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    Especially outstanding today. You know I’ve been a regular reader since almost the beginning. You are really growing, divulging more “deep” insights naturally and easily, AND whatever finals is doing to you: you’re hot / you’re on / this is great. PLEASE keep it up. You are in a great tradition where giants have gone before.
    PHIL :)
    P.S. the NRA-elite one especially nailed it

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    Cool of you to ask / follow-up. My main complaint would be odd typos including when you forget a link (rare) or when the import of the news gets garbled. This is a skill that takes time, dedication, and recommitment since it is frustrating. I have resisted leaving notes in comments. Just hang in there and keep improving. Your eye will get super.

    As far as length, I still feel that some of your news under a category could be combined into something that had multiple links and made it all more digestible. Sometimes when you interject your own take that can make things more digestible too. Feel free to reach out [email at dKos philipmerrill] if you would like more feedback. But mostly, keep developing. It is a process and you are well on your way.

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    Since you asked for feedback … I commend you on the breadth of what you cover but point out that it’s a bit of a chore to go through all of it. My personal preference somewhat dislikes having The Onion headlines mixed in without warning, and the Truth-out, Alternet, Counterpunch stories strike me as a bit too many. You’ve done a great job with selection, but I treat their coverage with some slight suspicion, so I wish I didn’t have to go through sooo many on your list. Also, a few of your typos are more dreadful than others and several times I’ve clicked on a story because a typo or omitted word left me baffled. As for your predecessors, David Dayen was of course incomparable with his brief analyses, the discontinued emptywheel effort was helpful and I miss it but it was more boring than Dayen’s, fatster was able and fun and I freaked out in the hiatus before you came aboard (but fatster was never a match for Dayen or Wheeler). You have your own voice and it seems to me you’re still getting your legs under you. What would be ideal for me is something slightly more condensed with a little more comment from you. Sometimes a few of these stories could be put under one description as separate links to different aspects. And sometimes more than one of your one-liners really refer to the same content being covered but are annoyingly separated. But three cheers for you and the job you are doing. I think you’ve gone from Point A to Point B, so my remarks are intended to suggest a Point C you might aim for. [dailykos username philipmerrill]