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  • “CNN International being better than CNN is a pretty low bar.”

    agreed, although it IS considerably better than domestic cnn… since i’m out of the country regularly for a fair amount of time, i’ve had the opportunity to sample most of the global television news services – cnni, france 24, sky news, euronews, bbc world, al jazeera, deutsche welle, etc. – and found all of them wanting… if i have the time, i like to watch them all and compare their perspectives, a practice that might bring me closer to truthful journalism, but who has that kind of time… for broader, more informed news, i always turn to the internet where i can cover three times the number of sources in one-third the time…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    Joseph Stiglitz: Unrestrained power and rampant greed are writing an epitaph for the American dream

    Stiglitz proposes a novel solution, one which we should all recognize as a fundamental pillar dating from the founding of our country.

    He writes: “Paying attention to everyone else’s self-interest – in other words to the common welfare – is in fact a precondition for one’s own ultimate wellbeing… it isn’t just good for the soul; it’s good for business.”

    The common good… What a concept…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    no disagreement here… in the same vein, i continually puzzle over the fundamentalist christian fascination with the old testament and its focus on anger, vengeance, violence, judgement and intolerance… the message of christ in the gospels is, imho, the real message of christianity, a message that, while not outright rejected, is too rarely the subject [...]

  • ray bradbury had a profound influence on my life, emotional, intellectual and spiritual… Something Wicked This Way Comes was one of those books that, even though i had never heard of the term in those long-ago days (in 1962, i was the same age as the two protagonists), was truly a mind-altering experience… for days after reading the last page, the world looked and felt different… i believe i am a better person for having read ray bradbury…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

  • fascinating that julian assange, despite the ruling – pending appeal – on his extradition to sweden, continues to emerge as one of the era’s greatest catalysts for truth and open dialogue… and this after the ridicule given to his deal with rt… let’s hope we don’t lost this valuable resource…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    i responded to the same email only i added quite a bit more in the way of my *grievances* – expansion of the drone war not only in foreign countries but soon to be domestically as well, extrajudicial assassination, guantanamo, bagram, ndaa, warrantless surveillance, deriding followed by endorsing super pacs, silence on citizens united, imposition of cruel sanctions on iran, on-going military arms sales to the likes of bahrain, saudi arabia, etc., and much more…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    the fix is in … the global super-rich elites are in charge and have been for a number of years… our bought-and-paid for news media have zero interest in biting the hand that feeds them so any expectation that serious proposals for reform will see the light of day are delusional…

    the hard piece of reality that none of us particularly want to face is that the whole house of cards (the corporate military industrial government complex fueled by the state religion of capitalism) must come down… unless and until it does, we can propose, discuss, reveal, protest, whistle-blow and vote for the candidates of our choice until hell freezes over and won’t make a damn bit of difference…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    a debate over the threat to privacy posed by the expanding domestic use of drones is, in my opinion, moot… any guarantee of individual privacy has long since been thrown out the window and that has been the case for a lot longer than most people realize…

    if there is one thing we can be assured of in 2012, every interaction we perform on any network of any sort, from an atm withdrawal to using a mobile phone to the tv channels we watch to our internet usage and even to the routine swiping of our supermarket affinity card, is, at minimum, being sniffed and very likely recorded… surveillance cameras have become omnipresent as has the facial recognition technology to power them… license plate tracking, aided by those cameras in addition to vehicle and mobile phone gps apps means we are never UN-trackable… technology is already being used that allows a surveillance vehicle on the street to SEE through the walls of a residence and to determine not only what web page the residents are currently viewing but to also log individual keystrokes… the marginal threat to privacy posed by domestic drones is marginal indeed when we*ve already thrown up the white flag to all those other forms of surveillance…

    what*s more interesting to me, as a former airline employee, is that drone technology is already at a level of sophistication capable of being used to replace commercial airline pilots… the airlines would like nothing better than to replace their high-priced, unionized pilot workforce with some low-paid computer jockey… the only reason this hasn*t already happened is that the airlines know that, at the current state of public awareness, the flying public would have a collective melt-down if they thought nobody was up front in the cockpit… domestic drone use will mitigate that concern within a matter of years and we*ll see commercial passenger drone aircraft within 5 years, mark my words…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    yes, how fortunate… our super-rich elites must be vastly relieved that obama*s populist rhetoric is only empty posturing…

    and so, with breakneck speed, we are headed to yet another presidential election where the choices are not really choices at all… i*m both angry and embarrassed that i actually thought 2008 presented a choice… silly me…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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    romney is the anointed one and we might as well get used to calling him “president romney”…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

  • fucking goddam son of a bitch… our president should be impeached for shredding the united states constitution… son of a BITCH…! if our president is looking to radicalize people, he just succeeded with me…

  • i live with my son, his wife and my two grandsons here in reno… speaking strictly from the perspective of this end of the street in our suburban development, out of 8 homes on this end of the block that were owner-occupied in 2004 when they moved in, only 1 – ours – remains… the other 7 are now renter-occupied having either been through foreclosure or vacated by owners who couldn*t afford to keep up with their inflated mortgages…

    my son and his wife are currently $150K underwater with their mortgage and have almost no hope of coming out whole… they both have good jobs and are ripe for promotion in their organization which requires geographic mobility, mobility which they don*t have given their mortgage situation… it also means the mortgage holder has zero incentive to refinance… their choices…? walk away, short-sell or get a new job with a house-buyout as a relocation perk… given the $150K underwater mortgage, the latter is highly unlikely…

    here’s to harris and masto… may they prevail…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

  • Thumbnail i’m on the newsmax email list… i find it interesting to see what conservative wingnuts are up to… this morning, i received this…

    Dear Fellow Conservative, The latest unemployment figures are out – and while any job creation is welcome news, too many Americans are still looking for work. It’s been more than two-and-a-half years since [...]

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    Thumbnail Signs at Occupy Reno General Assembly 26 November 2011 Almost 40 people participated in a spirited General Assembly at the Occupy Reno encampment today in the sunshine of mild and lovely late fall weather. We hosted a guest from Occupy Oakland who filled us in on the latest from the other side of the mountains. Reports on [...]

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    i confess… i’m a hope junkie… i keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, there will be a breakthrough and we’ll see some real change… how that will happen, when it will happen, if it will happen, i couldn’t begin to guess… this morning, i visited the occupy reno site and caught up on what’s been [...]

  • 17 months in pre-trial confinement under conditions that the entire global human rights community clearly label as torture is a stain on the fabric of the united states that can never be removed… and to what purpose…? there can be only one answer to that question and that is it is a clear demonstration to you and me about the dangers of whistleblowing and the consequences we could experience if we engage in holding up the mirror to our government… it is in the same category as the demonization of wikileaks, indefinite detention at guantanamo and the pepper-spraying of peaceful protestors at uc davis… my country is disintegrating before my very eyes…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

  • how often does someone from the occupy movement get to deliver a thoughtful protest in front of a gathering of world leaders in what was, at least last night, probably one of the most highly-guarded spots on the entire planet…? what an amazing triumph…! from the yes lab

    A change in the programmed entertainment at last [...]

  • Thumbnail From the article in the RN&R (Reno News & Review)… Link:

    Calling occupants Occupy Reno builds its community In addition to its goal of raising awareness of economic disparity—and correcting that disparity—the worldwide Occupy movement is about community and solidarity among the “99 percent” who aren’t part of the world’s financial elite. The construction of the [...]

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    tut-tutting over the vilest, most vicious kind of hate speech, as long as said hate speech is directed at those we’re given official permission to hate, is about the toughest kind of reprimand we*re likely to see in our current, propagandized news media… having the good fortune to have palestinian, afghan and other assorted muslim friends, i can personally attest to their sub-human status (j/k)…

    And, yes, I DO take it personally

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