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    Of course this is correct. I happen to think he needed to do Healthcare first to avoid having it never happen. But he didn’t need to wait a year for hopeless compromise, he didn’t need to start with negotiating with himself on that or later on virtually everything else. He could have made true homeowner’s help, he could have made countless recess appointments. He could have closed Guantanamo because he is the commander in chief. He could have nominated a crusading attorney general not a whimp. They could have gone after the bankers. We could have an infrastructure bank now–not lame hope for one.
    The election of 2010 did not have to go the way it did. He could have ended up with greater majorities to do more. But this is stupid —nothing is going to change if we reelect this man. Go to americans elect and start picking a new candidate.

  • hey you don’t need to drink that much of the Kool Aid. Christie is right when it comes to public employees they need to get real and understand that free lunch days of taking your government pension at age 45 or 50 and then getting another job and milking everyone are over. Teachers need to actually teach most of the day–they need to make sure the kids in their class learn something. If they don’t fire their asses. You can be liberal and still capable of thought, progressive and still understand money doesn’t grow on trees. Christie is showing Democrats how to govern and win if they are smart enough to take his tone and goals and wed it to SHARED sacrifice Iet the rich folks need to give up something too. Like their tax rates.

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    absolutely!! Never ever take a stand and then compromise from it–instead signal up front you have no balls and go from there.

  • Yes I can’t watch this anymore. He is hopeless has never bought a car apparently judging by his understanding of he negotiation process. One begins to think he really doesn’t want to help anyone but bankers and rich donors to his campaign. Who would vote for this man today? Even Blacks what exactly has he done for them for two years? Gays? where is don’t ask don’t tell ? Middle class Whites? don’t make me laugh. Educated progressives? that’s me and I will NEVER vote for Barack Obama again. He could be running against Lucifer himself and I would stay home. So tell me does he really think we are that dumb?

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    Where is our President? Saying he will bribe the rich to help the poor. Extend the benefits for a year and we will let you keep your money for more years even if that means ALL Americans in USA have less for many years. OOOH that’s why I voted for him. Tell me please who [...]

  • Sorry although I agree the Dems did much wrong in the health care bill and getting it passed. “bending the cost curve” is not only important but essential. Liberals who pretend that we can afford anything without thought to cost don’t do us any good. Also if we were doomed to retain the current insurance company based system–and I think I have to agree that scrapping the whole thing for a single payor was not going to happen this century–then the mandate that everyone needs to buy in was also essential. What it should have been coupled with was a true public option now and not the cave ins to woo non existent votes of Republicans and “Democrats” like Nelson and company.