• Plausible deniability

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    Hi mulp,
    If I buy an electric car, isn’t coal still burned for the electricity down river as I plug the car in to be charged….

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    Mentioned this downstream, hope good politicians would think some film-like ‘Canadian Bacon’ might be in order if we are invaded by the north with their pipes full of crude running over American land. Canada needs to rein in Keystone. Private corporations from foreign countries claiming eminent domain over America appears to be ludicrous and dangerous. [...]

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    How can a foreign corporation force eminent domain on US land? How can US law NOT protect Americans from Keystone XL? How does the US government not just laugh at the foreign invader? KXL seems very much like the invaders in the movie Red Dawn, Only the invaders are not Latin. The invaders are Canadian. [...]

  • Yes. Time to allow the goose that lays the golden eggs to heal and refurbish herself. She’ll be no good use to anyone if she becomes drained past the point of no return.
    And, congress doesn’t even know how many basses we really have around the world because some of them are secret and ‘off limits’ to Congress???
    I’d like to know exactly who in the US gov’t puts anything ‘off limits’ to Congress. All decisions for USA need to be made by people who were elected by Americans. Not smart to not allow anyone or anything periods of meaningful rest and recuperation.
    It’s manipulation and BS when others call some who believe in recuperation and refurbishing ‘isolationists.’ Like ‘isolationist’ is a dirty word. Forms of isolationism are key components for good health.

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    China to become the leading economy due to no EPA or checks on air, land and water pollution. It seems a skewed or fake ‘win’ for them.
    People can’t breath or see through the highly polluted air there. Have to
    –what–take a 6-hour train ride away from capital there in order to take a deep breath.
    Not much of a feather in their cap given the trade offs.
    Have read for years that USA GOPers out for corporations want to cut back EPA more and more in USA. Don’t want to be first in the economy game if we have to breath the crap and have the crappy particles or particulate matter in our blood stream like those in highly polluted Chinese industrial cities.
    Walmart and all the ‘made in China’ crap? Better for us on so many levels to buy stuff used than have it made in China. The human cost of China’s first place ‘win’ here seems a joke.

  • Weren’t many of the whistleblower-wikileaks emails the history of Hillary at State and allegedly the stuff she did that may have been arm twisting??
    –and also the alleged threats to other nations to possibly withhold funds if they did not genuflect/cooperate to her/USA, or not??
    Was Hillary embarrassed or not by Manning and Snowden as they may have brought to light her apparent lack of statesmanship and possibly more of her alleged arm twisting?? Really, why wasn’t State at the Pentagon when Hillary was SOS? What is the saying, a woman–who thinks she is queen–scorned is a bear?? From the beginning–all the humiliation and harsh treatment for Manning–before he was even tried–was total BS. And Obama at the time seemed to be on Hillary’s doggie leash. The sentence for Manning–total BS. Seemed like a big diversion from all that was wrong with so many emails sent by us gov’t employees. Seems shameful BS.
    Why no jail time for fed employees who seemed to have broken laws or protocol as possibly shown by use of/proof in their own emails they wrote and sent themselves?? They were only exposed by
    whistleblower-wikileakes. Nothing was made up by Manning or Snowden. All they did was turn the light on what existed–what others did.
    Don’t ever want my taxes paying for pig-like statesmanship, threats or actions by US employees at State or military. Sorry nice real pigs. Don’t want any ‘pigs’ in US gov’t representing me. Why any ego as a US employee?? They are all paid to work for US citizens and not have egos.

  • What are all these ‘from the web’ pictures on FDL between the thread and the comments? Really annoying.

  • Is Hillary’s last name Bush, Cheney, Clapper or Clinton?

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    If an asteroid hits and the ATMs are down for a long time, don’t think this group of self aggrandizing folks could take care of themselves.

  • Agree. Seems this guy lied to congress while under oath. Why is he still
    Dir. of Nat. Intell? Shows you how the balance of power is totally messed up if he can lie to Congress and keep his job, not be censured or put in jail. He appears to have told all of us in the USA to go ahead and lie all the time and any time. No problem. Just lie. Not illegal. No consequences. Just lie.
    And Obama has no problem having Clapper stay?
    Right. A lie seems nothing to Obama. They’re like twins.
    What is reality in the WH or NI? Appears to be the morphing of what actually was into what is needed at the moment. Sweet.
    Can anyone under oath use Clapper as precedence if needed?
    Prolly another law will be passed that Clapper was allowed to lie and he can’t be prosecuted. Congress might pass this while scared straight and under FBI surveillance. Small price to pay for a pension after only what–5 years in office–and a lifetime of congressional/presidential health insurance. Two Americas. Fed employee and the rest.

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    Kathleen Sebelius was born and raised in Ohio. Prolly someone mentioned here before–her father was Ohio Gov. John Gilligan (D). Maybe Obama pulled her from Kansas because her father was a governor—and Gov. Gilligan was in the House when Medicare was passed in 1965.
    Don’t know for sure, perhaps things get rushed–or not done well–when the children who are politicians try to match or outdo their parents who are also a politicians. (Wars can start this way, too.)
    The child politicians might think others they work with know what they know–the nuances–learned from the knee of their parent politician. And the others really don’t know. This miscalculation can mess things up. Might have been better CEO practice to start from sq. 1 and do any ‘remediation’ needed with such a large, important project like Obamacare. No test groups to sign up first?
    Obamacare has Obama’s name all over it. Don’t know why he didn’t check, recheck and check again himself. He appears aloof not have his hands on the steering wheel at times. Aloof bosses are a pain, don’t seem connected and don’t appear to really care about the people they should be caring about. Don’t want a leader who thinks it’s cool to play it cool. Kind of immature.
    Obama needs to make sure all who want to keep their same health insurance–for the same price it was before Obamacare–get to keep it.
    An Obamacare law passed on a lie might kind of be like a ‘war’ passed on a lie. Major exponential problems.

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    Gives whores of all genders a bad name.
    Really-who owns the majority of the Supremes?
    The ridiculousness of the decision should raise a red flag to Congress.
    Roberts appears so confident and smiles so much–like he had the biggest,strongest Sugar Daddy standing watch over him.
    Can’t understand him not acknowledging to the nation the fact that his (their) decisions might not be understood by the majority of Americans.
    Not required, but would be nice.
    Don’t understand the disconnect between Roberts Supremes and the majority of Americans. Don’t follow or always believe the meme–that ‘legal’ does not mean moral or right. Think it needs to more.
    Why doesn’t Congress make new concrete laws on campaign ‘reform’ instead of the Supremes interpreting and mainly expanding old BS laws? How is that legal?
    This is way out of sync.
    The neocons looked at us during the beginning of the Iraq BS Lies to War and said, don’t ANYONE criticize the war because you will be criticizing THE TROOPS. Well,that has changed. We are mostly all calling BS on the BS ‘war’ now.
    Prolly BS will be called on this Supreme decision not too far in the future, too. Prolly the curtain will be pulled away from the Supreme Court soon as well. Can’t see how the SC can survive. It doesn’t seem to be the United States Supreme Court any more. It seems for a select few. Too many disenfranchisements on too many levels for too many Americans.
    And the BS going back to their SELECTION of W. Bush–not his election–but selection. They should have bowed out. SC rejects cases all the time.

    W. Bush, now, painting pictures of himself in the bathtub.
    Appears worse than Nero.
    W. Bush appointed Roberts and jumped his boy way over so many other justices on the Supreme Court who had seniority to be the new Chief Justice. Odd.

  • There have been things said or written that those getting Obamacare will not have access to the best cancer care. Why not scientifically follow 7000 people for one to three years to see how they fare on Obamacare.

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    Bruce McF at # 3–
    Pretty sure Gov. Strickland (D) who was in office before Kasick was for the high speed rail.

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    DHS is involved in protecting our water supplies. What are they supposed to do when water supplies are hurt by individuals and it is not an act of nature? I mean, remember, corporations ARE individuals.

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    Oh boy. Mix the BP oil spill with the algal bloom in Lake Erie this spring/summer. How is British Petroleum dealing with their oil spill in the Great Lakes with ice on the lakes? Does the oil go under the ice? Does it travel faster under ice? When is too much incompetence criminal? Why all [...]

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    Roads are very rough and chopped up in Ohio. Wish Gov. Kasick did not give away our federal high-speed rail funds to other states. Seems arrogance. Seems a far right conservative move on his part. Kasick never asked me if I wanted to keep the federal gift or not. He should have put it to [...]

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    Think I read once that it costs less for airlines to compensate for dead passengers than for the more expensive injured ones. Can anyone confirm this?

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