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    Funny you should mention that. At the same time my local NPR station was covering the Daily Beast’s MGP story for the second time today, most of Democracy Now’s hour was devoted to Israeli policy toward Gaza. I’m sure the MGP story had a much larger audience.

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    Yeah, Susan Bayh is a Wellpoint millionaire . She resigned from Wellpoint’s board of directors last year, but I’m guessing she kept the millions. How serendipitous that her husband’s votes on healthcare reform kept the gravy train rolling, because it definitely wasn’t the result of a conflict of interest:

    I can honestly tell you that if my wife [...]

  • At this point, virtually nothing the Obama Administration does surprises or shocks me any more. This is what I expect from them.

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    Ditto. Even before I finished reading the article, I was about to post:

    [A] group backed by Big Business wants a Congress controlled by Republicans so the Democrat in the White House will cut more pro-Big Business deals.

    Objectively speaking, how much more pro-Big Business could the Obama White House possibly be? Massive bank bailouts with only cosmetic foreclosure relief; a cosmetic post-recession stimulus package; a laughably cosmetic hike in nominal income tax progressivity; maintenance of massive corporate and multimillionaire tax dodges; passive support for union-busting; cosmetic support for a grossly inadequate minimum-wage hike; relentless pursuit corporate “free” trade deals with no labor or environmental protections; support for massively expanding the much-abused H1-B high-tech bracero program; support for groundwater-poisoning fracking and tar-sands bitumen extraction; and a for-profit healthcare extortion racket subsidized with taxpayer money. Nixon and Reagan weren’t this pro-business; but maybe that’s because they faced opposition from the left.

    It seems to me the Republicans have just been playing bad cop to the Democrats’ good cop — psychopathically evil cop and venally evil cop would be more accurate — and that this is just more of the same, dragging a very willing Democratic Party leadership “that doth protest too much” ever further to the right.

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    I don’t regret having voted for Jill Stein in 2012 for a second; I just regret that she didn’t garner enough votes to scare the living crap out of the Democratic Party. But of course, that was by media-access, debate-access, and ballot-access design…

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    But Mary, what is half a trillion dollars a year in savings compared to the freedom to choose which health insurance company dictates what doctors you can see and what medications will be covered?

  • Courtesy text link to the YouTube video, for readers whose default browser will not play FDL’s embedded video:


  • Multiply the damage awards by twenty, and we’d begin approaching the threshold of meaningful compensation and meaningful deterrence.

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    [M]ost of my D-voter friends are still madly “in love” with Obama and are champing at the bit to vote for Hillary the Inevitable.

    They’re called low-information/high-propaganda voters.

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    Obamacare has more elements in common with organized-crime protection rackets and corporate welfare programs than with the much more egalitarian, much more cost-effective, much more universal, much more humane healthcare systems used for decades by our peer developed countries. Why would you want the treacherous sellouts who foisted it on us to do a good job advocating for it?

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    The purpose of top-two primaries is to make third-party challenges to the corporatist Republican/Democratic duopoly even more difficult than they are now. With a top-two primary, third parties can’t even use the threat of a spoiler in the general to drag one of the parties closer to their position.

    Every unhappy rule, however, has the odd happy application. A case in point is Washington State’s 43rd legislative district, where all of the corporatist candidates wear blue. In that district, a Socialist Alternative candidate is very likely to place in the top two, as one did two years ago. (That 2012 challenger would be Kshama Sawant, who got 29% of the vote against sitting speaker of the house Frank Chopp. Sawant went on to win a seat on the Seattle City Council — in an at-large election, at the time — where she, her party, and their coalition can be credited with winning a $15-minimum-wage ordinance.)

  • So we don’t have any docs? Not to worry. They are all being provided to congressional intelligence oversight committees on a strict need-to-ignore basis.

  • “I think the government will do the right thing on this,” he says. “I think that the president, once he understands the scale of constitutional problems from 12333, will agree that we need a change…”

    And I think one of two things: Either Tye has drunk the entire pitcher of Kool-Aid and asked for more, or he’s an Obama Administration propaganda plant, hand-selected to showcase how fair Obama is to good, responsible whistleblowers.

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    I appreciate this write-up Brandon. I stopped watching the moment the “interview” was slotted to begin because I have neoliberal-treason-induced PTSD and even moderate amounts of Democratic Party horseshit PR can set it off. Reminder: like Colbert, Stewart works for Sumner Redstone, the billionaire media magnate who owns CBS and Viacom and who (apparently) almost always [...]

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    Courtesy text link to YouTube video, for readers whose browsers won’t play the embedded video: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pz3syET3DY Really enjoyed this one, by the way, despite the sexist lapse. (Why is Satan’s secretary necessarily a woman? Why couldn’t his secretary be a man? Oh, that’s right: because it’s [...]

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    I’m just chiming in to say how tickled I am that everyone has ignored eCAHNomics’ hit-and-run trolling, Cheneyesque in its conclusory brevity, at @6. Well, except for me, I guess.

    Also, wealth/power inequality has gotten so egregiously bad that I don’t think an estate tax cuts it. We need a progressive annual wealth tax, with a high-enough floor so that enterprising, hard-working, inventive, innovative, revolutionary-thinking, etc., individuals have a shot at “having it decently made” for the rest of their own lives but that then ramps up enough to effectively make it impossible for them to become local, state, national, or international kingmakers (or kings). The devil would be in the details, and we’d have to take a close look at what led Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Spain, and Greece to repeal their wealth taxes in recent years. (I suspect that yet another international race to the bottom was involved.) The US asserts worldwide tax jurisdiction over its citizens (and theoretically disregards tax-motivated renunciation of citizenship), so asset flight and rich-people flight wouldn’t be the same level of problem it has allegedly been in France.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that we can’t defer depriving plutocrats of their power to corrupt democracy until they die. It has to start NOW, and it has to phased in fairly quickly. The multi-billionaires who treat my state’s legislature — Washington’s — as their own privy council have a good 20-30 years of life left in them. And, hey, with the Waltons, we could recoup enough to pay us back all of the Medicaid, CHIP, and food stamp money Walmart has used to subsidize its sub-living-wage workforces for so many years.

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    Google Maps and EDF are developing a mapping system to identify natural gas leaks in your vicinity.

    Uh oh. It’s hosted in the new-and-improved Google Maps’ Street View. Unless you have a cutting-edge gaming rig, you’ll already be burnt to a crisp by the time it loads and you finish navigating to your location.

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    I half-see where you’re coming from. I don’t have a lot of sympathy with people who consider the right to get stoned the premier human- and civil-rights issue of our time or who believe as a matter of faith that marijuana is nature’s own panacea. And it does often seem that every other article on [...]

  • Don’t leave us hanging! What’s the brave, stupid person’s name?

  • I feel fairly confident that the chart above, and others like it, depend almost entirely on how much and what manner of coverage America’s conglomerate news media oligopolies decide to give the various potential candidates. I’m a little less certain of how blatant the pressure from corporate advertisers is on shaping those decisions, but I have no doubt that is there. We get the candidates that our media conglomerates and their corporate advertisers pre-select for us.

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