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  • In the Dave Weigel article, Congressman Stephen LaTourrette of Ohio is quoted as saying that there are all these employers in his district who are begging for workers right now. However, there’s no information on his website as to who these employers are, what positions they are offering, or where one can go to find out this information. I then called his Washington office and one of his Ohio ones. The fellows I got on the telephone dithered in response to the query and punted. The DC guy put me on hold; I hung up after about five minutes. The guy in Ohio asked for my phone number so he could have someone call me back. I’m not expecting a return call.

    Does anyone have any insight as to who these employers in LaTourrette’s district are? Or what positions they are looking to fill? Or where information about these jobs can be found?

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    Yves Smith conducted a 45+ minute interview with Maria Bartiromo for C-Span last October. You can watch it here.

    Smith’s comments about the interview afterward are here.

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    If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. We’ll see how it plays out soon enough. I just don’t see the political downside for what Boehner is doing. Additionally, he doesn’t seem tense about this. If anything, he seems cocky, at least if those reports about the games with the phone calls is true. Obama appears to be undercutting himself every which way.

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    It seems to me that Boehner is looking to force Obama to take unilateral action with the 14th Amendment. There’s no downside for him. The debt ceiling gets raised. Wall Street gets what it wants in getting rid of the thing. He’s not going to be tarred for cutting a deal with Obama. He gets to denounce Obama ’til the cows come home for doing it, further inflaming his base. Obama gets his nose rubbed in his ego schtick of being some sort of great conciliator, and demoralized in terms of that and being made to look like a hypocrite. And look what Boehner’s gotten with this circus: Obama on the record supporting cuts to Social Security, which, per Digby, is already being used by for fundraising purposes by GOP activists. That demoralizes the Dem base, and guarantees larger senior turnout in support of the GOP November next year.

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    I’d be surprised if Obama does anything directly. I’ve never seen a politician so averse to getting his hands dirty. What will likely happen is that a pre-selected government contractor (if not several) will receive an official notice that the government is unable to honor contracts because of the debt-limit law. That contractor (or contractors, conveniently in different federal districts) will then immediately file suit in federal court asking for injunctive relief on the grounds that the debt-limit law is unconstitutional. The contractors (and everyone else) get a restraining order on implementation of the law until the suit (or suits) completely–all the way up to the Supreme Court–works its way through the judicial system.

    Any “deal” Obama makes on the debt limit he owns down to the last comma. Whatever is in there is what he wants. He just also wants the option of pointing his finger elsewhere and saying they made me do it.

    Obama’s schtick is avoiding responsibility.


  • The last I knew Harold Ford was still on Bank of America’s payroll as an executive vice-president, getting paid a million a year pre-bonus. I don’t know what he actually does there, given all the spare time he seems to have, but he’s got a pretty blatant conflict of interest. What’s next? Op-eds agreeing with him from Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon?

  • Here’s the dumbest quote from this dumber-than-dumb column:

    It drew exactly the wrong lesson from earlier liberal eras, when the most enduring expansions of government — Social Security in the 1930s, Medicare in the 1960s — were achieved amid strong economic growth, rather than at the bottom of a recession.

    What can you say about a writer who thinks the Great Depression was an era of “strong economic growth”?