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  • Hole in the head, meet Patriots.
    Patriots, meet hole in the head….

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    from here:

    “Iran introduces the human wave attack

    Since the Iranians suffered from a shortage of heavy weapons[42]:225 but had a large number of devoted volunteer troops, they began using human wave attacks against the Iraqis. These were generally supported by Iranian artillery, air power (by 1983 consisting primarily of helicopters, for close air support), and tanks, which acted as mobile artillery and pillboxes.[42] The Army spent much of the war guarding and defending positions already captured, while the Basij and Revolutionary Guard would carry out offensives. Typically, the poorly trained Basij would launch the human wave assaults to swamp the weaker portions of the Iraqi lines and would be followed up by the more experienced Revolutionary Guard members, often with tanks.[50]”

    Then the 4th graders could launch the spitball barrage

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    Hey Hey NRA How many kids did you kill today

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    What I wanna know is – did he confess?

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    Did someone actually care enough about what she thought to ask and why?
    Oh never mind Greta Fox… say no more.

    I guess the next question to ponder is whether there is just one or two Fox contracts that won’t be renewed.

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    Guess the summer mosquitoes finally made it to Alaska.

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    The note about Gettysburg is the most offensive thing about this garbage-nonsense-whore trip through photoland.

    Several years ago, I spent 3 days at the battleground. Though not a Civil War geek, I wanted to go to Gettysburg and had no idea what to expect when I got there. I had an open schedule over a couple of weeks to travel around.

    Well within the first “20 minutes” that sacred place unfolded itself to me. Each day the magnitude and meaning of what happened there became deeper and more significant for me in both defining for me who we are as a nation and for what it means to me to be an American today.

    How dare she. Palin may as well have pissed on the graves.

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    I gotta say – that hat was made for Biden.

  • I find it too easy to call someone a pseudo-intellectual. He’s certified (if certifiable) as a phd so he has/had some chops. But I think rather than trying to dismiss his intellectual achievement as somehow illegitimate, it is more important and valuable (I think) to understand that he is a political whore.

    He hitched his wagon to modern conservatism and pissed whatever integrity he may have had in pursuit of success in that movement.

    So is he an intellectual – yeah probably (why doesn’t he produce his diplomas?). Are his ideas worthwhile – yeah about as much as any prostitute’s to a john.

    I apologize for insulting prostitutes.

  • Minor league? More better too to just call it Bush League

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    Wow looking over the flying 50 I didn’t realize they had so many parts on the outside of their bodies.


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    They got a real clint eastwood spaghetti western thing going there.

    Something wrong with that?

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    “Country music is the purgatory you have to pass through before you reach Great American Songbook hell.”

    Should be tatooed on every aspiring musician’s ass.

  • There are two sides to a witness table in the hearing room and the camera defers to the witness side. Let’s have real science put up against the ignoramuses on national TV.

    Of course the fox-narrative will be the arrogance of science but the soundbites will be the arrogance of willful ignorance.