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    Peace to you, Kevin.

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    Thank you for the reply, Peterr, but you had said: “If the grand jury does indict Wilson, the anger will still erupt. Protesters will say “We told you so, but you didn’t believe us. We told you so on Day One, but you dragged your heels and tried to derail things by swamping the grand jury. [...]

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    I haven’t replied, because I’ve been at work at church all day. Pastors tend to work on weekends. ;) As for the evidence for what I had to say in the post, it comes from talking with lots of family and friends and acquaintances who live in metro St. Louis. There is a seething anger [...]

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    I disagree. That is a symptom of Ferguson’s problems, not the problem itself. Decades of racism and classism in metro St. Louis has created a climate in which Some People matter and Other People don’t. Two more illustrations of the depth of this problem: Much of the century-long heritage of the Veiled Prophet Ball and parade [...]

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    I agree that this is what McCulloch will say, which is exactly my point. It’s his job to sift through the evidence and testimony and then present at least the bones of his case to the grand jury to see if they agree that it is enough to file charges. He’s SUPPOSED to influence them, [...]

  • Thumbnail St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCullochHere in KC, folks have been preparing for the first winter storm of the season. Make sure you’ve got your groceries in, gas in the car, know where your shovel/snowblower/ice melt are, etc. Now it looks as if the worst of the storm is sliding to the north, so most [...]

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    Merkel, as an East German herself, is quite aware that the Berlin Wall could not have come down and Germany could not have been reunited without the acquiescence of Gorbachev and the Soviet Union. Thus, I suspect she has very mixed feelings about Putin and Russia. On the one hand, she is grateful for the [...]

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    Thumbnail“I’m very honored to be here today because gentlemen, we’re in history. This is history in the making right here.” The speaker was retired judge Vernon Scoville, and the gentlemen to whom he was speaking were John Kenny Rodricks and Robert Gann — the first same-sex couple to get married in Jackson County, Missouri (the southern part [...]

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    Orman has been clear from day one that if control of the senate does NOT hinge on him, he’ll caucus with whichever party holds the majority. On the other hand, if control DOES hinge on him, he’s been equally clear that he’ll caucus with whichever party gives him more of a chance to influence things.

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    Jane, your old pal Barbara Comstock has won her House race in VA-10.

    If some of you don’t recognize that name, here — hoisted from the archives — is Jane’s description of her from back in 2006 when Comstock was running Scooter Libby’s defense fund . . .

    This is a woman who is the author of some of the most despicable and destructive memes the GOP has used to both artificially prop itself up and decimate the Democrats through endless repetition in the mighty Wurlitzer. She’s had her skeevy hands on some of the most foul dirty tricks ever perpetuated by the modern Rethugs. She’s a high-level GOP operative. She’s best buds with Kate O’Beirne. What else can you say.

    A brief history of Barbara Comstock’s corrupt shenanigans: . . .

    That “brief history” is anything but brief.

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    It’s harder to compare Kobach’s race with Brownback’s and Roberts’, as the latter two races have libertarian candidates who are pulling 4% right now but Kobach’s races is a simple R vs D. Still, it’s an odd dynamic.

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    Out in Kansas, the results are spotty and you can’t judge much from the numbers that are in.

    There is one interesting thing I’ve seen. When you compare the results of Brownback (gov), Roberts (sen), and Kobach (sec of state) in the precincts that have reported, Brownback is running 2 points behind Roberts and 6 points behind Kobach. IOW, Brownback is less popular than his downticket partners.

    It’s still way to early to call these races, but this trend is not a good sign for Brownback. For the rest of the state, though, it’s something to smile about.

  • Kaci has been tested for ebola, the results came back negative, and yet people like Christie and LePage want to detail her.

    The similarity between the case of HIV/AIDS and Ebola is that a non-trivial segment of the political leadership in this nation is willing to either be ruled by their fears or actively stokes these fears in the electorate, in order to position themselves to win elections.

    Might Kaci still develop ebola? That is a possiblity, and that is why she continues to take her temperature at least twice daily. But there is no evidence-based reason for her to have her movements restricted, any more than there is for CDC doctors and nurses who treat ebola patients in Atlanta to have their movements restricted.

    Put plainly and simply, Hickox is standing up for evidence-based medicine in refusing to go along with fearmongers. Kudos to the judge in Maine for recognizing this and backing her up.

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    This appeal to the will of the voters probably isn’t going to help Brownback as much as he thinks, though, given how voters’ views have shifted. From the Wichita Eagle:

    Further evidence that Kansans’ views of same-sex marriage have changed a lot since the constitutional ban passed with 70 percent of the vote in 2005: The latest Public Policy Polling survey of Kansas found that while 49 percent of those surveyed oppose same-sex marriage and 44 percent support it, 70 percent think that when it becomes legal it will have either a positive or no impact on their lives (12 and 58 percent, respectively).

    PPP press release on the whole poll here.

  • Many thanks, Erwin, bmaz, and Dahlia, for this great discussion!

  • I smell a sequel . . .

    Any other issues you wanted to include but decided not to?

  • I suspect the lack of dissents to cert petitions that were refused had to do with internal SCOTUS politics.

    I can easily hear an argument being made to either of these two justices: “Even if SCOTUS were to take the case, you don’t have the votes to win. You’ll just enrage the other justices, who will see this as grandstanding and a waste of the Court’s time. Better to swallow the defeat quietly, and try to influence things behind the scenes in a less confrontational manner.”

    I don’t agree with the argument, mind you, but I’ve heard it in far too many analogous situations as an excuse for not making a stink that it immediately comes to mind when I saw this question.

  • Reading your book while following the ongoing news out of Ferguson MO (where I used to live) was very depressing on this point, especially the chapter on “Abuses of Government Power”.

    Similarly, the Kansas court fights I referred to earlier had to do with school funding, mandated by the Kansas Constitution and viciously opposed by the hardcore rightwingers now led by Sam Brownback. As I wrote at FDL earlier this year, the Kansas Supremes were not amused by Brownback’s assertions of legislative and executive supremacy over the courts.

  • But for far too many women, Hobby Lobby takes away the ability to exercise that right in a manner open to most other women.

    Rights without the ability to exercise them are no longer rights.

  • I have identical discussions with some of my clerical colleagues, including a number of bishops, and share your incredulity.

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