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    I live in Florida and have seen some hard times in the past 10 years, but I sent $20 to elizabethwarren.com. This woman is going to need support from everyone, everywhere, as the corporations are going to be lining Scott Brown’s pockets with their gold. I believe if we can get one high profile person like her in office, perhaps others will follow. Elizabeth Warren will be representing all of America’s middle-class and deserves what support we can give to her.

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    I demand for all elected legislators be drug tested. I think theirs is the only job in America where drug testing isn’t implemented and is evidently the foremost place it should be. There is no other explanation for their behavior. They have got to be high on something, other than themselves. I think a petition [...]

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    How about the Justice Department enforcing the laws against “EMPLOYERS” for hiring undocumented workers? It seems to me they are going about this wrong targeting the illegal workers. Their job would be much easier if they went after the cause of illegal workers, the employers willing to break the law. Their job would be much [...]

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    HuffPo is down…No more posts that don’t toe the party line. No more criticizing corporate America…by HuffPo…we hardly knew ya!

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    That is if anyone votes. This guy has turned me off by his lack of leadership, I could never vote for him again. I’m sorry, but if he doesn’t grow a spine, I’m dropping out.