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  • Primrose commented on the diary post Sunday Food: Mayonnaise by Ruth Calvo.

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    Please start putting these up on youtube. I would love to watch you make these recipes. YOU could be the best home cook ever.

    One question: where do you purchase your eggs? I’m thinking of safety of course.

  • Does anyone have a cite for “6 guys died” quote above?

  • Primrose commented on the diary post The Unknown Known: Rumsfeld Documentary on Screens Now by Elliott.

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    Here’ the NPR interview. You’ll notice that Mr. Morris practically begs the audience to see the movie “because it was so hard to do.” Frankly it’s difficult to understand why anyone would want to try. I thought the idea was to leave “well enough” alone. Why re-open the coffin and risk the chance that he [...]

  • Primrose commented on the diary post Sunday Train: Koch Brothers Aim to Screw Tennessee Transit Riders & Motorists by BruceMcF.

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    This might not be about money at all. It could be about power. The Koch’s are doing it because . . . they can. I could speculate forever but the facts are they make $115 billion per annum. They are the second largest privately-owned company in the US. They have the obligatory “overseas” operations that [...]

  • Primrose commented on the diary post Video: Best Documentary of Evolution Crushing Faith for Education’s Sake by jbade.

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    There are people in our society who need religion as a backstop against very bad behavior. Our society needs religion — not one, but many. Let me quote G. Washington in his farewell address . And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of [...]

  • Primrose commented on the diary post 64.5 percent of Dane County, Wisconsin Residents Want to Spark a Prairie Fire by patrick devlin.

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    Most people will not be able to take advantage of open Cannabis laws. The minute it’s legal, employers are going to demand drug and background tests for every job available. THC takes a while, I’m told, to get out of the system, so if people want to work they’ll be keeping the MJ on the [...]

  • Primrose commented on the blog post One Tweet Which Shows Why Obamacare Has Been a Hard Sell

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    I haven’t read down any further — just checked my own post and see a terrible typo — broken arm cost estimate is on average $16,000..

    That’s without insurance — I suppose it also means ER care and a pin inserted.

    Sorry about the mistake.

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    Do you honestly believe that any republican or tea party legislator will vote for government sponsored health care — or that insurance companies would not lobby using millions $$$$$, or that doctors and hospitals would not lobby with millions more, plus the Tea Party, plus those millionaires who do not believe the poor and middle class are entitled to healthcare?

    For now, I suspect this is the best we can do. The plan may prove unworkable and my hope is that we may be able to move to single payer then.

    In my state, the governor did not expand Medicaid (maximum allowable income for Medicaid recipient is $3500) and he’s still alive and still governor. My point is poor people don’t like to admit they are poor, it’s been demonized and people are humiliated. So, we do not ban together to get a better deal. Five Hundred Thousand people would be eligible for ACA in this state with an expansion. One million would be eligible in Texas. Five million people are missing out because their state did not expand and they personally cannot afford insurance without tax credits or monthly premium help.

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    I just took a look at a website that promises a broken arm without insurance but requiring surgery (a pin, which most doctors now like to do) is prohibitively expensive – $160K!!. Check it out along with other estimates of surgeries.

    I don’t know who is hosting this or if there is an axe to grind. I just looked it up after I saw the Obamacare ad.

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    Great selections. I like Taj Mahal’s rendition of Corrine, Corrine @ 46 above. I’ve gone back to listen some of the selections on Marsalis & Clapton (at Lincoln Center). What a concert that must have been.

    Norah Jones and sister Anoushka Shankar (Ravi’s daughters) plus Karsh Kale play Easy

    Tracy (live, bad video but the song is so beautiful) singing Give Me One Reason

  • Primrose commented on the blog post The Roundup for March 28th, 2014

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    Great job — Never too many sites. Who knows what will strike my fancy. I don’t post much but I love to read. Thanks for all the work you do.

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    Just a note — a hint for late late night, maybe??

    “With Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, and Eric Clapton all sharing a common birthday tomorrow and Richard Thompson, Muddy Waters, and Billie Holiday all ringing one in this week, there’s no shortage of history to dig up this week.” From WERS 88.9.

  • It’s amazing that Obama is even still in the race. The employment numbers are awful, many people believe he raised taxes, the economy is in terrible shape, Citizens United put billions from unknown and unknowable sources into the election (fully 90% going to Mittens et al) and yet .. . Obama is running neck in neck.

    He should, by all accounts, be out of it by now, and still people believe in hope and change, want him to win, and know that he has made very few mistakes in his first four years. If we’ve learned anything at all, we’ve learned that the Rs are willing to put the country “on the table” when it comes to elections.

    I hope no one expects much when Obama IS reelected. It seems that the most he will be able to do is slow the trend toward feudalism.

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    I only wish someone had told Georgia Power about how no one is building nuclear power plants with FREE government money. Because what the republicans did down here was ask for and get a rate hike in order to build TWO nuclear power plants. Under the radar funding from people who are likely as [...]

  • Primrose commented on the diary post On Heels of Davis Fiasco, Pak Drone Strike Hits Village Elder Meeting by Jim White.

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    Is it possible that the “army” is trying to undermine its own operation? Maybe they just want out and since they know they aren’t going to win, isn’t it just better to get kicked out now? What better way than to continue to kill more innocents until we are told to leave. (“Politicians fault . [...]

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    They can’t prosecute what they don’t understand. We had the same problem in Bush’s SEC. Lawyers that couldn’t read financial statements — didn’t know how to follow up on tips about Madoff’s Ponzi scheme (prolly never heard of Ponzi).

    Should the prosecutors at least discuss the case with people who know more than they do about insider trading? Of course. Will lawyers ever admit there’s something they don’t know? I’ve never seen it happen.

  • Primrose commented on the blog post Issa Asks Corporate Players to Pick Regulations to Target

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    Any chance of recall?

    Will we be keeping track of the letters and the subsequent changes in regulations versus the amount of money he receives to get “re-elected” or will all the $$$ be under the table?

    It’s a nice frame. You’ve got to give him that. “We’re trying to create jobs here,” (so we have to give industry a few “virgins” to sacrifice to make sure their enterprises go well). (And besides, it fits in well with the Republican Health Care Plan For Poor Americans.)

  • I’m one of the cow-faced (actually, I prefer “Bovine eyes”) 40% but I supported Hillary. I didn’t cry, scream, act up or act out — I simply preferred her healthcare plan, and believed that after she tried and failed, she knew the ropes and could get ‘er dun. I don’t feel the same sense of [...]

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    Since the Supreme Court decided that George Bush was their choice for President.

    We can’t overturn 8 years of what — how to characterize in one word what he did to this country. I’m unable to sum it up, but just know I believe he’s the worst president in our history.

    And, no his meddling cannot be overturned immediately, in light of the facts on the ground, to wit:

    40% of the electorate actually showed up, 60% were too busy.

    21% were republicans and 19% were democrats

    Sarah Palin has struck a nerve in a small but noisy portion of the electorate and their demands are ridiculous at best, but STILL must be taken into consideration because WE haven’t been able to laugh her off the stage. WE haven’t been able to intimidate her with our brains and logic — she’s waaaay too stupid. In fact, if anything, we have encouraged her, strengthened her simply by paying attention. Republicans believe she must be important and frightening to liberals because we talk about her all the time.

    Because while polls show that most Americans have a Progressive streak on many if not most issues, none of them, not even the most rabid, are willing to step up, step out, and show the Congress of the United States that they are not doing the will of the people.

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