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    Good one, Jane. You really nailed it.

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    Jane, thanks again for your intelligence, integrity, energy and shrewdness. You are a great leader. If this turns out as bad as it looks, there will be new opportunities for progressives–as I’m sure you are aware. Keep it up, we depend on you! BIg {{{{hug}}}}.

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    As we said from the start, there was never really anything that anyone could do to stop this from happening.

    It must be both depressing and frustrating to see so clearly what’s happening, even have some influence on the process, but not be able to stop it. But please keep up your spirits, your insights and efforts keep us going, and may well lead to something more effective. The economic situation is getting really bad, and that can unleash some real political power. We love you {{{Jane}}}!

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    Nice comment from my Rep., Rush Holt, earlier. I don’t know if he’s committed, but this sounds like a no.

    In remarks early afternoon, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) added that he does not support the creation of a congressional committee aimed at finding additional spending cuts.

    “Whenever important decisions are made by a few people inside a room inside the beltway, ordinary folks are not only excluded from the room, but seem to be excluded from the minds of the people,” Holt said. “What makes anyone think that a super-committee of 12 people operating in a room inside the beltway in November is going to do a better job looking after the interests of ordinary folks?”

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    Called Rush Holt’s office and urged him to vote against the bill to force Obama’s hand. I was told that they have been getting a lot of similar calls. No decision so far on how he’ll vote, I think (I always forget to ask that, but I think the staffer would have said if he had committed).

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    Cool changes, Jane! Nice to see what people look like, and I appreciate the nested comments. Maybe this will get me posting again…have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by how bad things are (and busy for other reasons as well). Thanks much.

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    Dakine, I never imagined you with a moustache!

    Jane, this is really cool, maybe it’ll get me posting again.