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  • pluege commented on the blog post Late Night: They Needed Killin’

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    humanity needs to absorb the concept that no human possesses, and no authority can grant the right to kill another human. Its the only way.

  • what an incredibly dumbass post! Nobody understands healthcare plan options either before or after ACA. It happens to be a complex subject. That 64% people only spent 1-2 hours is remarkably good.

  • pluege commented on the blog post Funny how all that works

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    conservatives make clean things dirty:

  • pluege commented on the blog post The Roundup for July 4th, 2014

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    Conservatives Make Clean Things Dirty:

  • pluege commented on the blog post Richard Mellon Scaife (1932-2014)

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    if only all conservatives could have a terminal disease (other than conservativism) so they could gain the perspective on life that the nearness death brings, the world would be a far better place.

  • Even Former National Security & Bush Administration Officials Think Obama’s Drone Policy Is Too Radical

    what a moronic thing to say. When it comes to republican comments on obama, you could never devine a serious comment from their obama hatred. I’m no fan of obama, and think his drone policies are crimes, but its plain stupid to ask or quote any republican on any topic about what they think about an obama policy.

  • pluege commented on the diary post How to Get Gun Makers and Lobbyists to Fund Massive Mental Health Programs by spocko.

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    ‘Its about the mentally ill’ is a fine argument to accept because the logical result is that every gun owner – yes, gun owner, as well as gun purchasers need to be thoroughly tested/assessed/vetted for mental stability, which is the immediate goal. That the very desire to own a gun raises the questions of that [...]

  • pluege commented on the blog post Report: Chris Christie May Have Violated Pay To Play Laws

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    If Christie is to be judged on sober stewardship of the New Jersey pension system, the verdict won’t be favorable.

    pretty sure that once pig-christie is in jail he’ll mostly be judged on his corrosive personality and failure to even remotely resemble a decent human being.

  • pluege commented on the diary post “Rethink Divestment” – Pomona College, May 1, 2014 by cassiodorus.

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    is that capitalism (and especially fossil fuel capitalism) is the driver of a process that will, if carried far enough , wreck global ecosystems and make human life much more perilous here on planet Earth than it is now.

    you’re a tad behind on the knowledge curve – there is no “if” there. Capitalism has already gone way [...]

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    no question organized religion manipulates frightened, ignorant people playing on guilt and fear of retribution, mostly to benefit the leaders; organized religions are in essence all cults. OTOH, there is a infinite body of unknown knowledge beyond what humans currently “understand” through science – there always will be. For everything science determines we now know [...]

  • pluege commented on the blog post China To Become World’s Leading Economy This Year

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    …of course its a bit stupid to say two economies of equal dollar value, but one has to serve 4 times the people are of equal size. Seems like the one serving 1.5 billion people is only a quarter the size (per capita) as the other one serving 300 million people.

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    r is the real goal for America to become more like China by suspending democracy and letting special interests rule? We already have the oligarchy.

    I’d republicans (including the SCOTUS) have us well on the way to eliminating democracy with their voter suppression laws and tactics.

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    of the rich and for the rich at the expense of the people.

  • the confederacy was and is an abomination. “never again” month would be way more appropriate. I’m thinking its time to rethink that no-secession business. With 20/20 hindsight, keeping the south seems to have been a mistake: emancipation: yes; secession: good riddance. Finding a home to send all the vile, insane republican/conservative goons has merit.

  • pluege commented on the blog post The true value of hard work is not earning enough

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    can’t imagine what motivates people to want to be token mouthpieces for scoundrels and imbeciles. Way to go Ms. Jenkins – you’ve chosen to waste your life by being a stooge of stooges.

  • pluege commented on the diary post Executive Orders: A Fair Ranking of Presidents from Least Active to Most Active by letsgetitdone.

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    Have I covered everything, or did I forget something?

    how about:
    assassination of US citizens
    Unlawful indefinite detention of people

  • pluege commented on the diary post VIDEO: Zimmerman, At Gun Show, Wonders Why World Is Mad With Him by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    how about we drop the phraseology “packing heat” that gives the Neanderthal cowards erections of their tiny dicks and start calling NRA terrorists what they are: terrorists. Even if it doesn’t change anything at least it won’t be coddling the NRA terrorists.

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    doesn’t matter how many reasons you come up with as to why war is a horrid idea and we should never engage in it, they’ll never trump the one reason why we’ll never not have war, but instead will continue to have ever more war: war is a cash cow for plutocrats. end of story: [...]

  • pluege commented on the blog post Regular People Don’t Pay Any Attention to the CBO

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    the CBO is not important in the way presented here, as if average people are hanging on its every word. It is exceptionally important in validating and lending credence to statements politicians make. This is a perfect example and why the CBO (and other credible sources) is so important and why democrats need to pushback hard on the lying spin put out by republicans.

    A republican saying that the ACA will cost jobs has no credence to any sentient human being as said human is 99% sure the republican statement is an outright lie or is an exceptional exaggeration taken out of context – it is what republicans do. But that very same lying dirtbag republican saying that the CBO says ACA will cost jobs will suddenly be listened to or at least not dismissed out of hand.

    The CBO (and any other credible source of information) makes a HUGE difference.

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    ALL economic analysis of sustainable energy vs. fossil-fuel based energy is completely bullshit!!! In its most fundamental form: you have 2 systems. Both produce electricity. In one system – sustainable energy, the cost of fuel is…Zero. In the other, fossil-fuel based energy, the cost of finding, extracting, shipping, processing, storing, burning, and managing the waste are [...]

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