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    Another big influence on the original Godzilla, Gojira 1954, was the Lucky Dragon #5 incident when the Japanese fishing boat, far out in the Pacific, was irradiated from fallout from a U.S. atom-bomb test on March 1, 1954. The boat became an antinuclear symbol. A scene near the beginning of the original film may surely have echoed what the fishermen saw on the day the sun rose in the west, as an atomic blast. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2012/03/18/general/lucky-dragons-lethal-catch/#.U2pliCj2CmQ

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    A bit late here perhaps, but many pharmaceutical companies are now run by lawyers and not scientists and are driven by the dictates of Wall Street and in particular shareholders more interested in near term and greater profits rather than the long term research needed to develop a new drug. I used to work for [...]

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    “Bringing up Baby” is one of my favorite comedies of all time, and “Desk Set” is fantastic too. Katherine Hepburn is great. “Duck Soup” being my favorite Marx Brothers movie and I rather like Blake Edwards “Operation Petticoat.” I cracked up when Cary Grant observed, “We sunk a truck.” Have to agree that “Oscar” is certainly a wonderfully funny movie friends showed me some years ago.

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