• PatrickD commented on the diary post Jesse Jackson Brokers Consensus in Chicago Mayor Race: It’s Moseley Braun by Teddy Partridge.

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    Speaking as someone who lived in Chicago for 40+ years and still has family there, Braun has an uphill climb to win votes from the white population. Her record in the Senate was center-left, not bad, but the trip to Nigeria, her Nigerian lobbyist boyfriend & just the whole way she handled that mess in [...]

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    Believe me, the plan was in place all along to use this in 2012. Obama will use the letter of certification as a hostage in the 2012 elections. Vote for me cuz a Republican President will never issue this letter while someday I might. Progressives are played like fools by this Administration.

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    Another piece-of-shit half-loaf scrap of legislation from a President and Congress who seemingly cannot do any more for the people who put them into their offices. And — 3 things you can count on happening next — 1. Obama the asshat will loudly and immediately claim credit for reprealing DADT. 2. Anonymous sources inside the [...]

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    I long ago reached the point where I have to read blog posts and commentary about what BO said because it’s just too damn painful to watch him deliver it in person. The Progressive movement needs to face reality. We were suckered big time in 2008 with Change You Can Believe In ™, and elected the last of of the moderate Republicans as President. The only fix for this is a strong 2012 primary challenge. Without one, it doesn’t matter whether a Republican or BO occupies the White House because the outcome will be the same. Taxes cut for the wealthy, social programs cut for the not-wealthy, crime and corruption accepted as pragmatic governance and wars without end. So who should challenge this disappointment masquerading as a Progressive leader?

  • If you had told me this in November 2008, I would never have believed it. Obama is determined to drag our nation through the same sewer that Cheney/Bush did. When he was elected I thought that we would see a national restoration and a new commitment to our core values. Instead the situation continues to worsen by the day. Like every other would-be global empire that has gone down this road, it’s not going to end well for us.

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    Thanks for the great summary Jane — btw, I noticed that you weren’t one of the bloggers invited to the White House to meet with Obama. Hmmmmm . . . I wonder why?

    Too bad, I’m certain your presence would have resulted in a much livelier conversation.