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I’m into Bassett Hounds. They are architectural masterpieces, and make a profound anatomical fashion statement. If they were in charge, the Iraq war would never have been started, saving countless lives of mostly lower social economic Americans and Iraqis, infinte billions of dollars, and the DOJ would not be the quintissential pimp for a government that is a quintissential whorehouse at this time as the Telcos get Immunity and S. 2248 is arguably worse now than the PAA. S. 2248 was sold out in the Senate; Immunity passes (SSCI) on Chesapeake Tuesday, and then it’s up to the devil–aka House-Senate Conference Committee.

I believe there is one political party for all practical purposes in Congress, and it’s not the Democratic party.

There is an immense alliance of Big Corporations greased by a legion of attorneys from law firms with 400 partners or above who PR in local legal journals on their good works, but as a firm are mhelping the very secret alliance between Government and large corporations move you into a subserviance that you never imagined.