• no one supporting ACA ever said they would eliminate rising costs. They said they would bend the cost curve, which is indisputably has.

    The only missed enrollment targets are the republican governors who criminally have denied Medicaid expansion in their states – truly people underestimated the vileness of republicans. The voluntary signup numbers are clearly within a reasonable margin of error.

    what I said is exactly correct: ACA is performing as billed (and exceeding CBO estimates). But that is only correct for reasonable, rational people – not those like you and others here that are exactly like obamabots, only with the opposite opinion: you deny reality because you’re so invested in your preconceived notions.

  • oh puuleezzzz, who ever “is satisfied” with any insurance plan ever for anything. If you are, you’re stupider than your non-argument. My post was a) about Walker, the dolt continuing to harp on his anti-obamaism when ACA is clearly working, and b) how anyone would ever say they “are satisfied” the ACA given all the negative false and exaggerated statements (such as you read here) against it.

  • another one….

    ‘Keeping your plan’, ‘keeping your doctor’, ‘signing up is easy’ – all substantially true. Holding them to 100% perfection in all their statements while selling the plan is hopefully for you, willful stupidity. Otherwise, there is a nice bridge in Brooklyn for sale for people like you.

  • I see yopu’re another example of the willfully stupid here:

    no one supporting ACA ever said healthcare costs would stupid rising. They said they would “bend the cost curve” downward, which ACA indisputably has

    The only coverage targets it missed are where republican governors disgustingly, crinimally denied free Medicaid expansion to the poor, otherwise they met the supporters numbers and surpassed the CBO numbers.

    Yes, finding a policy for people as dumb as you and others here could be a challenge, but all the average people I know that shopped for insurance on the web site (once it was fixed) found it easy and quick.

    What I said is exactly correct: it is working as billed, better in some regards regardless of how horrible you like to imagine it is.

    You and others here are just like obamabots – irrationally ignoring realty because you’re so invested in your preconceived opinion. You’ve just taken the opposite opinion as them

  • Walker, you’re not a dope, why do you keep posting such bilge? You know ACA is doing at least as well as billed, but really better. You know it cut into the growth of costs, and the elimination of insurance companies kicking people off for preexisting conditions is a MAJOR benefit for everyone – period. And as far as Americans not liking it, you know that is mostly ignorance and the media buy-in and promotion of republican lies and disinformation.

    I dislike ACA on philosophical grounds as much as anyone, but not acknowledging that it is working at least as good as billed is the stupidity as republicans.

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    The principal reason why Washington engages in military wars, sanctions and clandestine operations to secure power abroad is because its chosen clients cannot and do not win free and open elections.

    that is not correct. The US uses its military to further American business interests. If American Captains of industry can’t get the deals they want, [...]

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    Conservatives Make Clean Things Dirty:

  • the US uses about $290 billion gallons of oil per year. A $1.5 per gallon US Military Oil protection tax should be implemented to cover the portion of the US Defense budget not needed for actual defense, but needed instead to protect foreign oil supplies.

    This would have the double benefit of 1) funding the military adventurism needed to generate and protect oil company profits, and 2) would incentivize people to consume less oil products.

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    since everyone pretty much detests almost all politicians and many voters do not vote at all because of it, the best way to increase voter turnout is to give voters the option to either vote for a candidate or against a candidate. Voting against a candidate would effectively reduce their “for” votes. All those abstainers would surely turnout to vote against the candidates they like the least. No more excuses about they’re all awful…’OK, vote against the most awful.’

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    walker, you’re just like a republican: dissembling and obfuscating.

    You know full well that there was a 6 million enrollee estimate that was the latest and greatest just prior to the kickoff. And it is also clear you read Krugman. So you know full well that he is referring to 10 million covered is much better than the 6 million estimate.

    I hate obamacare as much as any progressive, seeing it as a huge windfall for the crap health insurance companies. But it is working as well or better than advertised despite the massive republican lie effort and the usual enabling of republican lies by US corporate media.

    You being a punk doesn’t add anything of value.

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    Can we not get better and more educated bad analogies from history from our political leaders? What’s wrong with comparing Putin from land-grabbing war lords of the past? A Napoleon, Tamerlane, Genghis Khan or Pompey?

    …or the bush-cheney criminal regime.

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    about time republican/conservative be classified as a mental disease. Pretty scary having such a large segment of the population being so indecent and going about untreated for their disorder.

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    Follow. The. Money. If they don’t bomb something, then the bombs don’t get used up If the bombs don’t get used up, then they don’t need replacing If they don’t need replacing, the bomb makers make less money If the bomb makers make less money they get very sad Bombing someone, anyone makes bomb makers [...]

  • its not that the equipment is toys – its deadly lethal stuff. What makes it toys (and it is correct to call it so) is that its being given to children; humans in adult bodies that have the mental capacity and outlook of a child.

    Giving stupendously deadly toys to (adult) children – what a pathetically stupid thing to do.

  • “Jobs Lost Due To Financial Crisis Replaced With Ones That Pay 23% Less”

    In the republican viewpoint – a great success!

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    come on patrick, get a life.

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    obsessive wealth accumulation is an acquired mental disorder that is treatable only by wealth redistribution. The best thing there ever was for the mental health of the obscenely rich was the 91% marginal tax rate in the 1950s.

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    humanity needs to absorb the concept that no human possesses, and no authority can grant the right to kill another human. Its the only way.

  • what an incredibly dumbass post! Nobody understands healthcare plan options either before or after ACA. It happens to be a complex subject. That 64% people only spent 1-2 hours is remarkably good.

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    conservatives make clean things dirty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auz4jfWWQ2A

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