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  • Just in time for the invasion of Iran.

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    Occupy Fort Wayne is still going strong, with about 25-50 committed people occupying Headwaters Park at all times. We received permission from the city to set up fireproof tarps to help shield occupiers from the wind, and have been given permission to use electric burners and crock pots after we were told to remove propane tanks from the park pavillion. There are also roughly 10 tents for occupiers to sleep in. Our march on Saturday, the 15th, drew about 250-300 protesters, which was the figure reported by the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. We’re hoping for a bigger turnout this next Saturday, the 22nd, at noon. This level of participation was unexpected, considering how mainstream conservative NE Indiana is.


  • Proud liberal firebagger, here, and continually baffled by the Obushma campaigns penchant for pissing on their bread and butter. I’m not sure how smearing rhetorical dogpiles on the liberal base is any way to win an election in a 50/50 (at bare minimum, probably close to 60/40 more liberal) country. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well for Big Billy Boy Dailey, David Plouffe, and Dan Pfeiffer, and Mr. Obushma.

  • The only time I’ve ever seen Obushma angry is when he talks about liberals.

  • The tactical errors that Plouffe and Pfeiffer are making are astounding. For all their faults, Rove and Bush had the strategy down pat. Firstly, elections are decided by motivating bases, pure and simple. For all the blustering about America being a conservative country, the numbers and facts simply do not bear this out. America, if anything, is a moderately liberal country, based on polling and economic demographics. It’s imperative that the liberal party bring out the liberal base, and conversely that the conservative party bring out the conservative base if either party hopes to win. Bush and Rove understood this well, and spent a great deal of time figuring out ways to motivate and reach their bases. For example, they were able to calculate with mathematical precision that if one owned a snowmobile, there was a 90% chance one would be voting Republican if one made it to the polls. It will take this level of statistical rigor and strategic calculation if Obushma hopes to win in 2012.

    But he’s already given away the game, shoving Satan sandwiches and fistfuls of feces into the mouth of his base, and then seething with anger when anyone fathoms to question or protest these stunning displays of betrayal, cowardice and idiocy. Obushma deserves to go down the toilet if the greatest advisers he can employ are goons like Pfeiffer and Plouffe, who lack even a basic understanding of electoral politics in America, let alone the fact that he’s been behaving like a spineless coward when dealing with the Baggers and Wall Street elites.

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    Slow day at the WH, huh? It’s hard to be an intern, I’d imagine. Highlighting facts is not to “piss, moan, and complain.” This economy is the worst it’s been since the GD, 50% of those in their 20s are under-utilized, we’re waging 5 or 6 wars to the tune of billions of dollars, with [...]

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    Awesome. Thanks, selise!

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    This is such a great post. I’ve been struggling to understand economics for the past three years, having been completely disinterested before the financial crisis. After reading this piece, I feel like I’ve grown wings and am looking at economics from a whole new perspective. Thanks for helping simplify a complex subject. Are there any [...]

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    Larue, what do you spin?

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    It’s all relative. =)I only gave personal info to reinforce the point about so-called “postmodernist” voters. Apparently I’m one of those in the group of first-time voters that voted overwhelmingly for O, but largely stayed home in 2010, although I did vote for the dem. candidate in a losing bid out of fear of tea baggers.

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    Good point. One of my bigger fears is a Tea Bagger or market worshiper making SC and FedC appointments. Obushma did shift the SC to the right by replacing a liberal–Stevens, with a moderate–Kagan. But the shift would’ve been much sharper had McCain or any generic (R) been making the appointments.

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    Yep, first vote I ever cast, at the age of 25, was for the O.

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    That’s another interesting data point. The pool of potential dems is far greater than the rep. pool, which is why, as Maddow has pointed out recently, rep. scum are trying to make it harder for traditionally dem. voting groups to actually be able to vote.

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    Hey hey hello CTuttle,

    Yet more confirmation. Even when we have the facts we’re still outgunned in the messaging department, since DC and the elite punditry spout their bullshit paeans to bipartisanship and all the “serious” people dutifully follow along. Perhaps if we had a liberal leader who could command the bully pulpit? Wait, wasn’t that part of the reason why Obushma was elected?

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    I generally find DKos useless and only read it if I want to become severely pissed off or hopeless, but there was an amazing post which confirms Truman’s Theory of Elections, concerning independent or “moderate” voters that lean Rep or Dem. Basically, the data shows that parties win elections when they motivate their base, and moreover shows that parties that motivate their base capture a larger percentage of self-styled independents. This analysis flies in the face of Obushma and the Obushmabots who claim that bipartisanship is the summum bonum and that compromising at all costs is a political virtue.

    Truman’s Theory

    “I’ve seen it happen time after time. When the Democratic candidate allows himself to be put on the defensive and starts apologizing for the New Deal and the fair Deal, and says he really doesn’t believe in them, he is sure to lose. The people don’t want a phony Democrat. If it’s a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time; that is, they will take a Republican before they will a phony Democrat, and I don’t want any phony Democratic candidates in this campaign.” Pres. Truman, 1952 speech

    The post can be found here:
    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/07/17/995375/-Independent-voters-are-actually-closet partisans

  • If the wealthy have benefited and seen their wealth increase dramatically since 2008, while wages for the average worker have declined dramatically since 2008, and the only reason why the wealthy have gained through the crisis has been from government handouts (bailouts) and increased concentration of capital through corporate profits, why is Obushma saying that both the wealthy and the poor should have to pay more, even though the poor will see a greater percentage of their disposable income evaporate than the wealthy after these concessions are made? More importantly, why isn’t a reporter asking him that question?

  • I tried hard not to listen to what he said, but about 20 minutes into the conference Obushma said that he would be willing to lower tax rates for everybody (yes, even millionaires and billionaires) as long as the tax base was broadened. Did anyone else catch that? It’s a pretty stunning statement, as it means that the poorest and most vulnerable would suffer a horribly regressive change in the tax code.

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    Obama just said that he would be willing to lower tax rates on everybody, as long as the tax base was broadened. He made that statement around 11:23. What “broadening the tax base” means is that those who currently don’t pay income taxes would have to pay taxes, the poorest of Americans, constituting a shift toward more regressive tax policies. I had no idea in 2008 that this was what I was voting for.

  • Interesting quote. I thought it was hilarious that Comcast was worried about poverty and the economic well-being of middle-income Americans, not because of the implications related to human rights and the basic, intrinsic dignity of every human being, but because they’re worried that middle-income Americans are quickly becoming unable to afford $30/month cable bills. At least they had the insight to recognize that their fortunes are inextricably linked to the fortunes of each member of the community they serve.

  • I think it’s important for liberals to realize that DC insiders and political elites have already made the decision to get rid of SS and the program is in severe jeopardy. Just yesterday the President said that,

    “if Mitch McConnell and John Boehner came to me and said, all right, we’re ready to make a deal, here’s a balanced approach to debt and deficit reduction, but we want to argue about payroll tax cuts later, they’re not set to expire until the end of this year — if that was a situation that they presented, then I think we would have a serious conversation about that. I would not discount that completely.”

    By cutting payroll taxes and starving SS, Congress and the President took the first step towards killing SS. And SS’s prospects are not improving. Despite the fact that SS will remain solvent for at least another decade even with the current payroll tax cuts, seniors and near-retirees are more than happy to sacrifice the program and exclude future generations, as long as they receive their benefits. The “greatest generation” and the boomers liquidated the greatest industrial apparatus in the history of the world for short-term individual and corporate material gain, with no thought for future generations. Why should sacrificing the public safety net be any different?

    Even some Democrats, which would’ve been unthinkable even 5 years ago, are perfectly content with taking a “balanced” approach to debt and deficit reduction, which includes SS cuts.

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