanne. Some of that was in the comments of LLN and I think your link was the source.

    What a relief to know the surgery went well and wasn’t as drastic as it might have been. Suze and her family must be greatly relieved.

    Now back to read more here …

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    Nahant, thank you. I didn’t think to check her blog.
    Here’s hoping ((Suze)) is resting comfortably.

    Thanks Bev for covering. … Sleepy time for this FL pup.

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    Good evening Bev. Any word at all on Suzanne?

    (I didn’t read all the posts today so I’d love to know she’s OK.)

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    Hi Suzanne and LLN Pups. I’m not usually on LLN but do catch up in the

    Suze, I’ll be thinking of you all day tomorrow and sending you good vibes.
    I know you’ll be comforted just knowing how special you truly are to all of us. To you (((Suzanne))), all good wishes.

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    Hi Suzanne and LLN Pups.

    Just a quick drop-by to say I’m happy Jen’s surgery is done and she’ll
    be lying low for 2 weeks and not for longer. Pls. tell her we are all
    rooting for her quick and complete recovery.

    I hope you’re taking care of your own sweet self too. This week must’ve
    been hell for you too.

  • Pat9 commented on the diary post A Family’s Cat Is Murdered for Political Reasons by RogerShuler.

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    This is so beyond words, it’s disgusting. How anyone could be so cruel to a helpless animal, a family pet … Some of my family members are involved in animal rescue, foster care and transport. I help with those activities when I can. Caring for a homeless animal, even for a short time develops into [...]

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