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    Raise your hand if you weren’t surprised when fancy films of beheadings resulted in bombings?

    raise your hand if you were not surprised this is one of the results of the cheney torture program

  • What is the petro industry position?

    surprised you didn’t know this, it happens to be common knowledge, the petro position is that man made global warming is a hoax, as provided by the Koch suckers.

    To provide people with gas to burn?

    HAR, you are using their product as the their position, you are TOO funny! this is deadpanning?

    Sounds like a fat person complaining that the fast food industry will not change their position

    it seems you are creating an analogy based on your deadpaned joke, or the if not a joke, the mistaken answer you provide, rather then the actual answer

  • we are doomed, the petro industry will not change their position, the politicians will continue doing nothing and actually advocate AGAINST emission restrictions

    which reminds me of the documentary series about the planet Kryton, the top scientists knew the planet would become extinct, but the powers that be, in order to maintain their positions, ignored the threat, advocated against the threat and insisted the scientists were wrong.

    The only thing inaccurate about the documentary about the planet Krypton, I do not believe kal el ever made it to our planet

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    Why Does Fox News Side With Abusers Like Ray Rice?

    because they would appear liberal if they were on the females side, if you are fox, at all cost, you CAN NOT appear liberal

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    If approved by voters it would raise the minimum wage to $7.50 per hour on January 1, 2015, then to $8.00 in 2016, and to $8.50 in 2017.

    Here’s how politicians SHOULD be talking about this issue, whoever wants to plagiarize my work, they have my permissio

    “When a company pays so little that a hard working person has to get government aid to survive, that company is taking money out of everyone else’s pocket, we need to either raise minimum wage so companys can’t use our hard earned money, or we need to bill them for the expense they cost the rest of us?

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    The United States now has a total of about 100 Special Operations forces operating in different parts of the country

    operative word there is about

    that means “about, give or take a few hundred here or there”

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    I would lay odds the justices on the court know they make decisions based on politics and not the law.

    they will find a minutia in law or precedence, no matter how weak, and how powerful law, precedence and arguments against, to come to the decision they wanted to come to in the first place

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    one of the most enjoyable reads I ave ad in a lon time

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    ne wonder whether a column is coming out in about six years revealing that Ronald Reagan and his campaign advisers mucked up the process of liberating Americans held prisoner in Iran

    a link for you if you want it attaturk

    Describes how the Reagan-Bush campaign made a secret deal with Iran to delay the release of the American hostages until after the 1980 election in return for arms

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    replying to gendjinn

    It applies to things like Vietnam, Iraq, etc. So a good rule of thumb is whenever the right is yelling Slippery Slope you know it’s bs, when they aren’t you should be.

    I do agree it does not apply to legislation, I also agree the ss argument can be used when arguing against [...]

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    I feel I should add that if you were offended by my saying your argument made no sense then I apologize.

    accepted, as you see in my previous responses to your posts I think the way you meant “your argument makes no sense” was actually “your argument makes no sense to me ” which I would not [...]

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    again, response to justasking, posting another valid argument to counter my diary’s point;

    Every regulation negatively impacts somebody. Ergo, you can never use the negative impact of a regulation as the sole argument against it. If you argue against a regulation because of it’s negative impact then either you must be against all regulations without exception, [...]

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    quoting “justasking” for his valid rebut to my diary and my answer;

    You don’t see acknowledgment of a middle ground in my statements: Not accept it: consider it. ? Or you’d be wise to consider the odds? Or Argument considered, no danger found, carry on.? Or you consider the ODDS of it happening case-by-case?

    I see [...]

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    This is part 2 for this diary , I couldnt access the site on the last day of activity, some very valid posts were made, now posts are closed so I’m opening a new thread to further discuss. Rather then repeat my post, I’ll quote from wiki, which does a far better job then I do;

    In logic [...]

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    great post there jamesjoyce, me off into the day, see all later

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    In my world, if you’re a billionaire, the government would be allowed to collect it’s bills before you moved anywhere at all.

    then go ahead and make the business somewhere else, see if they can take assets from the economy without paying their share of the expenses.

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    I agree with that too, so that would come before my formula

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    I made the point to a friend, “if we are partners and you own 75 percent of the business, the business takes in 1000 bux, you don’t get $750 off the top if there are expenses that amount to 900 bux, you get %75 dollars.

    My point being, that top percentile who own such a large portion of our economic assets should be paying that portion of our expenses

    btw, this does not mean they would pay 23.5% in taxes, there are so few in that range their taxes would be exponentially higher then the 23.5 figure

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    I seem to hear it on fox all the time lately, Let’s hope whoever Paul tries it on is ready with a good argument concerning the concept of “slippery slope”

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