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    Disappointing! I thought people on this site were a little more enlightened about Gifford’s proud Blue Dog philosophy. One wishes her well of course and sympathizes with her but lets not forget that it is the Blue Dogs who toe the NRA line most of the time – not to mention all the other Republican-lite [...]

  • How do a people know about war? When they get the bejesus bombed out of their neighborhoods. This country has known too much peace and too much prosperity – especially the backward South. One wishes that a day will come when these people are personally acquainted with war. It is only then that they will understand and change. A man who has never taken a punch is always ready and willing to fight.

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    Everything begins and ends with good leadership. The Progressives have had no good leaders for a almost 50 years now. We have had a succession of weaklings and Judas Iscariots starting with Carter and moving down the scale to Clinton and now Obama. The GOP may lack charismatic leaders but their movement’s discipline, planning and [...]

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    The mention of PBS and News Hour brought to mind this thought. When a Corrupt General takes over a Banana Republic where does he head to first? The TV and Radio Stations of course! As we morph more and more into a Banana Republic the Corporations head to the media and take them over. Jim Lehrer News Hour was never anything to begin with – the whole NPR operation is a joke with anchors making more than $300,000 per year and getting book deals and sabbaticals. These people have become part of Washington and are so protected by the system that they have lost touch with the outside world and found it easy to sympathize with the Corporate Blue Dogs. The absence of a good public education system is the difference between America and the Third World. We will see naked barefoot urchins running through the streets in the middle of the day soon. We will become Haiti in short order.

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