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    Do you really think the issue is the employee at this point? It is about a local business meeting with community members to discuss a concern. She wouldn’t even talk with me on the phone – and in fact, lied to corporate that she had called me. That’s a much bigger concern than one employee’s [...]

  • PETITION LINK   On Thursday, May 2, 2013, I witnessed a clerk in a Pittsburgh 7-Eleven (Western Avenue on the Northside) using the word “tranny” at the register while telling an anecdote to a coworker and at least one customer. This was after a lengthy conversation about “fat women” and gastric bypass surgery that took [...]

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    I so appreciate your honesty in sharing your story. I hope your story inspires others. It makes me more confident about sharing my own experiences. And I agree – taking action does help, no however small.

  • I hope he hears from older folks, too. So many still remain closeted out of the same fear and pain. Its never too late to come out.

  • I don’t think there’s a need to have an equivalent experience to the politics of hair to appreciate its significance. I disagree that women who style their hair and encounter cultural resistance have the same experience – they might internalize it as a rejection of their culture, but its not much different than makeup, clothing, even resumes being deemed inappropriate for corporate life. And those can all be changed in one fell swoop as well as making accomodations to “go home” when needed. I suspect that’s more along the lines of our tendency to build silos around our cultural identity – not just being white, but being from a small mid-Western town and being from the South and being from a community that still maintains strong ethnic ties (assuming the ethnicity is considered white – like Italian or European ethnic groups.)

    I don’t perceive someone who dumps on me as a symbol of their frustration as being out for vengeance. I can say “I’m not racist” until the end of time, but I’m not unaware of the fact that I’ve benefitted in a million ways from being white in a racist society. And I’m willing to admit that I do have racist thoughts and habits — I’m not proud of them, but I’m not expecting the person standing before me to forgive me. Its up to me to work through that. There’s no external validation for rising above the influence of racism in my life. But sometimes if I can stand there and take it and respond in a way that validates what they are saying and my willingness to hear it and own it without being responsible for every white person can open the door.

    The good friends concept as an indicator of cultural competency is interesting. I would fail, but a lot of that has to do with my personal demons.

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    There’s also the tension within ourselves as we move from the back of the room to the front. After all, we are leaving our own comfort zones and sometimes our self-preservation instincts kick in to say “resist” even while our heart experiences this new truth.

    I would also suggest that bisexual men and women don’t have an obligation to make others feel comfortable with their identity or “prove” that they are really queer – some of this as Phoenix Woman mentions is more about our own feelings about privilege – perceived and otherwise.

    As I’ve been working on some blog posts about Pgh’s trans community, I’ve learned about a newer tension that seems generational? I find it understandable but yet not that within our community we keep finding ways to marginalize our own.

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    Let us not forget that it wasn’t just a group of evangelical white people who contributed to his power (prestige?) in Iowa and beyond. One of his highest profile staffers is semi-openly gay Robert Traynham. Mike Rogers exposed his hypocrisy many years ago. Traynham’s reward for helping push an uber-conservative agenda? A nice cushy pundit role in DC.

    If you follow some of the links, you’ll note he scrubbed his resume of the name Santorum, but that might be to legitimize himself as an unbiased conservative? Nonetheless, he and his partner (an exec with Citi) live a lifestyle of privilege and access while the rest of suffer in part due to him. Very sad.

  • Pam,

    I live with an invisible disability. It is completely different, but your story resonates. I admire your honesty and willingness to share your story. I hope others are inspired to seek treatment, advocate for themselves and not give up.

    You inspire me. This is a dark period of time for me, but I will think of you when things get tough and for that I am grateful.

    I hope for the treatment to be effective and for you to have the best quality of life possible.

    Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

  • With regard to the Applebees case, here in Pittsburgh a former employee is suing the Panera franchise for racial discrimination among other things. Posts have been popping up all over the place with anecdotal accounts of a lot of sexism and racism in that the franchise owner wanted “cute young white girls” to staff the front end. My impression of the Panera I frequented the most often wasn’t quite that extreme, but I attributed the preponderence of young white women to the nearby universities, one of which was recently all female. Now I’m paying attention.

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    I think you make a good point. It is not a perfect fit so to speak, just a moment of inspiration born out of ongoing frustration. My friend Leslie actually came up with the idea. I seized upon it b/c I was putting my head on the table over the idea of yet another round [...]

  • Last night, I tossed out a link to Facebook about yet the latest sordid twist in the lies and deception Chick-Fil-A has been using to deny their anti-gay agenda. I saw the story pop up here and there throughout the evening. Then a friend, Leslie Fleisher, had this idea — what if we redefined “Chick-Fil-A” [...]