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    Nope, I wish I had been : ) I don’t tweet, but saw on twitter that you were going to be there, it would have been great to see you! I was at the Boston event. And I met Tom Drake the night before the Frontline story aired, both he and a few other ACLU [...]

  • phred commented on the diary post The Price of Whistleblowing: Manning, Greenwald, Assange, Kiriakou and Snowden by Jane Hamsher.

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    Thank you Jane for this wonderfully thoughtful post. I also read a piece in the Guardian this morning by Ladar Levison, which made it clear that the legal protections we all assume we enjoy are tenuous at best and fictitious at worst. Uncharted waters indeed. I had the privilege of meeting Thomas Drake last week, [...]

  • Funny, I don’t remember the states ratifying a repeal of the 4th amendment… I must have overlooked it in my local paper…

  • Not possible, but thanks for playing. Your imagination appears to be limited to internet use for strictly personal reasons.

    The extent to which business, research, and pretty much all types of intellectual property are developed electronically and on-line cannot be overstated. And then of course there is the country’s physical infrastructure that depends on the internet.

    Back door access makes all financial transactions vulnerable, including your checking account. It makes intellectual property vulnerable to theft… Imagine the Pentagon’s latest and greatest things that go boom, freely available to Al Qaeda and pretty much anyone else with technological savvy. How about nuclear power plants? The electrical grid, you name it, I could go on and on.

    This is disastrous in ways that go way beyond personal liberty, although it is disastrous there, too.

    It is hard to describe the stupidity of the federal government as shocking these days, but this is an instance where it applies.

  • fwiw, I haven’t seen any evidence that they are qualified to write any legislation.

    Obviously, this is horrible horrible legislation on the basis of the 4th amendment, but even leaving that aside, the technical aspects of this are atrocious.

    It is staggeringly idiotic to even contemplate such an act. We are clearly in dire need of making the internet MORE secure not less, but these morons really don’t understand wtf they are doing. I can’t believe this is even under consideration. It’s really really shocking.

  • Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the federal government making a big stink about China breaking and entering into various computer systems JUST LAST WEEK?!?!?!

    So, ummm, if you require backdoor entrances to software/hardware systems, ANYONE can use them, including China. Heck, lets add Iran to the list just for fun.

    It should be illegal for politicians who clearly know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how technology works (remember Ted “Series of Tubes” Stevens?) to be permitted to legislate the functionality of technology. So much for all that “free hand of the market” b.s. these imbeciles like to chatter about.

    I marvel at the capacity of members of our federal government to find ways to lower my opinion of them. Honestly, I didn’t think I could think any worse of them than I already do. Clearly, I lack imagination.

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    Hahahahaha… Markey is the poster child of absolutely everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. That miserable excuse of a Democrat has been my worthless representative for over a decade. He is a member of the party “leadership” and as such is a go to guy for “rotating villainy”, betraying his constituents as needed to serve the corporate party leadership.

    Try calling his office before any crucial vote and they will not commit to how he intends to vote. They will actually tell you that they can’t tell you, because of his status as a party leader. It is infuriating. I am positively looking forward to NOT voting for him in June.

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    LOL, thanks for “Lady of the Lake”, Chris ; ) I can honestly say, that if Jane, “her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of [FDL], signifying by divine providence that [some random guy] was to carry Excalibur [to become our] king” I might consider that a significant improvement to our current system of government ; )
    {h/t Monty Python}

    Thank you so much for writing this post and for sharing that wonderful picture of the two of you at Sarah’s wedding. I am so grateful to your father for the effort he took to share his thoughts and observations with the rest of us, as well as for answering questions and engaging in conversations over the years. I loved his writing and admired his keen insight and rock solid moral base from which everything else grew.

    It has been a real pleasure and a privilege to spend time with him and your family over these past few weeks. God bless you all. Please drop by the Lake from time to time to say hello : )

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    Perris and Jane, thanks for the excellent suggestion to link to a favorite post of Scarecrow’s. I got home late and have spent my evening perusing John’s collection of posts. I could go on for hours longer as he wrote so much here for so long, there is a wealth of material to review. In [...]

  • Thanks for the reply. I’m a data person myself, so I’m very much looking forward to reading your book… So much of what the government is doing is predicated on corruption, fraud, and a real inability (or unwillingness) to understand risk statistics, it drives me crazy. The more of this sort of analysis that makes it into the hands of the public the better. Thanks for doing the work!

  • Hi Trevor, I’m late, so I need to catch up on the discussion thus far, but I wanted to ask a quick question before things wrap up… In Marcy’s introduction she talks about the financial incentive Congress put in place for the FBI to manufacture terrorists.

    In your book do you discuss the technologies that underpin that effort? Basically, I’m curious what companies have a profit motive to lobby for the shift at FBI. Is there anything equivalent to the naked scanner companies foisting that technology upon us at airports or is the financial incentive simply a larger part of Congress’ desire to prosecute and justify its War on Terror?

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    Only because Congress has willingly ceded its considerable power to the King.

  • phred commented on the blog post Banks Win Delay On Derivatives Rule

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    I don’t understand the distinction you are trying to make… without a functional Congress whose members represent their constituents, we don’t have a democracy. Not at the federal level at least, local institutions are still democratic in my area. So I don’t think we disagree here.

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    Personally, I find Jon’s optimism charming — I would not have even listed #1 and #2 as possibilities at this point ; )

    I’m with you on option 3. After all the evidence in hand there really isn’t any other, is there?

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    Congress — a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

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    Oh, DSW, you’re such an optimist… Geithner will merely swing around the revolving door to cash in handsomely on betraying the public interest. End? Pshaw, he’ll soldier on for years to come, raking in the Wall $treet ca$h all along the way…

  • I would just like to chime in to say that the real failure in all of this is CONGRESS. Last I checked our worthless Commander in Chief has no vote in Congress. He can make deals until the cows come home, but the real authority here is CONGRESS. Whether Democrats or Republicans, members of Congress are elected to represent their CONSTITUENTS, not the fucking executive who has decided to behave like the supreme ruler of the land.

    Why is it that Congress takes it marching orders from the King rather from the constituents in their districts who they are explicitly charged to represent? Oh, I know, it is because we no longer live in a representative democracy.

    Until we find a way to change Congress to make it representative of the people again, we will be subject to the whims of every aristocratic sovereign who wakes up in the White House.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loathe Caesar Obama, but I hate his Roman Senate even more.

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    It is a truly depressing state of affairs when liberals have to pin their hopes on Tea Party Republicans to save the day. Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, c’mon… who’s your buddy, who’s your pal? ; )

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    Not to worry the Congressional Progressive Caucus will ride to the rescue…

    Oh wait…

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    Thank you DDay for finally revealing why the Mayans threw in the towel after 12-21-12 ; ) I’ve been wondering.

    Seriously, this is crushing news. Your posts have long been the cornerstone of my daily news.

    Like Knut though, I understand that all good things come to an end. I thank you for all you have written over the years. I thank you for helping so many of us understand not just policy but the process, as depressing as both may be ; ) You will be truly missed.

    Best wishes for all your future endeavors!

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