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    True; ‘the rentiers don’t care’, very much. But, then the top 5% care even less. You see PW, it is a numbers game. The Ignorant Elite; that solidly conservative block, just below the top, will just buy more ammunition. They have accepted the Myth of Scarcity as their religious text, and they are the chosen [...]

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    How very convenient the “invention” of ISIS???
    Just in time jihdists, delivered by the CIA to justify killing anyone who doesn’t kiss their feet and put coin in their slimey hands.
    This is probably the start of a Global Lockdown; “Where are you travel permits?”

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    Empire of Chaos. Everywhere tha US and Nato have gone on “Humanitarian Missions”; They have left nothing behind, except death, destruction, and a social vacum. By destabilizing the World they hope to maintain their financial stranglehold over everything. Nobody cares about the Yazidis, nobody ever heard about them till last month, now they are “The [...]

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    A government of a nation, which will not care for the least of it’s citizens, is not a legitimate government. It is a dictatorship.
    A nation is the sum of it’s citizens.
    Perhaps we could say that a nation’s morality is best reflected by the scale of poverty??

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    John Kelly;
    Get over yourself! They don’t need your money, or your vote!
    All they need is for you to ‘believe’, that your money and your vote count for something. As long as you keep your head in the sand and “Believe”, you will not find the motivation to do anything constructive.

  • Mr. Gopal’s title may be even more appropriate than he knows. There was never any incentive for the US Military and government to end the invasion of Afghanistan. As evidenced by the American refusal of the offer to surrender Osama bin Laden; The entire objective was a protracted invasion and occupation. Wars for fun and [...]

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    I’m happy to see a balance of rational debate on this fundamental question. One thing I can add, is that both the “Right to a job” and the “Get a job” camps seem to overlook one basic point: That being that all jobs cost money and resources beyond the actual wages and benifits packages. Nonproductive [...]

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    Really! Some of these socalled “activists” are so random.
    Don’t they get the modern American paradigm.
    Truth and decency are sooo passe’.
    Just today, we see the delicious hypocracy of a US backed regime shelling and launching airstrikes against their own people. Good thing Sadam Hussein and Ghadaffi aren’t still around to launch discrimination lawsuits…

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    Trouble makers, undesirables, and the unproductive, will be eliminated in that order.
    It is worth watching this, even if you did not take the time to watch “End of America”.

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    Mr. Swanson is completely correct. Even demanding to see the ‘drone memo’ somehow legitimizes its value. This document has no value except as evidence for the prosecution of Barack Obama for crimes against humanity. As long as the people continue to grant power to the government, that power will be abused. The White House coven [...]

  • Divide and conquer Kap.
    This is a ‘false dichotomy’. If a person, a corporation, or a nation, has made an obligation; then that obligation must be fullfilled. What we see instead is a bureacratic squabble between competing underfunded liabilities, with the only winners being paper pushers. The disabled veterans are now only usefull as pawns in a political game.
    >’A person like me’, can see no point in alignment with “The Left”. My values are equally despised by both Right and Left. That sentiment is returned wholeheartedly!

  • Kap, This isn’t a Right/Left issue. You should not be swinging back to accept that BS paradigm! The point is that the government’s paymasters (banks) have no intention of paying the veterans of the wars they created and the bureaucracy has no intention of cutting into their structure/perks, to make up the shortfall. Everyone is grabbing madly for their own account, including in my mind, some of the veterans.
    When fairness cannot be established, when there is not enough for everyone; then pretty soon, there won’t be enough for anyone.
    Greed is futile because most people will never find “Enough”.

  • Good that you are covering this Kevin!
    The idea of a random and subjective “Perimeter” offends me. This sort of regulatory device could be used to justify invasive procedures and investigations of anyone, because there is apparently nothing in the procedure to prevent the line being set at 100 or two or even more miles from the object; much like the horrible “Border Security Zones”.
    When will people finally admit that the FBI is manufacturing “Terrorists” Just to justify their budgets and their heavy handed tactics?

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    I hope more people can reach that state of involvement.
    Petitions, twitterstorms, and even lawsuits, are mainly useless. Nobody sees your commitment, till they see your ass on the line!

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    How about a ring around Chelsea Manning’s prison? That is a lot easier and is essentially the same situation.

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    Absolutly disgusting!
    45 designated forever prisoners, even though there is no evidence against them? America, the land of the free and the home of the brave; Where nobody dares to stand up to their government.
    Even more disgusting is Canada; Where the government colluded in the military prosecution of Omar Khadar, and now holds him in a Canadian prison just because that is the easiest thing to do. A Fascist Bureaucracy going around in circles, collecting wages and benifits, taking vacations, and attending parties,…While Omar Khadar rots in prison. Most Canadians don’t even know who he is, never mind the backstory!

  • That is right Onit..The government has no interest in ‘keeping the average person safe’. In truth, they don’t have that ability. Shit Happens! Plagues, asteroids, car accidents, Bank Muggings…
    This Surveillance is all about keeping track of and control over anyone who might rise above the croud and threaten their control.
    As Kevin alluded, there is no intent to rein in the spying. This cat is out of the bag and the only solution is to exterminate it!

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    Yes Ohio. The “Vitriol” is overdone and unproductive. However, I brought it on myself. I should have just kept my “Opinions” to myself.
    There are both vested interests and fear at play in this debate. My punny efforts are unlikely to influence either.

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    Wow! What a lot of shrill screaming on a supposedly “Liberal” website. All because I stated that I didn’t agree with a certain point of view, and that I thought that point of view was based and supported on opinion. For the information of the person who tried to distinguish between “theory” and opinion; Let [...]

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    Suffice to say that I’m in disagreement with nearly everyone here on this particular topic; I’m not ready for an argument tonight. Messers. Suzuki and Gore have displayed serious conflicts. One important thing for everyone on this discussion is to realize and to admit; that most of what we believe and say, is opinion or [...]

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