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    that’s not as crazy as it sounds

    they have their own state bank

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    Why is all the solutions that can actually work are not only avoided but not discussed? How is it also even allowed that the administration can claim its trying to create jobs and solve the problem when its doing pretty much everything to not solve the problem and Congress is helping?

  • 15?

    using US standards?

    the Washington Post claims the US special forces et al are involved in more than 100 nations conducting covert and overt ops… US standards that is an act of war when used on us

    I know, I know, this is the US and it isn’t war when we do it

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    Krugman may not be oblivious to the corruption and crime going on but he does indeed seem to not grasp that the structurally corrupt nature of the system we have built cannot solve the problems ailing the economy because they are the reason for the failings of our economy.

    Places like and zerohedge lay this out repeatedly with frequent regularity. It all starts at the top with the FED which is designed to be corrupt from the start. Expecting the FED to do anything other than act it in own interests is an example of the daily blindness Krugman exhibits. He also routinely uses logical fallacies in his arguments rendering most of them useless. Krugman’s inflation arguments should be treated as damn dangerous IMO.

    MMT doesn’t admit or deal with the fact that the US doesn’t issue its own currency which is amazingly frequently stated or assumed, it borrows it from a private banking cartel which gets paid handsomely to do so while be owned and influenced by people not even remotely interested in the welfare of the US or its citizens. The corruption is built right in, one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated. It is the ultimate rent seeking scam ever created. It extends tight into the private banks and mega corps like GE.

  • Isn’t just the straits of Hormuz. The choke point between Yemen and Africa at the entrance to the Red Sea is within submarine striking distance for Iran. They could not only shut down Hormuz but also make the Suez canal useless.

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    Krugman, that guy is dangerous. I wonder how people would feel if his recommendations were actually followed?

    Why is it so many of these guys A) refuse to recognize the system can’t be saved and B) inflating your way out at this point to the tune of many tens of trillions of $$ is going to lay waste to the middle class of any nation involved. The same outcome will happen if the banking debts are thrust onto tax payers and paid for thru austerity as well.

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    It isn’t over yet by a long shot. That new embassy is probably the biggest in the world and its no coincidence either. The US will continue to screw around with Iraq anyway it can for a long time to come. Economically the US can and will extort Iraq without mercy.

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    Banana republic? kind of hit that status quite while ago actually. govt doesn’t heed the will of its electorate: check govt can’t account for or control its handling of money:check major crimes and violations of US law go unenforced or unchecked by govt leaders:check election problems:check widespread and now codified corruption:check extortion of govt by [...]

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    there is no statutory limit on currency in circulation or federal reserve notes in circulation there is a limit on how much debt the US govt can incur it is an important distinction, and why the Treasury can bypass the FED and issue coin because it bypasses any new debt being created thus busting the [...]

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