• clock on the rightmost tab

    Clock? I really must stop drinking first thing in the morning…

  • Are these guys even trying? Go to the White House report, clock on the rightmost tab and sort by Title and Position, then compare salaries.


    If anything, this seems to be a model of fair pay. There may be a question to be asked about the balance of men and women in the top grades, but on pay? Not so much.

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    Writers have an odd response to games and gaming. I recall chatting with Iain M. Banks, the author of the Culture SF novels. He’d written a novel about a society whose philosophy, along with all its symbols and dynamics, was codified in a game. Only the game he’d described was so ferociously complex that the idea didn’t hold up. Any society based on it would experience a seizure. The truth is that complex games tend to be the worse vehicles to attach meaning to. If you want a game to be a metaphor for something, anything, you want a beautifully simple structure that you can project a philosophy onto, like Go. In fact Yasunari Kawabata wrote a wonderful book which does just that: Master of Go. I highly recommend it.

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    I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but speaking as an actual game designer, Cline’s premise seems so far fetched as to be laughable. Game creation is such a collaborative process that it is extraordinarily difficult to squirrel anything away inside a game. Nothing stays hidden for long. And trawling source code and game data for information is pretty much a matter of grunt power. Just talk to the cracker community.

    In chapter 1 of my version of Ready Gamer One a Russian coder would leak the easter egg on the internet and the game would be over three days before it is scheduled to start. The. End.