• Peterr commented on the blog post Gov. Kasich Will Support Medicaid Expansion in Ohio

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    That map is a bit deceptive, at least with regard to Missouri. Yes, Governor Jay Nixon (D) supports expanding Medicare under ACA, and made it a major part of his state of the state address and his budget proposal.

    The GOP-dominated legislature (dominated = enough votes to override anything Nixon vetoes), on the other hand, is clearly against Obamacare in general and anything related to it. For three+ years, the state GOP has pushed anti-ACA stuff in the legislature and in statewide ballot measures, including a measure against the individual mandate back in 2010 that passed with something like 70-30 support across the state. The GOP hasn’t flat out said the expansion of Medicaid is a dead proposal since Nixon started his big push, and they’re getting pressure from local hospitals across the state to support it, but it is by no means a sure thing.

    MO ought to be gray on that map.