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  • God bless ‘em for suing. There’s only one way to stop the US government from treating us all like criminals. They have to be fought on every front.

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    Do they twerk or only when they’re possessed? Crucifix or GTFO.

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    Um, I would like a refund on all the lottery tickets I bought last month.

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    Lots more of this stuff, please. The weather’s nice and I am so ready for a little direct political action. Give me a minute to change my clothes and I’m up for civil disobedience too. I still can’t figure out why we’re not hearing about uprisings all over the US. Maybe the corporate elite is [...]

  • Look at it a different way: You can have Sonja Sotomayor or Sam Alito replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, either creating a 5-4 liberal split on the Supreme Court or a 6-3 ultra-conservative majority.

    Obama looks a whole lot better when you think of it that way, no?

    If Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets replaced by one of Mitt Romney’s AEI picks, remember how much better it made you feel to stand up to the horrible Obama and declare your self-congratulatory independence.

  • It’s a start. I can see how helping 10% of the people who are in trouble with their mortgages could have a big rebound effect for everyone else. After all, it was less than 10% of homeowners in trouble with their mortgages that crashed the entire market.

    No, even though I’m trying, I can’t find anything snarky or cynical to say about this. I would have rather seen bankers arrested and humiliated and their families suffering, but in the end I’d rather just see things get better for a decent number of the people who were hurt.

    It still wouldn’t hurt to make an example of a few of the worst bankers and parade them through the streets in handcuffs, though, but I won’t hold my breath.

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    Do you really believe that an Obama presidency and a Gingrich presidency would be exactly the same?

    I’m just trying to gauge how badly disappointment has warped our sensibilities.

  • Congressmen don’t care about their salary. They make their real money elsewhere, in fat lobbying contracts when they leave office.

    I’m surprised the GOP senate caucus haven’t all volunteered to have their salaries reduced because they know that salary is nominal compared to what they’ll make from their corporate sponsors.

  • If this doesn’t make you want to go out and work for Obama this coming year, remind me to thank you when this sleazy huckster Rick Perry becomes President.

  • We’re going to teach Barack Obama a lesson by getting the Romney/Bachmann ticket elected.

    And then we’ll have the last laugh. That’ll teach Obama to become a better Democrat, all right.

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    Christ, that looks good. It makes my mouth all wet thinking about how it smells.

    I’ve got to try making me some a that challah. I’ve got cranberry marmalade my wife made and it’s gonna go nice.

    Challah french toast sounds killer, too.

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    I got to see an early preview of Beyond Belief, and the only part of your review with which I would disagree is that you refer to Susan Retik and Patti Quigley as “ordinary women”.

    Nothing ordinary about them or their story.

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    Jon, instead of us talking about primarying Obama, how about a movement to have him declare he will not run again?

    How about a movement to make sure that no Republicans appoint any Supreme Court Justices ever again in our lifetime?

    It might not be as satisfying as sticking it to Obama, but it might be better for us all in the long run.

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    So, I don’t get it. We should be pissed that ol’ man Hatch is blocking a bill that’s probably bad for America?

    I could stand to see all those highly-touted “Free Trade Bills” wiped from history.

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    May David Koch’s name be erased from the book of life.

  • what important legislation do the Ds have on the agenda that does have broad public support?

    These Democrats? Not a thing. All they’ve got on the agenda is supporting the corporate agenda and hoping for the best. And what possible incentive does Harry Reid have to do the right thing? Why would you think he’s going to all of a sudden become a real Democrat?

  • Unfortunately, Milbank’s article will trigger a letter of apology from Citibank along with all the problems going away. A letter of apology from the head of Citicorp. He might even get a little sweetener. Then, things will just go back to being the way they were before, with Milbank wondering what all the fuss was about since Citibank got all the problems solved.

    If you write for a major newspaper, I bet you can get a lot of life’s little annoyances straightened out. If you don’t, you’re sunk. This is what Milbank will probably never learn. I mean, if he hasn’t learned anything in his time in Washington, do you think something that will ultimately just be a bump in his privileged road is going to suddenly make him see some light?