• Fabulous reporting, Kevin. What a tribute you are to REAL journalism.
    I can’t believe how much shoe leather you wore out during your trip to StL.

    Thank you!

  • Ack, I’ve been reading FDL since before Libby days.
    And nothing, I mean NOTHING, I’ve found here has gob-smacked like this post!

    I’m so speechless, I’m almost catatonic. Really.
    After ALL the solitary, lonely, treacherous train rides that Thurgood Sr. made throughout the South,
    risking lynching at every whistle stop, and that SOB Jr. repudiates his father’s sweat like this?

    NOTHING I’ve ever read here hits me like THIS one. Nothing. Not Scooter, not Bush, not Dick, not any of the other money-grubbing totalitarian stooges. Not even close.

    Senior rolling in his grave? No, he’s having grand mal seizures.

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    and the local jurisdictions surrounding (i.e., Montgomery County) are falling all over themselves to entire the “security industry” to locate in their jurisdictions. Witness Steve Silverman, (MoCo Economic Development) evicting the real science startups in the brilliantly master planned science incubator space (Life Sciences Zone initiated in 1980) for new security industry leases. wow, just wow. turning their backs on decades of rational planning to get on the CACI gravy train.

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    I’m glad you mentioned the budge. Can’t help but think that a bunch of beltway bandits are noticing the effects of the sequester: too much military inventory piling up for the contractors to post a profit next quarter . . . hmmm we need to use up a bunch of drones to keep our friends in business. Am I crazy?

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    sending love and hugs and healing energy your way, Christy. We’re praying and pulling for you.

  • Cynthia, any thoughts on O’s nomination of Mary Jo White to lead the SEC?

  • Uh . . . it took us 8 years to adopt a child. Yes, EIGHT YEARS. We spent so many months and months in despair waiting for a match! Four failed matches. But we did indeed find OUR child — the one who was meant to be ours. He is our deepest joy. It was worth the wait.

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    Actually, I was wondering if the donor could have been Trayvon. What day did Dick have the implant?

  • Thank you ET. I appreciate your posts so much! Some time ago, I could swear I read your mention of a trombone sonata (?) that you composed. If so, is there a link? I would love to hear it! Btw, our wedding gift to ourselves was a commission for a trombone octet (two double quartets, [...]

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    It makes me weep. Truly. My father’s story is an example:
    He was from a poor, rural town in Lousiana. Town wiped out in the 1927 Mississippi River flood. His father died when he was 12 yo. Mother gave the kids away — he left and went to work sweeping the floors of a newspaper office in Boyce, La. The typesetters taught him to read and set type. When he was 16 he got his apprentice type-setting card, and left to work in Hammond, La. The very, very kind owner of that paper (btw Hamiton Jordan, Sr.) arranged for him to board at the high school prinicpal’s home and the man tutored my dad at night. He was able to “finish” high school that way and signed up to take one class at a time at Southeastern Junior college in Hammond. He started with Math and kept on one class at a time: algebra, trigonometry, calculus, linear algebra, etc. When the war came, he signed up, was accepted to officer’s training and became a B-17 navigator who was (easily!) able to do celestial navigation. Did two tours in the ETO from Bassingbourne in 1943-1945 (the Memphis Belle squadron). Managed to survive! despite a 50% loss of planes during 1943. After the war he got the GI Bill (THE GREAT LEVELER!), went to medical school and raised a family all of whom went to college. IT IS A STORY THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE NOW! All because he started with a union card! And kind people helping him, and A GOVT POLICY that envisioned opportunity.

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    I read that the original prosecutor “disappeared,” and was found dead.

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    I had a boss once – wonderful guy, but a complete luddite. He was driving me absolutely crazy-crazy with interruptions, asking for insanely elementary help, i.e., changing the font. Then I started telling him to call the help desk –he put the help desk on speed dial & then he drove THEM crazy-crazy. One day, [...]

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    WOW, just WOW. I go to work today (and actually do something) and come home and WHAM.

    But I can’t let this post go without commenting on the how very, very much you have brought us in your thinking, which, in its 4D capacity rendered me sitting on the edge of my seat late at night reading Emptywheel. We can’t begin to thank you enough, or even acknowledge your accomplishments, so numerous and deep are they. Know that we are very grateful for being on the thinking and moral front of the American Decline. I remember being insatiably curious about the Libby trial, googling to find out whatever I could and landing at TNH. What a find! I’ve been following you ever since. And I’ve told mr. posaune many times that it will be EW who writes the ultimate history of the last decade (a la Shirer).

    Best of all things we wish for your future, both EW and bmaz! We will follow you where ever you go! Please let us know if we can help in any way & where to send contributions! Nashledanou!

  • O & Co is after generation divide via zero sum game. Hey kids, if we let your folks spend this money, there won’t be any for you.

  • There must have been a lot behind the scenes. Remember when Kwasniewski came to the WH to visit W? It was a big deal. Supposedly, the F-16 offsets and the visa issues were to be settled. The Poles have NEVER gotten the visa requirements lifted — their the only state in the EU that needs visas for US visitation. And they didn’t get the offsets, either. Wonder what they did get for running Szymany?

  • Was that the same trip Dick made in January 2005 to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) for the 60th anniversary of liberation? The one where everyone wore formal topcoats & Dick showed up in a ratty green parka? Hmm. he probably went straight to Szymany from there.

  • I knew someone who worked at the US embassy in Warsaw, starting in 2005, where he was posted after Pakistan. Quite fluent in Urdu and Pashto, but not Polish. hmmm. His next posting, in mid-2006, not according to the usual 4-yr rule was to Afghanistan. I always wondered about this.

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    Driving by tonight, and I screeched to a halt with your headline, Teddy.
    I don’t know what is filling the man’s head! Is there a brain in there?

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    Wow, Marcy – what a good hair day! You look awesome.
    Now to read . . . . .

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    OT —
    Why did O go to Puerto Rico this week?
    To convince those folks to be come a state so he can tax them? (no fed tax in PR now).
    Just what exactly was the agenda? anyone know?

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