• Hedrick, thanks for this book! I’m not done with it, but you have certainly engaged me with it.

    You dedicate the book “To Susan, and to a better future for our children and grandchildren and their generations.” As I read, these generations kept rolling through my head.

    I just finished reading your section on college education, and it struck me that today’s generation of high school students are probably looking at The American Dream in the same way that my generation looked at World War II: that’s what an earlier generation had.

    Today’s college kids get all the up-to-date learning for the work of employment, but are having incredibly tough times finding jobs. To get these skills, many of them are taking incredibly heavy loads of student loans. After graduation, those without a job are generally ineligible for unemployment insurance (not having been employed in an eligible job first), and the 2005 bankruptcy law changes make it impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy proceedings.

    I can’t imagine why the youngest generation of adults thinks that the American Dream is a thing of the past.