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  • Thanks, Kevin. It will be excellent to see that next post. Your work inspires many!

  • This story, by Kevin Gosztola [ @kgosztola on twitter ] is currently the _only_ one that appears in Google news results on the NDAA, on or after December 17. Considering that on Dec. 17, an Amicus Brief to fight #NDAA was filed by the Fred T. Korematsu Center, in an appearance on the NDAA indefinite detention case [at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals] for Amici Karen and Ken Korematsu (!!) and others, I would have thought that the news would have done a big story on this. As you may know, the Fred T. Korematsu Center is named after Fred Korematsu, who according to the Center’s site,

    defied military orders that ultimately led to the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans. He took his challenge to the military orders to the United States Supreme Court, which, in 1944, upheld his conviction on the ground that the removal of Japanese Americans was justified by “military necessity.” That decision has been widely condemned as one of the darkest chapters in American legal history.

    Forty years later, Korematsu filed suit to reopen his case on proof that the government, when arguing Korematsu’s case during World War II, had suppressed, altered, and destroyed material evidence that contradicted the government’s claim of military necessity. In 1983, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California granted his petition and vacated his conviction.

    Um, also, Fred Korematsu, who this Center takes its name from, was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom… by Pres. Clinton, in 1998. (There are those in the White House right now who I am sure must be facepalming repeatedly about this)

    I don’t know about you, but with a family and legal center joining the battle against NDAA indefinite detention that has as its father, a guy who fought the US government for FORTY YEARS on unconstitutional indefinite detention / internment issues, and WON, I think that Obama and crew have already lost.

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    Thank you everyone!

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    Thanks, I look forward to reporting more on this in the near future!

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  • ThumbnailWhen #Occupymonterey first convened in mid-October at Colton Hall, the site of California’s first Constitutional Convention, hundreds of people arrived, ready to speak up, provide a new message in support of a different civil society, inclusive of the financial sector, and participate in a unique form of democratic assembly that would allow everyone to have a voice. [...]

  • Thank you, sir. I will.

  • Prof. Lessig, in addition to my pending question about what individuals and people who want to become part of a group action could do to actually help achieve the goals that you have proposed here in this FDL discussion, what do you propose doing when eventually, if you get close to any of these goals — whether by popular protest, legislative movement, organized e-advocacy through various modes of communication, or some combination of the above, the government simply decides to shut you down? It has already happened here in California, and I am the author of a petition to the FCC (one of two pending before it) to address this very issue. ( See more on this at http://nblo.gs/nGXaW by @pcvcolin on twitter )

  • Thank you… I should add I may have been editing my question during your reply, and my final component to my question is this, “this does not suggest to me something simple that I can do as a person, as an individual, or collectively with others, to act. People right now are tired and fed up and want to channel their frustrations into some kind of constructive action for change. What do you suggest? Please keep it as simple as possible. Thank you.”

  • I have a question regarding the book. For Lawrence Lessig [ @lessig ] can you provide a distilled, one to three sentence statement in reply to this question of what the needed remedy / remedies (is/are) to the problems described in ‘Republic, Lost?’ I realize that the issues are complex, but if you have described that the root of it is money and campaign finance, and it would seem that you are indicating (from the summary here on the FDL salon page) that money influence everywhere is really at the heart of the problem, what is your solution in a nutshell that I can easily understand?

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