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  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Calling All Apple Nerds

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    + 1 to Jay in Oregon’s hunch.

    Q. Does apple’s two factor authentication suck less than google’s?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Hey Look! Glenn Reynolds Is Being A Fucking Asshole Again

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    Am I a bad person for thinking that, of those two, the wrong person got shot in the head?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post When I’m Called Off, I Got A Sawed Off

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    Not sure the last time I saw Our Host more angry than funny but it is most welcome.

    There’s not one of those 20 children who didn’t have more sense than the Ole Perfesser.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Tucker Carlson Is Going To Earn His Blood Money Today

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    And the usual argument that if schoolteachers were armed, this would have ended much sooner. Ignoring the fact that the average citizen’s care and attention to driving a car vary widely and we can extrapolate how much worse it would if every road rage incident involved guns, how do first responders feels about scenes like this with multiple shooters, none of whom are trained or in communication with each other?

    The NRA is a manufacturers lobby. They make money on every tragedy like this. Any argument against commonsense legislation, be it about guns, drugs, alcohol, marriage rights, stems from a threat to someone’s revenue stream. The TeaParty sent out an email today urging its followers to send them $45 to bombard congressional offices with FAX spam. It’s all about money with these people, little Tucker Carlson included.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Sandra Fluke Is The Rosa Parks Of Vaginas

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    Anything that gets the Virgin Ben’s Underoos in a bunch is good with me…

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Everything Old Is New Again

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    An Ohioan for Jill Stein, eh?

    Any idea when exactly you reality avoiders are going to work on your third party dreams before Election Day? If Dr Jill Stein or even St Ralph were elected, what then? How would either of them be able to govern the most powerful human enterprise in the history of the world? Where is their political caucus? Who can they work with in Congress?

    Tell you what, if the collective You who never learned that we already decided on the game, now shut up and take your position wanted to actually make a difference, you will be meeting within a week of the Most Disappointing Election EVAR to build a local green or libertarian or rumbly-tumbly pupperoos party. You will be fielding candidates for your municipal elections and maybe even the 2014 midterms. And by doing that, you have a chance to hold people accountable. But backing a candidate no one has heard of for the top job with zero experience or chance of success is a tantrum, not a strategy.

    It’s been 12 years since Bush v Gore: what has Nader or anyone who argues that both parties are the same done to build a party that addresses that?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Chickensoup For The Privileged Butthurt Soul

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    So, given the challenges the President faced with a nominal majority that refused to act like one, how exactly is the libertarian messiah going to govern? No caucus, no party whips, no votes to make deals with, no legislative leverage at all. And this is going to work how?

    When the Pauls find the cojones to step out of the warm embrace of the bughouse that is today’s GOP and hoist their libertarian flag, I’ll look into taking them seriously. Bernie Sanders is a declared socialist, which is not exactly a winning strategy in most places, yet these yokels claim to be fighting for the values of the founders.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Good Enough For Goodell

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    There’s something to be teased out of Arthur Blank’s remarks. The owners — read board of directors — don’t want to appear cheap compared to other Big Sports Leagues. So just like corporate boards, they’ll bump up the CEO’s pay regardless of his performance or value to the league. The comment tying pensions to the integrity of the game is interesting in light of Goodell getting an adjustment: in a sensibly-managed organization, that wouldn’t happen until the real refs were back on the job. Depends on where you think the game is played — in noisy stadiums by big men in colorful unis or in quiet rooms with men in suits and contracts?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Awash In The Blood Of Bambi, You Become A Man

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    So what $300 wine goes well with feral codger? We know that despite Young Ted’s praise and their shared loathing of whatever they use for a Piggly Wiggly, Mr Ryan enjoys a fine wine. Or is he so pure of spirit that it turns to water when it touches his lips?

  • Shorter Bill Kristol’s dumb son-in-law: Trying to win votes our guy can’t afford to lose is voter suppression.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Remainders From The Jerk Store Discount Table

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    What capthealy said…

    Stay classy, Harvard boy.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post The Hot-Air Balloon Of Self Esteem

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    Does the esteemed perfesser mention the slim margins his former student has had to work with? Or losing his nominal majority in the midterms? Or senatorial intransigence with 60 vote requirements?

  • Ya know, where I live, 911 calls are publicly viewable. I’ve used that to see what’s up when I see a fire truck rolling down my street. But I don’t see where Macon, Ga, offers that service. Makes it hard to verify…

  • Aside to croyal: Ebeling isn’t getting the heat here, it’s the mother of five (none of whom are minors), who claims motherhood is job 1, and her cardboard cutout lord and master who took a $77k loss on his wife’s hobby while making several times that for speaking engagements alone.

    No one gives a rats ass about these elitists’ love of expensive sports but the idea that Willard “for Pete’s sake” Romney should file a loss on his expensive sport against his unearned income — in other words asking taxpayers to help him out — is a bit hard to take.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Fortunate Sons

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    I dunno. It’s hard to look at a gift of $10 million each to 5 young, well-educated men as anything but a vote of no-confidence, that they don’t have what it takes to earn their own pile. This is your aristocracy, America: cherish it…

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post God-Hating Fools Do Their Shtick

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    Spaghetti Lee saw the same thing I did: who the heck uses “to the max” anymore?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post All Apologies

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    Good for him…that was a pretty level of crazeee to sustain.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post …and introducing Tagg Romney as The Beaver

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    It might be the choice of the privileged or it might be the result of a lot of other choices (to do without a lot of “necessities”). Sure, it’s not for everyone but a lot of families have two incomes, but spend most of the second one on the trappings of having it — commuting expenses, meals at work, take-out/delivery meals, household services (maids), day care for kids, all expenses they wouldn’t otherwise have.

    It would nice to have an honest discussion that presents this as a choice more people could make. Ann Romney knows no more about how American working households are run than her robotic master does.

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post The Umbrage Game

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    If she had done the work herself, sans help of any kind, I and a lot of other at-home parents might join in her defense. But the work of being the combined forces of management and labor at home can range from the usual cleaning and cooking to fixing appliances rather than calling some at $100/hr, bailing out flooded rooms rather than calling a plumber (emergency rates may vary), dealing with contractors, car repairs, appointments (both making and showing up for), etc. Long hours, non-monetary rewards, and all people think is that you’re the target audience for Jerry Springer and Oprah, et al.

    Thing of it is, I think the Good Olde Days that people remember, in the 50s and 60s (prosperity-wise: there were lots of other problems, I realize), were what they were because we had an army of versatile, resourceful, dedicated people doing a lot of good work. Moms, they were called, though even then there may have been a few dads. They were in schools and various volunteer organizations, or at home being visible. Somewhere along the way, we traded that for a boat or a second car or new living room suite.

    Ann Romney never had that experience, never had to make those choices.

    As for only saying things that Obama would say and no more, is that really how it’s done? Would any democratic president say the things that Ann Coulter or Rusty Limbaugh say? Why is the dems who practice unilateral disarmament?

  • paulbeard commented on the blog post Jesus Of Galt’s Gulch

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    So a guy who runs a tax-exempt megachurch thinks he knows something about the dignity of labor, of honest toil and the plight of the poor? He looks at the fact that half of America falls off the tax rolls and calls them freeloaders: I look at that and wonder why so many make so little?

    I’m sure the founders had megachurches and their affiliated publishing and TV empires in mind when they came up with tax-free status for houses of worship.

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