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  • Aren’t our leaders supposed to fight for us? Or at least lead us in the fight? The Democrats want us to vote for them and not complain when they sell the country down the toilet. What a deal.

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    It’s not just the nation; it’s the western world. And I don’t think the problem lies with the citizens of the countries that make up the western world; it lies with the countries’ elites. They limit the choices the countries’ citizens can make, especially economically, to keep themselves, and more importantly their financial backers, in positions of power, both inside and outside government.

    If someone were to run for national office in a western country on an anti-austerity platform, with a clear explanation of why Keynesianism is what’s needed to solve the current global economic crisis and a promise to bring the financiers who caused it to justice, I suspect that person would win in a landslide.

    The fact that no one has isn’t an indictment of the citizens of the western countries; it’s an indictment of the elites who would rather see their civilization crumble than lose power. And that’s exactly what they’re seeing.

  • I wish Jane’ assessment of the climate at NetRoots were correct, but this poll of the attendees suggests that most were too dense to realize that the president’s just not that into them.

    Twenty seven percent were strongly approving of Obama and 53 percent were somewhat approving.

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    Yes, it could be lots, lots worse. But unless we purge the Democratic Party of Obama, Hairplug Joe and their ilk, it’s going to get lots, lots worse anyway because the Dems won’t fight for what we believe in. It may take eight years instead of one, but with no Dems willing to stand up to the Republicans on anything, it’s still inevitable.

    All we can do is control the Democratic Party. And the only way to control it is to reward the Dems who do what we want them to do and punish those who don’t. That means turning out for those who press for our agenda and staying home for those who don’t.

    We’re better off with a Democratic minority that’s willing to fight for Democratic principles than a Democratic majority that’s not. Wisconsin has proven that.

    I won’t vote for Obama regardless of who runs against him. And if someone like Mitt, who at least isn’t certifiable, is Obama’s opponent, I’ll vote for him.

    Politicians like Obama shouldn’t even be in the Democratic Party, much less running it. It’s time to start trying to throw them out.

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    Siun failed to cite this passage from one of the linked stories: “However, many Sunni and Kurdish lawmakers want U.S. troops to remain, fearing the country is still too unstable.”

    We had no reason to invade Iraq and I think we should pull our troops out of there as quickly as is logistically possible, regardless of what happens after we leave. But this post seems to me to imply falsely that all Iraqis want us to leave and ignore the fact that the country may face a civil war after we do.