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  • But really folks, who’s fault is this?? It is the fault of the lazy, disinterested, disaffected and disenfranchised democratic electorate. They came out in droves to elect Obama as president and then retired to their living rooms to watch football and Family Guy and forgot to show up and give Obama the support he needed by electing a democratic congress and senate. Now everything they wanted is at risk because the GOP can hold up every bill or appointment by simply saying no to whatever strikes their fancy to do so. It has gotten so easy that even a so called filibuster doesn’t actually have to happen in the classical sense. A senator can be at the seventh green of his favorite golf course or sucking on a Mai Tai while lounging around the pool at some hotel in the Bahamas and all he has to do is call in and say, “I object” to this or that and it is considered a filibuster. He doesn’t actually have to step onto the floor and make his argument. This is how dysfunctional and uselessly pointless the legislature has become. Even so, it paralyzes our government from being of any real positive effect in actually helping to solve any real issue at hand. Let’s see if in the next election phase they learned anything from their lack of involvement. Probably not.

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    The previous comment makes an interesting point. Which the people it refers to will obviously find “offensive”. The anti tax, anti government types are generally the ones who think this way because they prefer to not have any guilty feelings about stringing up minorities, willy nilly, whenever they feel like it. They want to act without fear of any repercussions. A law is just, as long as it conforms to their ideologies and prejudices. As we see by some of the comments here. Still the death sentence can be just. A necessary evil. I belive the bible says something to the effect that he who sheds man’s blood will have his blood shed by man.

  • What gets me the most about Obama is that when it comes to most of the social issues it really seems as though he is oblivious to the fact that he has the people on his side. Either way it is a matter of time when this will stop being an issue altogether anyway, period. Except for that loud, obnoxious and hateful ten percent that will always exist the new generations to come will be way more tolerant than the dinosaurs that still insist in tyring to shove their value system down everybody’s throats.

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    Is it just me, or is anyone else really tired of Mr. McConnell?? For the life of me I cannot remember a single piece of legislation that this man has ever put forward. He just lingers on and on. He seems to spend ALL his time just plotting and scheming against the democrats. All I [...]

  • This is pretty much “ALL” most Americans have to look forward to in their retirement years and that includes people from all political parties, ethnic and economic groups alike. This is one thing we all have in common. Something we all contributed to during our working lives. The GOP should run and hide. Of all the issues they could take up in the house, they chose to pretty much attack the vast majority of american workers futures. Aside from not paying back what funds have been raided from the program, they have borrowed against the funds that are in the program. They owe “US” money with interest. Let’s see a bill mandating that we be made whole again. Why not a bill saying that some of the interest that “WE” the taxpayers earned from the stimulus and tarp loans we made to the people who almost destroyed our economy so that they could go right back to making billions of dollars go to social security. Seriously, what was the payoff for us for being put on the hook like that?? While they are again making record earnings(I really use that word very losely) and bonuses, our lives have not been improved by it by one red cent. The facts are these: Ninety five percent of us will “NEVER” become very wealthy or even wealthy at all. This is OUR money in these programs. Money taken out of OUR pay checks religiously without fail everytime we got our paychecks. The last thing we want to do with our money is to turn it over to an insurance industry who’s primary concern is to pay themselves millions of dollars in salaries first then dole out dividends to share holders who don’t care about our health. They also want to profit off of our dependence on the only game in town. The house always wins. Insurance companies “NEVER” lose money. No matter how much money they pay out, they always make big profits. They are not the benevolent neighbors they portray themselves as in their commercials. But in light of this bill the real question that we need to ask the GOP today is “Who are you representing”? Us, the American tax payers, the American workers who built this country with our blood and sweat and tears and skills, or the big corporate interests that fund your campaigns?? Plain and simple; are you with us or are you against us. There are no in betweens anymore. Over the last thirty years we have seen more and more laws and policies from you guys that favor “ONLY” corporate interests. Aside from the colorful rhetoric I cannot recall you coming out on the side of the “WORKING CLASS PEOPLE” any time recently, if ever.

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    We are just looking for silver linings. But don’t forget that they lay in dark clouds. We are talking about first time benefit applications. The reason they are down is probably because we are seeing the bottom. There may not be many jobs to be lost left. There are very many who have used up [...]

  • Maybe if all the things that terrorists put bombs in were produced here in this country they wouldn’t have any reason or opportunity to ship them over here. But it doesn’t matter. The biggest threat to the future of our country doesn’t come from terrorists, illegal aliens or drug cartels. It comes from the richest two percent upper crust white people who will absolutely not invest in the american workforce or pay taxes to support our government and by proxy our country as a whole. You can elect anybody you want. It will not matter. So, try as we might, sooner or later, when we are so depleted as a nation of money, resources and manufacturing the terrorists will get through and we the people will pay for the sins of the rich and powerful who for the last hundred years have exploited, raped and pillaged the people of other countries. Leaving us to take the blame. It is the classic and endless story. Rich people never ever care about any thing but themselves and money. Yet there will always be people like the extreme right wing conservative idealogues who support them. Even though they themselves are as poor as can be and have nothing in common with the super wealthy, they will defend their right to exploit whatever they can to become even richer while they struggle to support their families. This will open the doors for terrorists to exploit the anger and frustration of some of our citizens who will blame deteriorating conditions on other groups while the politicians who lick the boots of the super wealthy pander to the anger. It is a shame too. Given a different set of circumstances, this country could have flourished for another two hundred years. It’s just too bad that the people who had the position, the means and the opportunity to support this great nation, DIDN’T.