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    When Obama pulls an LBJ and states that he will not run and if nominated will not accept and Hillary (or ANYONE else) steps in, I’ll vote the president part of the ballot come 2012. If that assclown Obama still appears on the ballot, I will be sitting that part of the ballot out…unless Gus Hall or someone along those lines is listed.

    At this point, there is absolutely nothing Obama can do to get my vote. His actions for the ENTIRETY of his first term are all the action I need to weigh and measure him. He’s a fucking republican and I’ll eat my own sh*t before I vote for one of those.

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    You confuse me somewhat with “You can choose between Obama and a turd sandwich”.

    This statement implies there’s a difference and, in all honesty, I can detect no difference at all.

    Is this some sort of trick?

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    Speaking of Ayn Rand…She spent her elder years dependent upon Social Security and Medicare. Odd how the Randians ignore their goddess’ hypocrisy (and their own).

  • And yet, the PATRIOT Act keeps getting extension after extension after extension IN SPITE of the obvious abuses.

    I can only conclude the abuses are a feature, NOT a bug, and things are going swimmingly according to the fascist plan.

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    Congress and the Prez cannot even begin to THINK about cutting entitlements or social security until after they cut their own pay down to the median national income for working people, eliminate their own VERY cushy pensions, eliminate their cushy healthcare system, eliminate ALL their perks (no more congressional gym – they have to pay for a full membership at a gym like the rest of us, no driver/car, no subsidized or special deal housing, etc). When they have to wallow down here with the rest of the REAL humans in this country then we’ll see about cutting anything for real humans.

    I wont accept a single penny of cuts to any safety net program, worker pensions, etc, until they have done the above. Oh, and any congress criminal (or Prez) who is wealthy when they come into office, they don’t get any pay at all. They live off their wealth with NO govt support of any kind, they even have to pay for official travel on COMMERCIAL airlines and IN COACH (and they have to submit to the cavity search by TSA too, no perk there either).

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    It can be forced upon a country. All it takes is for countries to start losing faith in the US ability to pay, they start demanding higher rates on bonds or simply stop buying, this makes it more and more difficult for the US to pay its way, and then it goes into a self-reinforcing spiral.

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    True but…if it goes down the next GOP House will pass something more horrendous and the Senate will cave because that is what Dems in the Senate do.

    Let’s see, the NEXT version will have a 0% tax on lottery winnings (inheritance) and will have provision in it to make the other tax cuts permanent.

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    It cannot be repeated enough: the FIRST cuts that Congress must make (with an axe) is Congressional and Presidential pay, pension, and healthcare. We must truly pressure and demand that Congress go on an austerity diet and actually CUT their pay to be equivalent to what the AVERAGE American earns. They must also give up [...]

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    You know what is NOT on the chopping block of spending cuts? Congressional pay and benefits.

    For DECADES the Dems and GOPers have been passing laws and supporting policies that keep chipping away at American worker pay and benefits to the point that now virtually no one can expect to have a pension from their jobs anymore (except CEOs and other top execs and except for Congressmen and women AND THE PRESIDENT). They are now just drooling at the chance to gut programs that actual real living people depend upon just to get by. But their cuts wont touch themselves, oh no.

    I think we REALLY need to demand that among the FIRST big government cuts that should be pushed through are pay cuts for Congress (senate and house) AND the President down to the neighborhood of what the average American earns today. They need to eliminate their VERY generous taxpayer-funded pension system. Not phase it out, not reduce it, ELIMINATE IT. If WE don’t get pensions anymore, if WE are expected to accept cuts to Social Security, then they damn well better have to suck up the loss of their retirement benefits too.

    They need to ELIMINATE their government-run healthcare system and be required to accept whatever the AVERAGE American gets vis a vis health insurance. No, they must NOT be allowed to pay extra for a really posh insurance policy that virtually no other American can afford. They are Congress Creatures, they are NOT royalty. They get what WE get. NO MORE GOVERNMENT_RUN_TAXPAYER_FUNDED HEALTHCARE FOR CONGRESS OR THE PRESIDENT!

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    You can drive without insurance all you want (even without a license). All you need do is not get pulled over for any moving violations or get nabbed for parking violations.

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    Indeed. But it is the basis of my STRONG opposition to the individual mandate. It IS the government stepping in and guaranteeing profits for certain corporations. It is the government stepping in and REQUIRING that people buy product X. It IS the same as the government dictating that you must buy your groceries at Wal-Mart, your clothes at Target, etc. No choice. It is government enforced profit guarantees for private corporations, corporations I might add, that do NOT have a right to exist, only a privilege (allowing/recognizing incorporation is simply something the government agrees to do, it is not a RIGHT that one has – to incorporate).

    Insurance companies are NOT a special case of corporation. Insurance companies are NOT guaranteed profits by government fiat. No corporation is guaranteed government-enforced profits.

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    No, hospitals are only required to provide emergency life-saving treatment. They are NOT required to provide general treatment.

    A mandate is unacceptable so long as it is based on the government requiring me to buy a private product. I will NOT be required to give my money to a corporation, nor will I be required to purchase any other good or service. I buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it. If I choose NOT to give my money, EVER, to a certain subset of the corporate world, that is my absolute right. No corporation is owed my money, no corporation is owed a profit. Profit is NOT a right.

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    I too HATED the mandate, especially without a PUBLIC OPTION.

    I am glad this is going against Obama and his corporate owners. The SCOTUS, being very nutty reichwingers, it is hard to really be sure how they will go. I suspect they will agree that the mandate was a bridge too far on the interstate commerce clause. I NEVER agreed that the government could REQUIRE me to purchase a product (a defective product at that) from a private corporation. As far as I am concerned, trying to force me to buy some private insurance company’s product is no different than Obama trying to dictate the I MUST purchase my groceries at Wal-Mart.

    Piss off Obama.

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    Yeah, I feel that too. Hell’s bells, if Senate Dems were that loyal there’d never be a successful “filibuster”. A large portion of the Dem populace are clearly morons. They don’t give a flying f*ck what the Prez does (to them) or says (to them), it is just all flowers and candy to them.

    If Bush were in office doing the EXACT same shit that Obama is doing (no stretch there – they are the same policies!) these same insanely loyal Dems would be screaming bloody murder.

    I have no patience for them. Idiots. They’re as bad as teabaggers who are INTENT on seeing their own best interests screwed over for the sake of the rich.

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    Indeed, they could simply pass a “taxcut for everyone” under the rubric that it cuts taxes for those earning under $250,000/yr and THAT means that ALL income levels above that get a cut too. So they are passing an “across the board” tax cut!

    But that is too Ninja for the Dems to handle. They would blubber and whine about being accused to “raising taxes” or “class warfare” (hell YEAH I’m in for some real class warfare. It is past time that the victims of the war – the middle class and lower – get into the fight and retaliate).

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    What I am finding disturbing is that all that they are focusing on is the tax cut for rich bastards. They are ignoring what to me is worse: the cut in payroll tax/social security taxes. This is a cut that WILL be made permanent if it is passed and THAT means gutting Social Security. When the two years come by and it’s time to let the tax cuts ALL expire or vote to continue them yet again, the GOP WILL call the simply return to the original tax rate an “increase”, including the return of the proper social security tax. The Dems would cave in to the GOP mantra of “they’re going to raise your taxes!”

    My suggested fix to this particular issue is that the Dems modify the deal and include the social security tax reduction BUT tie it to a complete elimination of the income cap. Thus, the damage done by a “temporary” social security tax reduction (gutting the coffers of SS and ensuring it runs into problems MUCH sooner than current projections) would be eliminated by eliminating the bullshit income cap. The Dems could even say they simply want to apply a “flat tax” to all income levels for Social Security and a “flat tax” is one of those things that the GOP often says it wants.

    The danger, however, of calling for a “flat tax” on ALL income (no cap) for Social Security, however, is that the GOP could then use that to push for a flat tax for income taxes too, meaning a huge tax cut for the inhuman rich. So this part needs to be handled carefully.

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    Isn’t Rahm’s brother available? Real change would be another Emmanuel brother in there to make sure Wall Street is well represented.

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    Hi turnout is of no import. THIS guy turned out to vote. I USED to be a Dem (now an independent). I did NOT vote straight Dem. I skipped some votes because “none of the above” didn’t show up on the ballot or there was no socialist candidate or green.

    There are (erstwhile) Dems out there who are voting in anger AGAINST the status quo and that does NOT bode well for Dems. They earned the shit they’re going to eat today. I don’t want them to just eat it, I want to make them lie in the shit and roll around in it. I DID vote for a Dem house member here, a NEWBIE scientist. But he wont win because this is a red state.

    Overall, I don’t give a flying f*ck who wins or loses tonight. Nothing will change except how the Dems whine. It used to be “we are powerless because we’re in the minority!”, then they had no excuse when they got control but they tried anyway with, “the republicans are obstructing us!”.

    Boo-f*cking-hoo. 60 goddamned votes in the Senate and you are STILL beholden to the GOP. A SOLID majority in the House and you are still cowering before the GOP. F*ck all of you.

    As for Feingold, he’s toast. I guess he should of quit talking a good game and falling down when it came time for rubber to meet the road and actually talked AND WALKED a good game.