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  • While I would never in a million years vote for Mitt, I have actually been to the Ebelings ranch in Moorpark on several occasions – to photograph Jan for one of my clients. Watching him ride and knowing a lot of people in the dressage world, there is no doubt in my mind that the top riders are indeed athletes. Riding at that level is extremely good for developing the “core” strength of the rider. To watch the synergy of horse and rider together is surprisingly beautiful to watch, but has very little to do with politics other than the fact that the only people who can really afford this are typically one percenters and more likely half a percenters as well, and as such, pretty well untouched by the depression like the rest of us. If riding helped Ann Romney with her medical issues, that’s fantastic.

  • The best part of the film was the great Dyan imitation by Jackson Browne, which also for me, underscored what was missing from most of it – the debt that all musicians and folksingers in particular – have to those who came before. More of that would have provided a lot more context and interest. In the end, and we saw the film on its second day of release, while I enjoyed the archival footage, after a few weeks of reflecting on this, I’m left far less impressed than I thought I would be, and far less than something like Bela Fleck’s Throw Down Your Heart.

    Spellcheck question: The spelling of “drumer” with only one “m”. Was that on purpose, as it’s a spelling I’ve never seen anywhere.

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    I first heard this back in May of ’94 when I was photographing Robert in Bandera and Luckenback. I loved it then and love it even more today. Best Christmas song ever, as far as I’m concerned. To anyone who has not had the pleasure of one of his live shows – don’t delay. They rock and everyone has a great time.