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    Jane and all the pups:
    Thank you for my lifeline to the world. I had an internet down for a week and suffered withdrawal.

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    Feels so good to find knitters here among my progressive friends. FDL has been a lifesaver for me throughout the campaigns. I even forgive you, Jane, for the Grover incident. I started knitting again a few years ago, and all my friends say I knit wierd. Just found out that means Combination style – it [...]

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    Please give John Moss the credit he deserves:


    I know Allison Moss personally. Her father made a huge difference for this country.

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    OccupySheltonWA came alive on 11/11/11 to promote our little town and to protect our citizens from corporatocracy. The response was refreshing, and we will continue to support Occupy Everywhere. A peaceful Occupy Shelton gathering was held in downtown Shelton Friday. Some 50 or so people braved the rain to protest corporate greed along Railroad Avenue. [...]