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  • PillBilly commented on the diary post Paul Ryan’s New Poverty Plan Focuses on Opportunity, but Comes up Short by WI Budget Project.

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    Are those eyes photoshopped, or is he rather wrecked?

  • Keeping in mind of course, that a ReTweet doesn’t necessarily imply endorsement, and is often done to spotlight absurdity.

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    I think you’ve nailed the top frightening-five “usual cast of scapegoats” for Democratic failure; but this year won’t include Ralph Nader. Maybe Edward Snowden can take his place on the list, since many top Democrats are on record calling for his head and dismissing the serious issues he brought to light as minor flaws within programs which only need “tweaking”. Artillery Hillary sits firmly on the the side of the surveillance/police state, setting the course for the Democratic Party platform in 2016. No thanks.

  • ABC News has bottom-of-screen banner reading “SHOT DOWN BY RUSSIAN MISSILE”. While it may be correct that the missile was Russian made, it seems pre-mature to make such a definitive declaration. The obvious propaganda intent (for American consumption) is to blame Russia/Putin, without any supporting evidence, and without allowing whether some “rebel” or “separatist” group is actually responsible.

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    CBS This Morning, this morning, reported that the price would be $20 a gram, and possibly higher depending on supply/demand. That’s a rate of $560 per ounce. At that price, the upside is that simple mom & pop home-growers won’t be put out of business, and will find plenty of buyers who can’t, or refuse to, pay that exhorbitant price.

  • It’s not necessary to “melt” steel for it to become too weak to support its load. The second tower to be hit came down first because it was hit at a lower floor (had more weight above the weakened area). After the heat from the fuel and ongoing fire had weakened the steel, the huge load above it was too much for it to handle. Gravity finished the job.

  • If not that, it’s the freight train line that, with the approval of Mexican authorities, facilitates hundreds of northbound refugees riding on top of the cars daily.

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    I actually was a Who fan in the late sixties and early seventies, my favorite album being Live at Leeds. My music appreciation senses have since changed (possibly evolved) and I find much of their subsequent offerings too conceptually-contrived and musically weak. RIP John Entwistle.

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    Thanks for making that logical comparison, which seems to make no sense, as you pointed out. As to “Still giving credit where none is due”; the communal delusion seems extraordinary, even for Democrats.

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    I’m curious if anyone else remembers The Who tour from the early seventies which was sponsored by Schlitz Beer. It’s my recollection that The Who was the first high-profile rock band to tour with the sponsorship of a major corporate brand. They started the corporate-sponsorship money-ball rolling, downhill. Fittingly, The Who have cranked-out a high-volume of mediocre music in the last forty years.

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    Anyone who works construction or landscaping knows firsthand how SOTB immigrants have flooded the job markets. Trying to compete with a small crew of legal citizens (which requires paying workman’s comp, SS, etc), a small-scale contractor is almost guaranteed to present a higher estimate to a prospective client than the Spanish speaking contractor who can skirt the legalities and various taxes by hiring undocumented labor. Plus, the preponderance of workers per available job means that home-owners and businesses reap the benefits of lower wages (labor supply vs. demand), while American workers have to accept less per hour in order to get work. Hourly labor rates have been near frozen the last 15 years.

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    I agree, and apologize if this was inappropriate space to bring it up. I too appreciate some of Paul’s positions and statements which are refreshingly contrary to most Republicans, and actually more sensible than many Democrats, especially regarding foreign military involvements. I also sometimes approve-of and express support for some of Obama’s positions and statements. I do find it quite puzzling though, how Grayson came to be the prime-mover behind H.R. 4776.

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    Alan Grayson recently introduced H.R. 4776, “to prohibit an institution of higher education that participates in a boycott of the Israeli government, economy, or academia from receiving funds from the U.S. federal government.” Has Grayson spoken publicly explaining his logic for denying federal funds to any institution of higher learning that engages in or allows activities critical of Israel, such as are promoted by the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanctions) movement?

    On the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast with Kevin Gosztola here at FDL, (linked below) Max Blumenthal says; “It is the pinnacle of neo-McCarthyism what Grayson is doing and we’re still not hearing much. I think that the word needs to get out that he’s done this. That’s he’s issued this bill to sanction the American Studies Association for supporting boycott of Israeli academic institution but we still haven’t heard much from his liberal supporters.”


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    Miller is such a worthy recipient of the (not-always sexist) label, “dingbat”. Thank you.

  • PillBilly commented on the diary post Former Obama Energy Aide Named to Board of Fracked Gas Exports Giant Cheniere by Steve Horn.

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    I voted Green Party in 2008 and 2012. I was open to Obama’s possibilities, and even somewhat “hope”ful for real “change”, during his earlier roll-out stages. As time passed and I could see a clearer picture of who he is and who/what he represents, I became skeptical. I became convinced (against him) during, and after, [...]

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    By “any well monitoring”, I meant water well testing/monitoring for pollution etc.

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    Many people are aware of the “Halliburton Loophole” you mention, but not so many understand the key purpose achieved by not having to disclose the chemicals/substances used in the process. Under the guise of “proprietary” information or processes, the potential greater value to the fracking operator is this; non-disclosure means that any well monitoring can [...]

  • Thanks Kevin, and FDL, for keeping your eyes and ears open, and reporting it.

  • Glad to see the exposure of American whistleblowers (who are less known, but substantially more important than Pussy Riot) to a readership that might not be aware of them. I had tweeted the moneyquote to Kevin when I came across the article a couple days ago, and will continue to sporadically, yet repeatedly, kick-in to support his work through FDL.

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    Thanks for your replies, Kit. I tend to forget how often I donate (small amounts) to various sites I support online. I was actually surprised when I reviewed my credit card statements and noticed the four ($10,$6,$6,$10) donations I’ve made to FDL this year (don’t laugh, I work construction/handyman). I typically don’t contribute that frequently. [...]

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